Office Renovation Update (Built-In & Millwork)

Office Renovation Update (Built-Ins & Millwork) - roomfortuesday.comHappy Friday, friends! I thought I’d sneak in one last, quick office renovation update for you, as we’re nearing the end. Things are really progressing in that space and it’s starting to get exciting! This week we focused our attention on the built-ins and millwork. It’s feeling like we’re on the homestretch in here. Click through for the latest update and to see the progress we’ve made. If you missed any updates or want to revisit previous office renovation & design posts, click here. Let’s get to it, shall we?

Office Renovation Update (Built-Ins & Millwork) - roomfortuesday.comGiven Emmett has been relying on the shop workspace, the cabinets were assembled there and then we brought them home for the permanent install. It actually made things go much more quickly! It also felt less stressful for me because our house wasn’t totally taken over by construction materials.

Office Renovation Update (Built-Ins & Millwork) - roomfortuesday.comThanks to our careful planning (and double measuring), once they made it home, everything fit perfectly! If you remember, my first rudimentary idea / sketch for the built-ins looked something like this…

Office Renovation Update (Built-Ins & Millwork) - roomfortuesday.comOf course it changed a bit based on the actual measurements and scale, but it’s always fun to see something from your brain come to fruition. That’s always such a fun part of the design process for me! Also- forgive my low light images… I quickly snapped them with my phone and it was a drizzly cloudy day yesterday.

Office Renovation Update (Built-Ins & Millwork) - roomfortuesday.comWe’re not quite finished installing the built-in quite yet… we still have more doors to hang, caulking to complete, and all of the doors needed leveled and hardware will need to be installed. However, this feels like enormous progress!

Office Renovation Update (Built-Ins & Millwork) - roomfortuesday.comI’m definitely going to have an insane amount of storage in this room- which is optimal for a home office. Are you starting to see my vision come together? Is it beginning to make sense? Sometimes it’s tough to explain where a room is headed until it’s actually happening.

Office Renovation Update (Built-Ins & Millwork) - roomfortuesday.comThe air returns turned out beautiful and look really seamless routed into the base of the cabinet. That still feels like the best solution to me, and I’m happy we were able to make it work.

Office Renovation Update (Built-Ins & Millwork) - roomfortuesday.comI also had a stain custom mixed to match our herringbone hardwood floors– I wanted the oak counter within the built-in to match exactly, and the finish came together perfectly. Check out the door and glass details, too! I’m feeling happy with my selections.

Office Renovation Update (Built-Ins & Millwork) - roomfortuesday.comMy art also arrived yesterday in an enormous box. It was fun to unwrap my beloved horses! I think they’re going to look dynamite once they’re installed in the gallery. I also had a lot of source questions about these after sharing on IG yesterday… the entire set (and individual pieces) will be available in the Tuesday Made shop next month! Be sure to keep an eye out over there if you’re interested.

Office Renovation Update (Built-Ins & Millwork) - roomfortuesday.comWe also began regular millwork this week… baseboard, window, and door casing. We still need to tackle the crown and panel moulding, but we’re making solid progress in this space. It’s starting to actually feel like a room again!

Office Renovation Update (Built-Ins & Millwork) - roomfortuesday.comThere you have it… that’s the latest! I’ll keep sharing as we make progress. I’m really pleased with how things are coming together, and I feel like our planning & patience is paying off. The last BIG thing we need to complete for this room is restoring and refinishing my antique desk. That’s going to require quite a few hours from Emmett, as it needs reinforcements in addition to sanding and a new finish. I’m still hoping to complete things before Christmas (as we’re having spontaneous holiday guests), but we’ll have to see. We have both been really busy packing orders at the shop (thank you for keeping us busy over there!), so we’ve been putting in some late nights. I’ll keep you updated! Any guesses who our holiday guests are? Here’s a hint- you know them well. Be sure to check back next week… it’s going to be a fun blog week that includes my 2021 holiday home tour, plus a couple good roundups for winter! Have a fantastic weekend.

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  1. Good morning, good morning, good morning! The built-ins are simply stunning! I absolutely can’t imagine the amount of work that goes into such beautifully detailed casegoods. When you mentioned they would be moved from the shop fully assembled, I worried about transporting such large pieces of furniture. I didn’t consider how lovely not having the construction mess in the house would be! (I dread moving huge items because I’m always half of our muscle.💪🏻) I know plenty of tasks remain, but WOW the space seems so much more finished! I’m picturing you toiling away at your fantastically restored desk, surrounded by pups and horses, every sample and paint deck at your fingertips (neatly enclosed in perfectly organized cabinets, obvi). If I were in town, you bet I’d be throwing you an office warming party! Thanks for sharing the progress! Happy Pizza Friday and cheers to a super weekend! 💜🍕🍷

    1. Hello, hello, hello!! Thank you!! I’m really thrilled with how things are coming along. It has been fun to watch the built-ins get installed this week. I think assembling them outside of our house was a major win (solely because of the dust and mess). It was less stressful on my end, and I think we did an ok job moving them. Noting got damaged, so that’s a win. Haha! It’s really starting to feel like it could be a functional office for me. I can’t wait to get creative, write blog posts, and feel inspired in that room. I’m ordering pizza delivery tonight because we’re both working late, but happy pizza Friday nonetheless!! There will definitely be wine, too! Have a fantastic and relaxing weekend. LOVE your new hurricanes. So pretty! xox

  2. Oh Sarah the built ins are off the charts beautiful 😍 Way to go Emmett! It’s incredible what he can do 🥳 Not to mention the console 🤩 Just stunning!
    Oh I love how the wood top on the built ins tie in with the floors. Spectacular! This office space is going to have it all. So Beautiful, super functional and all the details and hard work will bring you so much joy when it’s complete. Not to mention the gorgeous horse drawing art. I love your selection ❤️
    Just wondering if you guys ever sleep. Lol 😉 It’s incredible what you two accomplish. Wow! So excited to see you at the finish line 🥂🥳🥰 it’s going to be over the top exciting!
    Have a fantastic weekend!
    Ps. Are you having a couple of very cute pups over the holidays as your guests 🐶🐶

    1. Thank you so much, Colleen! I’m really happy with how everything is coming together and it has been a fun month watching the space come to fruition. I feel like my sloppy paper sketches are becoming reality. I think I could sleep for a month! Hah! We’ve been in order packing mode over here thanks to the holidays (we’re so thankful!), but we’re definitely due to sleep in one day this weekend. Lol! It’s been busy, but exciting! We are definitely having miss Hazel the fox terrier over for Christmas- and of course her parents, Laurie Anne & Taylor. We’re excited to spend Christmas with friends! Happy Friday! Hope you have a lovely weekend. xox

  3. Oh. My. Word. The built ins are absolutely stunning, and I’m giddy seeing everything come to life! I’m still blown away that they were transported from Emmett’s work assembled. You’re much braver than I am, but I’m sure Emmett is no stranger to moving larger items. My jaw is still on the floor over here. It’s the details of the glass and the cabinet doors for me, but I can’t miss the mention that I love the routed air returns. What a beautifully thought out solution. Should I have expected less? Never in a million!
    The custom stain is perfect. I’m assuming it’s the same stain as the credenza? All of the wood pieces are gorgeous against the floors. I’m imagining the daybed in place, the curtains hung, the artwork in place, your marble horse on the pedestal…In the very best way this is like a late night infomercial; “but wait, there’s more!”
    I had forgotten about the panel moulding, refinishing your desk, the lighting for the built-ins…And the horse art!!! 😍😍😍 I’ll be on pins and needles waiting for that to drop in the shop. Annnd, you haven’t even styled. I mean, wow. Oh it’s going to be a magical Christmas for you! I can’t wait to see every last detail fall into place. And in time for Laurie Anne and her husband?? Did I guess right? So so fun! I always love when Laurie Anne comes to town. Sarah this is jaw dropping, stupendous, incredibly well thought out…when can you come design some built-ins for me? (I kid, but for real😜). I’m just going to be over here drooling at the beautiful bounty you and Emmett have created, brainstorming my own space. I hope you have a lovely weekend Sarah! This out of this world gorgeous my friend! Xo

    1. Thanks, Lauren!! I’m really excited! It feels like everything is FINALLY falling into place in this room. It will be worth the wait. Good eye- the stain is the same one I had mixed for the credenza. I love how well you know all the things that will be going into this space :) Ha! You get me. The horse art is really gorgeous in person. I saw it in person for the first time at High Point last month, and now that it’s here (in the space), I think it’s going to be perfect. Again- you know me well… it’s totally Laurie Anne, her husband, and Hazel that will be spending Christmas with us. Ha! We’re hoping to show the AZ natives a white Christmas and snow (fingers crossed). I hope you also have a wonderful weekend with the fam!! xox

  4. Wow, this is looking amazing. The credenza and built-ins are so beautiful. After a lot of hard work, it is going to be a stunning office for you!

    1. Thanks, Hannah! I appreciate your kind words. I’m really pleased with how things are coming together. Have a great weekend!

  5. It already looks so chic! I especially love the light. I can’t wait to see the desk and daybed! And the styling, of course.

    1. Thanks, Brittany! I’m ready to style… a bit too early, but SO ready. Haha! Hope you’re having a fantastic Friday :)

  6. I love your attention to the details – those air returns. I wish I’d thought about that more when we added small built-ins around a fireplace. Everything is beautiful, love all of your design choices, that chandelier!!!!

    1. Thanks, Kristyn! I’m really excited to see everything come together. We’re getting there :) Hope you’re having a lovely weekend!

  7. Just beautiful. Already!! Cannot wait to see that gorgeous daybed in between those stunning built in’s (amazing, E!!). So envious of all your storage space, too! Definitely one of the most important things in a home office. We’re having a closet/kitchen cabinet company out this week to hopefully convert our tiny, pitiful sliding door closet in our office/den into hidden storage galore. Fingers crossed! Cannot wait to get the first of my holiday orders from Tuesday Made, but thrilled you’ll be spending a relaxing, white (fingers crossed again) Christmas with Laurie Anne and her family, too!

    1. Thanks, Anne! Fingers crossed on your conversion! That sounds like it would be so nice for storage. That’s super exciting! You’ll have to keep us posted on that project. I love the idea. We’re excited for the holidays with friends! While we’ll miss our family this year, it’s nice to be with loved ones. I’m hoping for snow and a white Christmas. We shall see :) xo

      1. I definitely will! They did a fantastic job w/ our master closet redo (which I just realized I never instagrammed!) so we have high hopes. In 1300sq ft, you need every inch! GREAT to know about the ornaments, too-I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Either way, I’ll be ON IT next year!