10 Posts to Get You Excited for Fall

10 Posts to Get You Excited for Fall - roomfortuesday.comWe’re already well into the first week of September and you know what that means… FALL is on the way! I’m pretty sure everybody is looking forward to the changing of seasons and although we still officially have a couple weeks, consider this a kickstart to get you even more excited. I always welcome September and October with open arms. It’s a beautiful and refreshing time of year before the hustle & bustle of the holidays start. I am savoring the last bit of summer, but after scrolling through this post- I think I’m ready for the leaves to start falling! Click through for 10 of my favorite fall posts.

#1 // Transitioning the Backyard for Fall

10 Posts to Get You Excited for Fall - roomfortuesday.comWe had an epic fall party a couple years ago and seeing this post really makes me miss our old backyard! I decked it out with mums, candles, pumpkins, throws, and all things cozy. We also had hot spiked cider. I’m looking forward to more fall celebrations this year!

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#2 // Spiced Mulled Wine Recipe

10 Posts to Get You Excited for Fall - roomfortuesday.comThis is my favorite fall cocktail… it’s not fall until I make a big batch of hot mulled wine. It makes the house smell incredible and there is nothing better than wrapping myself in a blanket, cuddling up on the patio around the fire pit, and sipping one of these. It’s pure bliss!

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#3 // 15 Candles to Stock Up On This Fall

10 Posts to Get You Excited for Fall - roomfortuesday.comI light candles year round, but I definitely go crazy in the fall! There is something about a flickering flame and incredible scents filling my house this time of year. Anyone with me? It’s hard to say no to candles this time of year.

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#4 // Butternut Squash Ravioli Recipe

10 Posts to Get You Excited for Fall - roomfortuesday.comThis is my favorite pasta recipe ever… I mean- how can you go wrong with cheesy butternut squash, nutmeg, cinnamon, and brown butter sage sauce? Exactly… you can’t. I’m allllll about the fall comfort food, friends.

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#5 // Blankets & Throws for Fall

10 Posts to Get You Excited for Fall - roomfortuesday.comMuch like candles, I also stock up on blankets & throws this time of year. I love snuggling under covers… whether I’m lounging with the dogs, watching TV, reading a book, or working from my home office- having a throw on my lap makes me feel so warm and happy. Emmett jokes that I always have to cover my lap. It’s true though- maybe it’s a comfort thing? No idea, but I do it.

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#6 // Pumpkin Spice Bread Recipe

10 Posts to Get You Excited for Fall - roomfortuesday.comThis is Jacqueline’s recipe and believe me when I say- it’s a reader favorite. I’ve had SO many messages about this recipe and 100% of them were rave reviews, thanking us for sharing. I love making this pumpkin bread.

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#7 // Fall Window Planter Box

10 Posts to Get You Excited for Fall - roomfortuesday.comYou guys know I dig a good window planter (get my installation tutorial here). As much work as it is, I really enjoy trading and updating the plants each season. It’s a fun hobby and gardening is relaxing for me. I can never get enough mums this time of year! They’re just so gorgeous and seasonally appropriate.

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#8 // Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

10 Posts to Get You Excited for Fall - roomfortuesday.comThis family recipe is another crowd pleaser! Emmett requests this probably once a week in the fall and winter. Haha! It’s the best of the best when it gets chilly outside.

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#9 // Decorating for Fall & Halloween

10 Posts to Get You Excited for Fall - roomfortuesday.comI’m not going to lie, I LOVED my Halloween decorations last year. I had the best time styling our shelves and decking out our living room. I’m a Halloween baby, so this Scorpio is into spooky and weird holiday decor. It’s also one of my prouder shelf styling moments… I crammed those shelves to the brim and I have to say- they looked realllllly good.

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#10 // Mini Caramel Apple Pies

10 Posts to Get You Excited for Fall - roomfortuesday.comI made these for the fall party I previously mentioned and they flew off the serving tray. I should’ve made a triple batch! They’re really fun to make and would be a great family project… apple picking and mini pie baking. It sounds like a great day to me!

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10 Posts to Get You Excited for Fall - roomfortuesday.comWell… did that do it? Are you even more excited for fall or are you hanging onto summer? It’s still pretty hot here, but I’ll welcome the season once the leaves begin to fall and the air gets a little cooler. Regardless, I have a big list of things to do, recipes to bake, and projects to tackle. It’s going to be fun! You can also shop some fun fall products below…

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  1. We’re still in the 90s, so I’m ready for *slightly* cooler temps. I always get the urge for more baking and cooking at this time of year, and the farmstands are exploding with goodness right now! I’m intrigued by the mulled wine idea…Also, it’s time to start plotting our Thanksgiving theme! (I’m a little nuts about it; I actually start dreaming up ideas in ummm…August.) So, yes. Consider me inspired for fall.😁

    1. It was in the 50’s here this morning! I feel like fall might be here to stay. They’re calling for snow in the mountains near my house tomorrow- yikes!!

  2. I want to feel Fall too! But alas, like Peggi we (So Cal) are in the 90s too, with no cool down in sight. I marked my calendar on Mon, Sept 23 (first day of Fall), with a note to make Tortellini Sausage Soup for dinner (one of my fave fall/winter weeknight meals), screen-shot that to my husband, who replied “It will still be 90 degrees”. So be it, so be it.

    1. Yum!! That soup sounds delicious! Crossing my fingers it cools off in your area soon :) xo

  3. Stephanie says:

    Looks fantastic and fall is my favorite season. It’s still warm here in TN but the first time of leaf changing gets me in the mood to go to the mountains. I also decorate my patio. So many things to do and I’m new to Twitter so as soon as I figure it all out I will post it.

    1. The leaves are starting to change here and I’m with you… it’s so exciting! We got up into the mountains this week and it was dreamy. Happy decorating :) xo