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Styling a Glam Bar Cabinet - roomfortuesday.comHappy Monday, friends. It’s a weird week for me. Not only is it Valentine’s week… which I normally celebrate with my best lady friends, but Emmett and I are leaving for a tropical vacation today (more on that in the post)! Even though Emmett and I will be celebrating the mushy holiday with our friends tiki-style on an island, I thought it’d be fun to share a little client project. Click through to see the results (and get the look) of a glam bar cabinet I styled for my bestie!

To give you a little background, this house belongs to my life-long pals…. remember this kitchen renovation and dining room makeover? It’s the same home that belongs to mine and Emmett’s bfs. I thought it’d be fitting to share the bar cabinet I selected and styled for them because the styling is the epitome of what I’d want a “Galentines” night to look like.

Styling a Glam Bar Cabinet - roomfortuesday.comBut first, back to our trip- our friends are getting married in the Dominican Republic and we’re jetting off to their destination wedding today (so exciting). I’ll definitely be sharing stories and behind-the-scenes views of paradise via Instagram, so definitely follow along for that. If you’re in need of some tropical imagery or an escape from the snow, don’t worry- I’ve got your back.

A bunch of our Salt Lake friends are going on the trip so it should be a ton of fun! Emmett and I have actually never stayed at an all-inclusive resort before, and are honestly a little nervous we’ll get bored. We decided to fly into Santo Domingo rather than Punta Cana, rent a car, and make it a bit more adventurous… it will also give us some flexibility to go off the beaten path and explore some landmarks and national parks. Have any of you been to the Dominican? This will be our first time, so I’d love any tips or must-see stops to add to the list! It’s funny because 90% of my girlfriends here in Utah are going on the tropical getaway- so, sadly we won’t be putting this bar to use just yet. We did vow to have a girl’s night once we all return to the states next week.

Styling a Glam Bar Cabinet -

Styling a Glam Bar Cabinet - roomfortuesday.comBrooke, the homeowner, wanted the bar to double as a cocktail station, as well as an entertainment area. She and her husband love entertaining and listening to records (they have quite the collection). When sourcing the cabinet, I knew it needed to have a spot large enough to house their record player and a handful of their favorite records. I couldn’t have asked for more perfect shelving sections! This piece totally fits the bill.

Styling a Glam Bar Cabinet - roomfortuesday.comI’ve added that Crosley record player to my wishlist- it looks amazing and sounds even better. Do you guys ever listen to records? We’ve pretty much stuck to our Sonos, but there’s something really romantic about getting into records. I feel like I should do it!

Styling a Glam Bar Cabinet - roomfortuesday.comIf you’re celebrating with your significant other, best ladies, or hosting a little v-day soiree and need some inspiration on stocking the bar, definitely check out this post! It’s an ultimate bar checklist: liquor, glassware, accessories, the necessities, etc… basically everything you need to stock the bar.

Styling a Glam Bar Cabinet - roomfortuesday.comNotice the matches in the upper righthand corner alongside the candle? My match trick works in a shot gloss as well- so appropriate for the bar. If you missed that post and video, check it out here! Talk about ambiance central though… a glowing candle, record playing, and a craft cocktail in hand. That’s pretty much my dream evening if you add “dog snuggling” to that list.

Styling a Glam Bar Cabinet - roomfortuesday.comFunny story… see the tree in the image above? I bought that baby when we first moved into our Ohio home. It lived and grew with us during our time there, and we moved it all the way across the country to Utah, only to realize there was zero room for it in our new house. Luckily, Brooke gladly took it off my hands and it’s thriving in her living room. Should we ever upgrade to a larger home, I might have to ask for that back. Ha! Just kidding, but I’m happy it’s doing so well and looks perfect alongside the bar.

Styling a Glam Bar Cabinet - roomfortuesday.comI also have to mention the awesome purple glassware. I really wanted to find something a little bit weird and interesting to stick in the bar cabinet. It doesn’t get more functional than these super cool highball glasses. You can’t be the price either! I’m honestly digging the Pantone Color of the Year (ultra violet). I’m not really a pink kind of gal- I definitely prefer lavender. What do you guys think of the trend?

Check out all the sources below if you’d like to put your own spin on the look!

01: artwork (similar) // 02: decanter // 03: bar cabinet // 04: faux plant // 05: marbled candle // 06: record player // 07: glassware // 08: muddler // 09: vintage cocktails book

The best part about the entire cabinet is that it closes up when you’re finished using it. That means your barware won’t get dusty and you can hide the busy-ness (or mess) that’s happening behind the closed door. It also offers a ton of storage with two functional drawers and a pull-out writing shelf in addition to the cabinet.

Styling a Glam Bar Cabinet -

My friend Bre also shared a fun bar DIY… if you’re interested in a simple look, check out how she built a modern standing wine rack. I’m jetting off to the Dominican, but I hope everyone has a wonderful week! I have a couple more posts for you, so check back at some point tomorrow.

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  1. How fun! We honeymooned in the DR many years ago and were just there last year for my sister’s wedding. It’s so pretty. Definitely heed the warnings to wear mosquito repellent and to avoid consuming unbottled water (including fruits, veggies, and ice cubes). Also be careful driving – we took a car service and were slightly terrified by the lack of lanes. That aside, you’ll have a great time. We stayed in all-inclusives both times (they’re generally safer) and were never bored. Most resorts will coordinate excursions for you if you want to be more active or adventurous. Have fun!! (Oh, and STUNNING bar cabinet!)

    1. Thanks so much, Julie! We’re definitely looking forward to our arrival in the DR :) xo

  2. First of all, I’m obsessed with this bar cabinet. Secondly, my husband lived in DR for 6 years, and we vacationed there a few years ago. We didn’t stay in a resort at all — we also flew into Santo Domingo, and then drove across the island. It’s a BEAUTIFUL place, and I’m so glad you guys are going to experience real DR instead of being at a resort the whole time, but I do feel like there are some things you need to be aware of. I know I experienced a touch of culture shock the first few days I was there. Like Julie said, traffic there is actually terrifying. Not only are there no lanes, but there are no apparent rules of the road, either. Make sure you invest in a paper map, as your GPS services will likely be lacking once you’re outside of the city, and it will be hard to figure out if you get lost and aren’t fluent in Spanish. Also, beware, as the police force in Santo Domingo is very corrupt, and seek out people who appear to be American tourists. They will pull you over and threaten to take you to jail, saying you have broken some sort of law, but they are seeking some sort of small bribe — I’d carry a few small bills to hand them in this case. Trust me, it’s much easier to just pay them and be on your way. I didn’t really believe my husband when he told me this might happen, until it happened to us. Thirdly, carry toilet paper and hand sanitizer! Rest stops will be few and far between, and almost certainly won’t have toilet paper and possibly no running water. On that note, outside of resorts, you don’t flush toilet paper– you throw it away. With all of that said, it is a beautiful place full of beautiful people, you just have to remember you’re in a place that doesn’t have the infrastructure that we do in the U.S. Be sure to drink Chinola as often as you can, and consume as much fruit as possible (you’ll never taste any better).

    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to write that comment, Amy! All super helpful tips- I appreciate you sharing your knowledge! I’m also glad we’re going to get to see what the country is actually like. That’s typically how we like to do vacation. Thanks again! xox

  3. Hello! Can you please share where you got the cabinet? I tried the link and it’s not working. Thanks!!