Emmett’s Top 10 Favorite Tools

Emmett's Top 10 Favorite Tools - roomfortuesday.comThis post has been highly requested and I’m finally granting your wish! I took time to “interview” Emmett and ask about his top 10 favorite tools for renovating. Click through to see which 10 items he thinks every DIY guru should have in their tool box, closet, shed, or garage! 

I’ll start by saying, I tried to guess his favorites before we started the interview and I got 7 of the 10 correct. Therefore, it’s safe to say I’m in agreement with the majority of his choices. We usually have one of the following in hand or nearby when a project is underway…

Emmett's Top 10 Favorite Tools - roomfortuesday.com#1 : Ratcheting Screwdriver // “I received this as a gift from Sarah’s grandmother in 2012 and it singlehandedly put our Ohio home together. It replaces an entire set of screwdrivers maximizing the space in your toolbox- the bits even fit inside the handle so they won’t get lost.”

#2 : A Good Ladder // “A key feature to a good multi-purpose ladder is adjustability. This ladder (shown in the intro image) has so many great features. You can adjust the height, it telescopes, and it sets up faster than any other ladder I’ve used. It transforms from a step ladder to a 20+ foot extension ladder without taking up much space.”

#3 : Power Drill // “This thing drills through any material inside your home. The hammer function allows you to drill through brick walls, masonry, and stone, which means drilling into the exterior of your home is no problem. Obviously drilling in the interior is a breeze.”

#4 : Stud Finder // “This is a basic must-have for simple tasks like hanging a picture to large renovation projects like building a wall.”

#5 : Laser Level // “I went wayyy too long without this tool. Previously I used manual levels and level bubbles, but having this in my toolbox makes the job go 15 times faster and I’m certain it’s always accurate.”

#6 : Miter Saw // “I had a cheap miter saw for our Ohio renovation, but the first tool I splurged on for our Utah renovation was this miter saw. It’s worth its weight in gold! Accuracy and precision is everything when it comes to miter cuts and this saw takes the cake. It’s my favorite tool from the list. It’s also the tool I’m most proud of and my friends are jealous of. Ha!”

#7 : Oscillating Multi-Tool // “I bought this with a gift card I was trying to use up and didn’t even think I needed this tool, but once I started using it, I can never do a project without it again. I find it useful on MANY remodel projects where cutting materials that are already in installed is needed.”

#8 : Hammer // “From driving nails to quick demo, this hammer has a great multi-functional design. It’s main purpose is for framing, but it’s good for pulling nails and beating miscellaneous materials.”

#9 : Impact Driver // “This tool is lighter and more compact than its counterpart, the power drill (mentioned above), most people use their drill as a multi-purpose drill and driver. I prefer having the impact driver for quick bit changes and more torque for driving screws into old timber framed homes. This thing will drive 3.5″ screws into 200 year old native timber with ease.”

#10 : Table Saw // “Even though I don’t typically travel with my tools, I usually opt for jobsite specific compact versions that I can easily store, saving space. This can be set up on a regular table, saw horses, or flat surface and it’s easy to tuck away when a project is completed. This is perfect for ripping trim and making straight cuts on a DIY mdf sheet project, such as our dog feeders.”

Emmett's Top 10 Favorite Tools - roomfortuesday.comOver time we’ve invested in a lot of tools and keep adding to our collection. Having the appropriate tool for a specific job always makes things easier and a project go more quickly. Although it takes time and money to build a good toolbox, we think these 10 are safe bets and can be used on multiple projects.

Did you guys enjoy this post? We’re happy to tackle more content about the tools we use that get us from point A to point B. Comment below with ideas and I’ll add it to the content calendar! A few of my thoughts for future posts include: ‘small items under $25 we use for home improvement’ (think hooks, magic erasers, etc), ‘the isles we gravitate toward in home improvement stores and why’, and ‘favorite tools and items for painting’. Do any of those sound appealing to you? Hopefully this post was helpful! Emmett is happy to answer any questions in the comment section below.

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  1. Brittney Cavalli says:

    I would love to see a post about organizing all these tools. We keep accumulating, and our garage is so cluttered with it all. :)

    1. I wish our tools were organized, but we currently don’t have a garage and let’s just say- things are anything but organized. Ha! Hopefully soon we can add on and I’ll post about them. xo

  2. Ashley Crocker says:

    Hi! Great article. I really want to get a miter saw—I’m actually super intimidated by saws in general and would love an in-depth “how to” video for beginners and maybe some less expensive options than the beauty here in this post. Thanks for considering!

    1. I’ll try to add a miter tutorial to the schedule! Emmett says there are definitely less expensive options that will work if you don’t use it often… it just might be more difficult to get an accurate cut. We splurged on this one since we were adding millwork to an entire house. It gets used very frequently! xox

  3. This is so helpful! I have been looking for a table saw recommendation and was leaning towards the Dewalt one. I’m also intrigued by the oscillating multi-tool. There are a lot of projects we’ve done that in hindsight this may have come in handy.


    1. It’s awesome!! We didn’t realize how handy the multi-tool was until we had it- not we use it on every single project.

  4. Hi Sarah, my husband and I love DIY projects and agree with your list 100%. We are now contemplating a pin nailer (this is long overdue for us) for trimwork. Any suggestions? THX, Kathy

    1. So happy to hear that, Kathy! We have the following: Hitachi 23 guage, Bostitch 16 guage, and a Bostitch 18 guage… hope this helps! xo