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Our Arch and Why It Was The Wrong Move -
interiors & styling

Our Arch and Why It Was The Wrong Move

When asking for blog topic suggestions, many of you wanted to know what was going on with our kitchen arch and why I had mentioned we’ll be removing it. Nothing gets past you! Haha! In all honesty, I didn’t…

2021 Design Trends : What's In & Out -
interiors & styling

2021 Design Trends : What’s In & Out

Last week, I asked everyone to submit blog post requests via Instagram, and I received an overwhelming amount of “2021 trend” requests. To be honest, I’m not big on trends. I try to stick to what I like, keep longevity…

Guest Bedroom Reveal -
interiors & styling

Guest Bedroom Reveal

I wanted to kick off 2021 the best way I know how… with a room reveal! I know that is everyone’s favorite type of blog post and our guest bedroom has been a long time coming. We started this…

Goals for My Outdoor Living Areas -
exterior & outdoor living

Goals for My Outdoor Living Areas

Happy Friday! I originally published this post in April 2019, and it has been fun to see what items we’ve crossed off the list since posting this! My plans remain the same and next month we’ll be getting a…