The Best of H&M Home

The Best of H&M HomeHow was your weekend? I hope your week is off to a good start! Since we’ve been traveling a lot this month, I’ve had plenty of time to surf the web (does that phrase make me sound old?) and save lots of decor, inspiration, and interior related things. I hadn’t been on the H&M site in a long time and it has been almost a year since I last shared a Best of H&M Home post, so I figured we were due. The have a lot of beautiful neutrals and classic items right now that are certainly worthy of sharing! I’ve also noticed the styling in their imagery is getting more creative and artistic, so all of the images throughout this post are pulled from their site. Click through to see what I’m liking & saving this month- hope you enjoy! 

The Best of H&M HomeForm was something I noticed and noted as I perused the site. There are plenty of sculptural objects and functional essentials that are perfectly simplistic, and also aesthetically pleasing. That combination always makes my favorite type of decor!

The Best of H&M HomeClick directly on my finds in the collage to be redirected to the source- or use the numbered links below to shop…

01: dior book // 02: towel // 03: basket // 04: terracotta vase // 05: candle // 06: stoneware soap dish // 07: rug // 08: classic bedding // 09: stoneware mug // 10: cane basket // 11: black vase // 12: linen pillow cover // 13: white vase // 14: wood dish

From classic bedding to natural materials- like wood, terracotta, stoneware, rattan, and linen- I found myself saving the timeless basics. Those are usually the type of items I find myself purchasing from H&M Home, and they’re always so affordable… yet they look high-end. It’s a good resource I usually rediscover and think, “Why am I not searching here more often?”

The Best of H&M HomeWhat are some other resources you frequent, have recently rediscovered, or find budget-friendly decor that still looks nice and has decent quality? A couple others I often browse are Zara Home and Urban Outfitters Home. It’s always fun and helpful to see what other shops are carrying (from low end to high end), as it provides some inspiration and gets my wheels turning for our Tuesday Made shop. Of course vintage and thrifting will always be my favorite though.

The Best of H&M HomeHere’s to a great week ahead! If I’m slow to respond to comments this week, it’s because I’m soaking up family time in Florida. I’ll be sure to get back to everyone at the end of the week- I promise!

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  1. I wish I was shopping for my son’s apartment or for our daughter because there are several things on here that would look good in either. I too forget about H&M home & Zara Home. Baskets, vases and hand towels are my weakness! Loving all the cane decor & furniture that is out there. Good selection!
    Enjoy every minute with your family Sarah. We will be here when you return. Have a wonderful trip!

    1. Right? So many fun things! Those items are also my weakness. They’re inexpensive, beautiful, and easy to style. I’m with you, Danna :) We had a great trip and made lots of memories!

  2. H&M Home is a treasure trove of classic, aesthetically pleasing, and affordable finds. I have found myself searching their site recently because they tend to have pieces that are different, more bold, and less “safe”. I love that element when it comes to home decor. The cane baskets are definitely striking my fancy-perhaps in my laundry room. Lately I’ve also been searching Etsy-for the same reasons.
    Enjoy your family time Sarah, those moments can never be replaced, and everything here will be as you left it when you return! Have a wonderful week! Xoxo

    1. I agree! I can’t believe their affordable prices. For being quick fashion for the home, they have some pretty classic looking decor. I’m always impressed! I’m on Etsy everyday- that place is my kryptonite. Haha! I feel ya in that department. Family time was the best :) Thanks for that! xo