Noteworthy - Room for TuesdayI’m actually writing this post in the air (and counting down a week to snuggle my fur babes again)… I’m en route to Indianapolis for a fun event (I’ll post more on Insta stories). I can say- I’m excited to connect with friends and other designers later this week. I’ll also have a couple days to see my family while in the Midwest. We’re planning to go to an art festival, which is always a fun time. Anyway- I thought this would be the perfect time for a new Noteworthy post full of life happenings, links, and inspiration. Click through for more!

Since we’re on the topic of travel, I always forget until I get inside of an airport… I’m definitely adding new luggage to my wishlist. I bought my existing carry-on in a pinch. My old suitcase zipper busted and wouldn’t close. I was on my way home from NY Fashion Week (that’s a story for another day, from another job), and I only had a few minutes to run into a store, grab an alternative, move allll of my stuff from one to the other, and catch my flight. How’s that for stressful? Here are the top three carry-ons on my wishlist (all under $300!): one // two // three

Fall has me in the best mood. This time of year is always so creative and exciting. For some reason I’m energized as of lately. I’m really into horoscopes and astrology, and it feels good to come into another birthday season- shoutout to my fellow scorpios (I’m a Halloween baby). All of this to say, I’m starting to think about gaining another year and am already setting new goals.

Speaking of Hallowen, I’m pretty sure I should try all of these: halloween movies and the cocktails to pair them with! That sounds like so much fun. Maybe I should host an outdoor movie night before it gets way too cold… since our backyard is fall ready. I’ve always wanted to hang up a sheet and project a film onto the side of our house. Has anyone else done this? Emmett and I haven’t since we were dating in high school (forever ago!!).

In regards to the renovation, Emmett and I started planning our kitchen over the weekend…. like, actually planning. He works for a custom cabinetry company and we’re hiring them to manufacture our cabinets. Last week, I got to take a tour of where they’re made and get a glimpse into the process. We’re considering custom details like spice racks, built-in drawer organizers, and lots of exciting things. The kitchen has always seemed so far away, and although we still have a little saving left to do- it’s beginning to feel attainable (insert happy dance here). You’re going to freak out when you see the kitchen we’ve been living with for a year- here’s a peek at our house upon purchase. Here’s the home tour as it is now.

In addition to the kitchen renovation, this fall we also have lots of visitors scheduled. You know we love hosting friends and family (even amongst a chaotic reno)! My sister, brother-in-law, and nephews are bringing their RV across the country to see us. They’ll be staying with us for a week in October. It also happens to fall on both boys’ birthdays, so I’ll definitely be planning some cakes, a party, and fun things the kids will enjoy. Feel free to comment with suggestions! Over Thanksgiving, our college roommates are coming to visit. Imagine an episode of friends… that was pretty much us. I married Emmett and my roommate married Emmett’s roommate. Anyway, we’re super excited to see them and spend Thanksgiving here in Utah.

Back to this trip I’m currently en route to… I packed a few new things because fall is my shopping season. Everything is SO beautiful this time of year! My latest finds: these earrings (in natural) // these ankle boots // this dress // the comfiest sweater ever // I can never have too many beanies // and this amazing backpack bag . Basically, I’m hiding my credit cards before Emmett takes them away. Ha! Budgets are the worst, especially when we want a new kitchen.

For the cosmetic junkies out there, the main two items I can’t live without (that are also safely packed in my carry-on) are: this foundation and this cheap lip stain. It stays on forrrrever. I have it in Voyager (see me wearing it in this photo).

This made me laugh out loud! I sort of love that. If I only I would’ve been this cool back in high school.

Well- if you’ve made it this far in the post, congrats! I’m going to logout and catch up on my in-flight reading (this book is so good). I hope everyone has a wonderful week! Happy Monday, friends. Tune in on Insta for behind-the-scenes from my travels.

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  1. What’s going on in Indy? My hometown! Enjoy your visit!

    1. A designer event for plumbing fixtures. Fun stuff!! Thank you. xox

  2. I read the Lying Game on my recent vacation to Cuba. So, so good!

    1. I’m loving it!! Hoping to finish it on my flight home this weekend. xo

  3. I am so in love with your fireplace. I’ve sent the link to that post to roughly 19 people and am dreaming of doing a very similar thing in a house that I hope we get! Thanks for the inspiration. Not thanks (but THANKS) for adding those booties to my credit card statement as well.

    1. Thanks so much, Sonja!! Fingers crossed on your new home. Ha! Sorry about the booties… my credit card sort of hates me right now too. lol! xox