Pillows & Throws You Need From H&M Home

Holiday Hot Cocoa Bar - roomfortuesday.comI spent a good portion of last week researching and scouting items for the holiday gift guide. I ended pulling SO many pillows and throws from H&M Home for the “decorator” section of the guide, I realized it merited a post of its own. This isn’t sponsored or anything- I just wanted to share some great finds before they’re gone! I’ve already scooped up a bunch of them for our new home and we haven’t even moved yet. Ha! They’d also make great gifts and are the perfect styling addition if you’re hosting and want to make your home feel extra cozy for the holidays. Click through to shop my finds…

Click directly on the pillows & throws in the roundup to shop each item- or use the sliders to shop by price.

Lately, H&M home has been my budget friendly decor secret weapon. While browsing the textile section, I found so many good basics… most of the items in this blog post come in a variety of colors too! You’ll also find plenty of classic and luxe materials- like velvet, linen, cotton, and jacquard woven pieces. However, I’m most impressed with the attention to detail and design within their textile line. It’s the little extras like a welted edge, color blocking, tassels, and knife edges that really set these cushions apart from other decor retailers at this price point. They certainly have a designer feel to them.

Pillows & Throws You Need From H&M Home - roomfortuesday.comSpeaking of price point, I’m continuously blown away that their items are so affordable. I think most of them look much more expensive than they actually are. Some of these cushions are under $10 and most are under $20! Moving onto blankets and throws…

I like to hoard throws. We have at least three one our sofa right now. I’m constantly swapping them out for the season, have a couple new ones tucked away in the closet- in case I need a last minute gift, and we’re always tossing them over furniture for the dogs to lounge on.

Pillows & Throws You Need From H&M Home - roomfortuesday.comDo you have favorites from the post? Are you also an H&M Home fan? It’s quickly becoming one of my favorite, easy resources. I hope everyone has an amazing week. I know it’s going to be busy with Thanksgiving, but that’s what this time of year is all about. I’m looking forward to spending time with loved ones and relaxing.

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  1. So many lovely choices! Why do I still forget about H&M for home?? You can’t go wrong with those velvet and linen pillow options, and some of their patterned ones look pretty intriguing. Are the home goods only online? I can’t remember seeing them in person, but I’ve really only been to a store a few times. The Boise store kind of overwhelms, but their site is great. I definitely need to keep them in mind.
    Happy Thanksgiving week!

    1. I agree! Yes- their home goods are only online. I very rarely venture into the store, but I’ve never seen anything home related there. Happy Thanksgiving Peggi :)

  2. Where is the beautiful soft blue pillow with the fringed edges in your opening photo?

  3. H&M in NYC (Herald Square) has a floor devoted to home decor and it is amazing.