Really Good DIY Projects for Your Home

Best Home Improvement DIY ProjectsI’ve been organizing and rearranging my Pinterest boards and while I was working on my ‘DIY Projects‘ board, I had a thought… to itemize the best home improvement projects. I’m mostly attracted to projects for the home- and there are a TON of good ones I should be doing / sharing. Consider this your guide to the best home improvement DIYs out there. Emmett and I have done our fair share of projects and lots are included- as well as many others from across the web. Click through for the list!

I’m a list maker… that’s how I roll, that’s what I do. I like to make lists and cross things off. They keep me organized, they’re easy to read, and this post is no different. One giant list with lots of potential and tons of projects at your fingertips. All of this to say, I apologize for the lack of big, beautiful images, but this post is so much easier to navigate without them.

G E N E R A L  H O M E   I M P R O V E M E N T
F O R   Y O U R   D I N I NG   R O O M
F O R   Y O U R   K I T C H E N
F O R   Y O U R   B A T H R O O M
F O R   Y O U R   B E D R O O M
F O R   Y O U R   S T A I R S
F O R   Y O U R   W A L L S
F O R   Y O U R   E N T R Y
F O R   Y O U R   O F F I C E
F O R   Y O U R   Y A R D

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  1. Kyla @HouseOfHipsters says:

    You are awesome for the mention my dear! And I’m bookmarking this list! SOOOOO helpful!

    1. Of course!! Love everything you do. xox