Favorite Desk and Chair Pairings Under $500

desk and chair pairingsHey guys! Jacqueline here. If there’s one thing I love most about the beginning of the year it’s a fresh start. We may have just made our way through January, but one thing’s for certain…I am setting big goals for myself this year! One of the things we have been focusing on in our home recently is a workspace. I’ve always had a vision for a home office, but we’ve been putting it off because it was never a huge priority – until now. While designing my home office, I thought it could be fun to share some desk and chair pairings I’ve saved (in case you also are redoing a workspace in your home). The best news? All of these pairings come in under $500! Click through to see how you can create a new, cohesive look in your office space while sticking to a budget.

Ever since having a baby, I’ve been thinking a lot about my career goals and where I want to see myself in a few years. Having children changes your priorities in a big way, but that doesn’t mean we have to completely set aside our own goals and aspirations. Hence the home office… I really wanted a space for me. Check out the combos I’ve been loving as of lately:

01 + 02 // 03 + 04 // 05 + 06 // 07 + 08 // 09 + 10 // 11 + 12 // 13 + 14 // 15 + 16 // 17 + 18 // 19 + 20 // 21 + 22

I feel like this just goes to show you can still have style on a budget! It’s encouraging, right? Lots of these combos are also interchangeable if you prefer one desk or chair to another. I could easily imagine bookcases flanking a small workspace or large scale artwork installed above the desk.

desk and chair pairingsJust out of curiosity, how many of you have a designated home office or workspace that is frequently used in your home? I think it’s going to be a real asset.

desk and chair pairingsDo you guys have any favorite pairings? Any we should add to the list? I’d love to hear your comments below.

image sources: sharon taftian, braun adams, amber interior design

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  1. Can you help me find the desk in the picture below the combo price list? Picture of room with built-in bookshelves and rug under desk/chair. Black desk top with gold accents and wood legs. Love this desk!

    1. Hi Tony! I just emailed you… I’m 95% certain it’s vintage. Or it might even be a campaign desk with the legs swapped for the wood option. Sorry! I reached out to the designer, I’ll let you know if I hear back.