Roundup : Large Scale Artwork

Roundup : Large Scale Artwork - roomfortuesday.comAs much as I love a collected gallery wall and tiny art groupings, I also think there is a place for large scale, statement-making artwork. I love mixing all types of art into my home to personalize a space. It’s no secret I’m a fan of large, expansive art. I have my own giant windmill print that I shot in California, which lived in our entryway in both our first and second homes. I have also shared a DIY for large diptych that used to adorn the walls of our living room, and there are many more similar examples that can be found throughout spaces I’ve designed in the past. After sharing lots of these vignettes, I’ve been getting this question often… where do you find large scale artwork? Today I’m rounding up a bunch of my favorite large scale pieces that arrive framed and ready to hang! Click through to see them all…

The nice thing about large art is it’s easy to decorate around. It’s the best solution for balancing heavy objects in a room (a large TV, a fireplace, built-ins, a big sofa, etc). I love installing giant art on the opposing side of a room to achieve better balance.

Before we get started, I want to say- this post is NOT sponsored by Minted, but I really love supporting independent artists through the platform and they have amazing large scale options. It’s probably my number one go-to resource when I’m searching for BIG art.

Roundup : Large Scale Artwork - roomfortuesday.comShop my finds below by clicking directly on each work of art!

*You can buy my windmill print using this link… it’s available at Juniper Print Shop.

If you’re not a fan of negative space- position a bench, console table, or storage beneath a large landscape oriented work of art. Immediately you’ll have a stylized and functional vignette! Obviously I’m a fan of this concept in entryways or mudrooms. It also works well installed above a dresser in a bedroom, to balance a large bed or headboard.

Roundup : Large Scale Artwork - roomfortuesday.comNext up… square large scale artwork. I’m a big fan of square shapes- they feel super balanced and easy. There are lots of good options in this collage:

One of my favorite square pieces was the artwork that lived in our green dining room. I’m still regretting getting rid of that piece!

Roundup : Large Scale Artwork - roomfortuesday.comLastly, I’ve compiled my favorite portrait oriented pieces. I have loved #7 for awhile now and feel like I should just buy it already because it’s titled “Last Tuesday”. Is that a sign it should be mine… you know- for the sake of good business juju?

I hope this post was helpful! Large scale artwork can be a bit of an investment… after all, think about how much real estate and wall space these pieces take up, but in my opinion- they’re well worth it. All of these come framed and that’s the biggest battle for large art. My giant artwork always gets the most compliments and I think it’s the easiest to install and decorate around.

I’d love to hear which ones are your favorites! I want to buy a big piece for our new house. Don’t worry though… the windmill will once again reappear.

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  1. Lovely round-up. I have ordered once from Minted, and the service was great. So many choices!! I find choosing art tricky…or maybe just time-consuming because I wait until something speaks to me. I think Last Tuesday is speaking to you.

    1. I’ve had really great luck with Minted too! Art is really a personal selection… I’m the same way- I wait until something speaks to me. Hope you’re having a great week! xox

  2. Great post! The scale of art is so important. I’m glad to hear Minted is a good company, when making the plunge on a purchase you intended to keep around for a while, it definitely helps to know the company is good to work with.

    I recently had a 120″ walnut picture ledge installed over our sofa in the family room, flanked the ledge with Rejuvenation Cypress sconces, and spent a good amount of time choosing artwork. I ended up buying the frames from Ikea – they have the right sizes (that biggest one is about 40″h) and shapes, and since I own two large-format prints shops, well – I can print to my heart’s desire. I used copyright-free images available from sites like the Library of Congress. It was a lot of fun hunting them down. At some point I will want to “mix it up” with paintings or more curated pieces from a site like Minted, but for now I’m pretty happy with it:

    PS: I submitted this space to your post offering to help readers with a design dilemma – I need a coffee table!! My husband and I disagree on what shape/size to use, so for now, I will continue to poke around for options and think about it (i.e., stall until he gives up, haha)…..

    1. Thanks Karen! Minted really has worked well for me. I love your picture ledge! It’s gorgeous… as is your family room. It all looks perfectly curated. As for the reader design dilemmas- I’m disappointed because 4/5 have not been responsive. They just kind of fizzled out and never finished / followed through with imagery. I was bummed because I thought that series was really cool! I understand it’s a lot of ask of readers though. I’d recommend a larger round coffee table for your space, not that you asked for my opinion ;) xox

      1. HA! My husband suggested round too, but I thought it may “fight” with the round chandelier? If you see this reply and have a minute, what size would you suggest – the sofas are both 120″ long, and the West Elm coffee table that’s there is 48×20. Because YES, I would love your opinion!!!

        At one point I laid out squares of brown kraft paper, as I was thinking two square tables next to each other – I did 30″, 36″, and 40″, and the 40″ sizes were definitely the best at filling the space. I also considered having my contractor take an 86×40 Ikea MÖRBYLÅNGA dining table, and cut it down to a coffee table…

        But round, eh?

        Bummer those design dilemma readers didn’t reply, I was wondering what happened to that series (such a cool idea!). Maybe try again, asking for one reader to participate? Heck, my sister just asked me to help her with her whole house (they’re renovating and she wants all new furniture) before she turns to a professional – I told her I am so up for the challenge :)

        1. Not at all- you need more curves in the space to make the light fixture feel cohesive. Everything on the floor is very rectangular and modular, so a round coffee table would compliment the chandelier, as well as create a nice contrast to the sofas, fireplace, etc! Hope that helped to clarify my reasoning… sorry to side with your husband. Haha!! As for scale, check out this post:

          It offers insight on size in regards to sofa configuration and scale. Have the best time helping your sister- that sounds amazing!! xox

          1. Thanks for the input on a round coffee table, and the link to your past post – much appreciated! :)

          2. Of course!! Happy to help :) Good luck!

  3. I took a chance on a framed print from — 28″ x 40″ for $111 with coupon — and I love it! The quality is great and I’m really happy. It’s the perfect size to go above the crib. Now I am browsing their stuff for the bedroom, the living room…

    1. I haven’t heard of them. Thanks for sharing Victoria! I’ll have to go check out some things on their site. xox

  4. I love this post. I recently moved back from Australia and we just bought a house and I am having the best time blowing up all our landscape pictures for our wall decor, I think I’d much rather hang things up that have deeper meaning and memories just like your photograph!

    1. Thanks Katie! I’m with you… I love large landscape art- even better if they have a deeper meaning :) xo

  5. Discovered this post 2.5 years later and just wanted to thank you for its usefulness:)

    Finalizing a Minted order now! I just love that “Last Tuesday” piece.

    1. Yay!! I love hearing that, Emily! So happy you were able to find some artwork you love. That’s a good one :) Happy Friday!