Statement Door Knobs

The Best Door HardwareSo far during our renovation, there are a few items that have been gaining attention. I just found out that House Beautiful magazine is going to feature our door hardware (pinch me!). Our interior and exterior door sets are one of my favorite things we’ve installed up to this point. They’re gorgeous, heavy, and have a beautiful brass finish. Door hardware can easily be forgotten as it seems like selecting the door itself is more important, but I beg to differ. Check out this roundup of statement door knobs that will make an unforgettable entry.I suppose it’s best to start with the exterior entryway sets. After all, that’s the first piece of hardware people notice and touch when entering your home. If you want to increase your curb appeal- pay attention to your front door. A fresh coat of paint and updated hardware goes a long way!

Favorite Exterior Door Sets

Exterior Door Sets01: fluted entryway door set // 02: walnut lever entryway door set // 03: simple door entry set // 04: rustic bronze entry door set // 05: metro entryway door set // 06: arts & crafts entryway door set // 07: classic new york handle set // 08: flat black entryway door set

I have the classic brass entryway set (#7) installed on my front door, shown above. I love it! It’s nothing too crazy or modern, and is the perfect neutral for any aesthetic. If our home were more modern, I’d go with #1 or #2. I’m also loving #5 – it has a fun, chic vibe. In regards to other fun hardware for your door… check out this post and add some personality with a vintage knocker.

Inside, the style of your door will certainly influence the interior hardware you select.

Black Door Hardware

Interior Door Knobs01: walnut door knob // 02: hammered detail door knob // 03: modern round door knob // 04: brass rosette door knob // 05: tall modern door knob // 06: walnut lever door set // 07: bronze lever door set // 08: tate modern door set // 09: impresa door knob // 10: wexford door knob // 11: black new door knob with backplate // 12: baldwin door knob // 13: mission backplate door knob // 14: single brass door set // 15: cottage plate door knob // 16: traditional lever door set // 17: deco backplate door knob

A lot of these have customizable options… from the color and finish to the backplate and knob styles- you can most likely edit the details. A good way to make your original doors look more expensive and add weight (especially if they’re hollow core), is to add solid, heavy hardware. Do you have favorites from the roundup or any other amazing resources I should add?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by door hardware and aren’t quite sure where to start, read this post– it will definitely help!

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  1. Christiane says:

    This is a gorgeous round-up! Do you have a “favorite” retailer?

    1. I love Nostalgic Hardware products… we’ve bought them online from Wayfair in the past. Otherwise, go check out Norwood Hardware in Cincinnati and see everything in person! xo

  2. Love this round up! I want to replace my interior knobs but my current ones are serviceable and my hubby thinks I’m nuts. Do you have advice for which doors you would put a full back plate on and which ones you would just use a simple knob (to keep costs down)?

    1. Thanks so much, Kirsten! Pairing the hardware with the door really depends more on the paneling than the door itself. What does your existing door look like? Does it have any panels or is it flat? Architecture and mouldings also are a big factor… you just want to make sure the hardware is cohesive with the rest of your home. xo

  3. What a great roundup! I totally agree that beautifully styled door hardware can totally transform a door. Thanks for some great design ideas. Thanks Sarah!

    1. Thanks so much, Bobbi! xoxo

  4. We have 90s brass and I’m debating black or brushed nickel. We have black/glass light fixtures and curtain rods. Do you advise matching? Or mixing it up with the brushed nickel so it’s not too matchy matchy?

    1. You could really get by with either! It’s a personal preference… and both would look fine with your existing light fixtures. My personal preference is to steer away from things being super matchy matchy. It also sounds like an antique brass would be pretty! Hope this helps! xo

  5. How do you feel about storm doors? We are getting a new front door and debating whether to add a storm door too. We live in Iowa so we get all kinds of weather which is why were thinking a storm door would be added protection. Plus, it would be nice to be able to have the front door open in the summer to let the sun in with the storm door closed for security. The problem is I don’t know if I like how they look.

    1. To be 100% honest, I am anti storm door. I know that they can be really functional for weather purposes, but I don’t love the look of them and they honestly tend to get in our way (personally). We have two dogs and it’s just one more door to open and close. Hope this helps!! xo

  6. Jana Gwyn says:

    Is your door set satin brass or shiny brass. Also what about the kick plate. I can’t tell from the picture what the finish is. Do you think it’s ok to do a black door set with a vintage brass door knocker? Sorry for so many questions but I am totally stuck. My door is solid black wood panel door.

    1. All of our door hardware is antique brass… as is the kick plate. I definitely think it’s ok to mix and match metals- matte black and a vintage brass door knocker would be a beautiful combination. Hope this helps Jana :)