It’s been a really busy week, but I wanted to take a little time for myself to recharge and share  what sparked my interest on the web this week… it may or may not be noteworthy, but the title sounded good. Ha!

Noteworthy: Stairs
image via: luchetti krelle

For some reason, I’m been dreaming of stairs and saving way too many images of staircases. I wish it weren’t so crazy expensive to add ventilation to my attic, because I can imagine a pretty little staircase leading up to a light-filled studio.

This photographer’s images are intriguing. I found them while browsing here.

I found a fun little infographic about what your desk says about you. Interesting. Do you guys think this is accurate?

I’m going to do a little meal prep tonight for the week ahead. This salad is definitely on the list. Fun fact: Cassie (Back to Her Roots founder) and I went to the same college and she’s living in my neck of the woods in Southern Indiana, doing the farm thing. Yeah, girl! Someday, I’ll have chickens again.

I know some people are saying concrete floors are a thing of the past, but I wholeheartedly disagree. I think it’s all about how you make it work. These examples are pretty spot on.

I’ve been loving bell sleeves lately. This dress is gorgeous! As soon as I saved it to my shopping cart, I noticed it here. Solid choice- it looks even better on Kendi.

Call me crazy, but I’m totally doing this! I’m not kidding. It’s happening in a few months. Local people- I promise to share deets soon ;)

More or less of these random thoughts posts? Let me know! Everyone have an awesome week.

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  1. Leah Prevost says:

    I love the random thought post thing. Dana Miller at House Tweaking does it sometimes and I love clicking through the different links to explore new ideas and products.
    I personally love concrete floors! And concrete countertops. They have to be balanced out by other elements, like it shows in that article.
    And the eyebrow tattoo thing is genius!!!!!! I know women who’ve gotten eyeliner tattooed on and lup liner and it was beautiful. I think the word tattoo scares people, but using pigments makes it look soooooo natural! My Mom complains about her eyebrows almost daily, this would be the perfect bday or Xmas gift!
    Thanks for the good reads!

    1. Thanks, Leah!! I love Dana’s linked & liked posts, too. Did you see the TED talk last week- that was a good one. I totally agree with you on the concrete floors and countertops. As far as the brows are concerned- I’m so excited!! I’ll be sure to give an update. I use brow pencil every single day because my brows are naturally blondish, so it will be nice not to worry about them. I bet your Mom would love hers done- great gift idea. Enjoy your evening! xo

  2. I read your article on Wayfair and loved the paint colors you used in what. Believe is you Dayton Home. Do you mind sharing the colors?

  3. Hi Sarah, Just a few quick things….I’ve been following your blog for several months now and I love it. Your style is impeccable and I love everything you do! Your photos are amazing and are a beautiful compliment to your posts.
    I had read this post back in January when you originally posted it, but you never updated us on whether or not you went through with it! I have blonde eyebrows like you and, also like you, must use brow pencil every day. Your post actually got me thinking about doing this, and after much research in my area decided to have it done. I’m actually getting it done this Sunday! Would love to know your experience, what you asked for, etc. Will you have an upcoming post about it? Thanks!

    1. Hi Laura! Thanks so much for the sweet compliments :) I’m actually having it done this month, so you’ll beat me to it! My aesthetician said there will be 3 sessions and I do know that she numbs the area before beginning the procedure. I’ll post an update once it’s all finished. Good luck!! xo