Roundup : Summer Scented Candles

Roundup : Summer Scented Candles - roomfortuesday.comHow was your weekend, friends? We spent the weekend camping in Yellowstone, which was wonderful and the perfect opportunity to unplug & recharge. You know when you’re gone for a few days and go on vacation… then come home and realize what your house smells like? I always walk in wondering if it smells like the dogs (not favorable), clean, or something else. I have to say- I love the way our house smells. Clean, crisp, and lately- a lot like summertime (probably thanks to candles I’ve been burning). I burn candles all year long. They’re comforting for me, make me happy, and I love a fragrance filled house that is appropriate for the season. During quarantine and the pandemic, I’ve been burning candles nonstop (also recommended by my therapist to release negative energy and evoke a calm feeling). Now that we’re into the summer months, I figured I’d share some of my recent favorites I’ve been loving. Click through for over 20 scented candles that are perfect for summertime! Think crisp linen, citrus groves, sea salt, a coastal breeze, and many more nostalgic summer fragrances. 

Roundup : Summer Scented Candles - roomfortuesday.comBefore I dive into my favorite candles… I like keeping them on a tray, dish, book, or pedestal. You never know if the heat will mess up your furniture. I get hundreds of questions about the brass footed pedestal, pictured above, so I figured I should go ahead and link that right off the bat. You can find it here.

Roundup : Summer Scented Candles - roomfortuesday.comClick directly on the candles below to be redirected to the source- or use the numbered links below the collage to shop. 

01: blue jeans white shirt candle // 02: capri blue candle // 03: lanai candle // 04: citrus grove candle // 05: lenox luxury candle // 06: cement citronella candle // 07: salt and sea candle // 08: fresh grapefruit candle // 09: linen candle // 10: coastline candle // 11: grapefruit lychee candle // 12: multi wick candle // 13: amalfi lemon and mint candle // 14: aurora candle // 15: sea water foam candle // 16: basil and mandarin candle // 17: roses candle // 18: fresh lavender candle // 19: and we danced in the sea candle // 20: summer in italy candle // 21: marine candle // 22: wild lemongrass candle

I have so many favorites from this roundup. I’m almost ashamed to admit that I’ve pretty much tried them all (and the few I haven’t are currently on their way to me). I’m honestly a bit of a candle snob, but they bring me such joy. It’s the little things in life… and scent is one of the senses I’m most nostalgic about. It has a way of taking me back to a memory or creating a new memory.

Roundup : Summer Scented Candles - roomfortuesday.comThe grapefruit lychee candle is probably my number one favorite right now. It’s my ideal summertime scent and is super fragrant. In addition to grapefruit, it contains notes of pomelo, yuzu, lychee, and vanilla. It’s sweet, but not too sweet. It has a lot of depth to it.

Roundup : Summer Scented Candles - roomfortuesday.comI’m also a big fan of burning candles outside… of the citronella variety, of course. You’ll find a few of those in the roundup as well!

Roundup : Summer Scented Candles - roomfortuesday.comThe lavender scented candle, pictured above, is actually a heavy terra cotta planter. Once the candle burns down, I’ll use it for a succulent or maybe add it to my herb garden. I always try to reuse the vessels, and that’s exactly what this one is intended for.

Roundup : Summer Scented Candles - roomfortuesday.comAre you also a super fan of burning candles year round? I’m sure I’m not alone! Do you have any tried and true summer scents? Did you see any existing favorites in this post? I have a little secret for you… I may or may not be working on my creating my own line of candles. I was serious when I said I’m very passionate about them. Haha! I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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  1. I LOVE citrus and sea salt scents for summer, so I’m excited to try the grapefruit and lychee candle you linked! I also really like floral scents, but most floral-scented candles are too sweet for me. I tend to burn candles while I’m cleaning the house so the smell is EVERYWHERE by the time I’m done, but I’ve been dealing with some anxiety issues lately (I mean, who hasn’t?) and would probably benefit from some sort of evening candle ritual. Maybe I’ll get myself a special candle just for that purpose.

    1. Me too, Stacy! Those are the best. The lychee candle has quickly become my favorite this summer. I think you’ll like it. I also enjoy burning candles when cleaning… it’s the icing on the cake (or clean house, I should say). I certainly feel you on the anxiety front- I’m guessing it has been something many are struggling with this year. The candle ritual is easy and honestly helps me feel more calm. My therapist taught me that trick years ago and I still use it all the time. She said, as you light the candle, let all the negative and anxious energy escape as it burns and disappears into the air… like a visual image of your worries floating away. It’s a good mental release… at least in my experience. Hope you have a beautiful week! xo

  2. Your own line of candles??? YES PLEASE!!! My goodness that would be amazing!! I LOVE candles. I bought citronella & lavender as well as citronella & eucalyptus from World Market for the patio…they are both delightful and very light for citronella which I appreciate. Other scents I’m loving this season are lavender & vanilla, and all the citrus!! The lemon & mint candle is calling my name; that just sounds divine!! I too burn candles while I’m cleaning the house, but I’m on the hunt for some summer scents as my spring ones just aren’t feeling my vibe lately, haha. Yellowstone sounds amazing right about now, but guess what?? We’ll be in Utah in July and I’m so excited!! This weekend we finally got the solar string lights hung under the pergola, and the rug is out!! I can’t wait for Friday; that’s dining set buying day…it’s going to look unrecognizable in this corner of the yard, and I am here for it!! Cheers to Monday! It’s bound to be a beautifully productive week!

    1. Yes! I am SO excited. This has been a long time dream, and the process has been really fun so far. I’ll have to mail some out to you guys to test ;) I am with you on cleaning and candle burning… I do the same thing! Even if the house isn’t totally clean- if it smells amazing, it just feels better and more put together. Yellowstone was beautiful as always! It was really nice to getaway. You’re planning a trip here in July?!! That is so exciting. Happy to provide recommendations if you need anything :) Yay for your outdoor living space. It’s really shaping up! Don’t string lights make everything look so beautiful and charming? I can’t wait to see what dining set you land on. Cheers to a great week ahead. Xo

  3. Good morning! Your weekend spot looked dreamy! I think my blood pressure dropped just looking at the shots. We had so much rain…but the plants are loving it.
    Here’s a funny thing about candles and me: I only think to light them when it is dark. Weird, right? When I do burn one, I remember how much I love the smell. *head smack* And, a favorite past time is reading scent descriptions! I’m also a sucker for a beautiful vessel! I especially appreciate the ones that do not have product information permanently affixed; it makes reusing so much simpler. If I knew someone developing a candle line…wait a minute! That’s some exciting news!! Maybe you’ll package them with a lovely coordinating matchbox? This will be GOOD.🔥
    Happiest of Mondays to you! My ceiling is FINALLY finished, so off to buy my reward painting.🤣 (and maybe light a candle!)

    1. It was magical! The Tetons and Targhee get me every time. It’s stunning and we were happy to have a weekend away with the dogs. We had rain a couple weeks ago, but it has since been HOT and dry… typical Utah summer has arrived. I’m glad your plants got a nice drink :) I totally get burning candles at night because of the ambiance, glow, and flicker. It’s really nice. I burn them during the day mostly for the fragrance. Like you- I also enjoy reading scent descriptions! I’ll make sure if there is a label on my candles, it can be removed for reuse- such an awesome point. I’m very excited about the candles. This has been a dream of mine for years, and it has been a fun process so far. There will definitely be a matchbox involved- you called that. Haha! I’m so glad to hear your ceiling is finished! Woohoo!! Amazing work. Treat yourself to that painting and go light a candle, my friend! xo

  4. Camping in Yellowstone sounds divine! Are you and Emmett watching the show Yellowstone with Kevin Costner? So good!
    Candles are my jam too! One of my best friends and I give each other a candle every year for our birthday so the hunt for a nice smell and beautiful vessel is the challenge. I too am burning lots of candles right now and unfortunately ran out of ones to burn. Luckily, I was able to go online and get one of my favorites. In Texas there’s a candle company called Circle E and the fragrance is Birds of Paradise. Super sweet smelling but fills the whole house with the aroma.
    I was drawn by the name “Summer in Italy” candle but unfortunately it is sold out. Will keep it on my radar for future purchase.
    Thanks for all the recommendations. You always display your candles so beautifully. Hope you have a wonderful Monday!

    1. It was a wonderful weekend and such a beautiful change of scenery! I haven’t heard of the show, but now I’m going to check it out :) Thanks for the rec, Danna! We’re currently watching Life Below Zero (set in Alaska). We pretty much like all of the outdoor / nature docs. I LOVE your tradition of gifting your best friend a candle each year for birthdays. I feel like I need to start doing that. What a perfect gift. Your Birds of Paradise candle sounds incredible. Ahhh- sorry about the Summer in Italy candle… I bought mine a few weeks ago and it must’ve sold out since then. I’ll keep and eye to see when / if they’re coming back in stock, because it’s one of my favorites. I hope you also had a restful weekend and your week is off to a good start! xo

  5. Wait, how did I miss your awesome news on creating you own candles? YES! How exciting! Go for it girl!

    1. This is the first time I’ve mentioned it :) I’m in the fragrance mixing process now, so it’s all very new. I’m having a LOT of fun though. I’ll share details soon! I can’t tell you how much your support and encouragement means, Danna. Thank you!!

  6. No candles for us, unfortunately. My on-the-autism-spectrum husband is really sensitive to scents, and he’ll complain about “so many smells!” when there are strong or unfamiliar scents. The poor guy had to deal with “so many smells!” on Saturday when a package including shampoo arrived at our house, but the shampoo had leaked, and even the cardboard of the box smelled like shampoo!

    1. Oh no! I can only imagine how difficult being super sensitive to fragrance and scents must be. Sorry to hear about your shampoo package! Such a bummer for the both of you. Hope you have a great week ahead!

  7. You can never go wrong with a citrus candle! So clean smelling. Where to do get your matchsticks? I feel like what I find on amazon is expensive for the amount you get.

  8. These sound so yummy! The only problem I have with candles is that even in my small apartment scents don’t last long and don’t seem to fill the room. Have you ever experienced that? Any tips? Thanks for this.lovely post

    1. Really? Our current home is pretty large and I haven’t had an issue with fragrance not filling the room (or even the entire floor). Honestly, I’m kind of a candle snob though, so I try to stick with higher end candles that last a long time, burn clean, and are super fragrant, but I know on some of the cheapies I’ve purchased in the past… they’re just not as strong. Maybe that could be it? Perhaps your ventilation? Make sure you trim the wick regularly and snuff the candle to put it out (taking care of it makes it last longer). Maybe it’s just about testing what works? I’m sorry! I wish I had better answers for you Giu! xo

      1. So so interesting. I think it’s def trial and error and see what works best. I love dyptique candles and those are the ones that I find def fill a room. Haven’t tried most of the brands you’ve selected on this post so I will give some a try. Thanks for getting back to me :)