NoteworthyHow is it already July?! Summer is soaring by. As you know we’ve been spending the first part of summer renovating our backyard and it’s been a lot of work, to say the least. Click through for an update, what’s in store for July and the rest of summer, as well as some inspiration to take you into the Fourth!

I’m so excited that so many of you are ‘tuning in’ to our backyard project on Instagram stories. It really has been difficult, strenuous work and your encouragement keeps us going. Emmett has actually lost 10 lbs. since we started the project (while simultaneously having beer rewards), and I still look and weigh the exact same. It’s so not fair that guys can change one thing and boom- they’re instantly fit! I digress. We’re making giant strides in the yard though! Our sod delivery ended up getting pushed, so we’re definitely not going to meet our July 4th deadline, but I feel like it’s finally turning into a space we love. I can totally see the light at the end of the tunnel. It turns out, you have to let the sod acclimate and stay off of it- while watering constantly, so we’re not going to be able to tie up loose ends and style until it’s good and rooted. We’re now hoping for a mid July shoot and reveal, which brings me to my next topic…

The reason the shoot has to be delayed an additional couple weeks is because I’m flying back to the Midwest this Thursday for a family wedding- and then back to Ohio for a couple client meetings, shoots, and to catch up with friends. It’s going to be a whirlwind these next couple weeks, but I’m really looking forward to it! It will be a nice change of pace to get out of the backyard. However, as soon as I get back to Utah, it’s shoot time for certain!

Before I hop a plane for the wedding later this week, I’m doing something I’ve never done before. I have an appointment to get eyelash extensions and I’m sort of freaking out. I know that everyone has them these days and they’re gorgeous, but I have some concerns. The entire reason for the appointment in the first place is because I recently became allergic to mascara. I have no idea what happened! Over the past 6 months, I’ve tried every brand- high end, low end, organic, you name it… my eyes get red, itchy, and watery every time I wear it. Then I opted to take a more natural route and try Latisse (from my dermatologist) and get my lashes tinted. I’m pretty sure I’m also allergic to Latisse (and R+F, for that matter), so I discontinued that too. Fingers crossed the extensions won’t bother my eyes and I can find a solution, because I do enjoy wearing makeup from time-to-time. Ha! We’ll see how it goes. Does anyone else have them? Be honest- are they uncomfortable?

Although we’ll be working diligently outside on the backyard tomorrow “celebrating” the Fourth, if you’re scrambling for last minute things to make for your parties and barbecues… this cocktail looks amazing. Of course if our yard were finished and we were entertaining I’d also order a bunch of Emmett’s favorite barbecue meats for the grill, and do these for the side. As soon as the yard is complete- you better believe we’re hosting a big backyard barbecue!!

Onto other projects, I’ll be sharing an amazing budget client kitchen on Wednesday. You guys HAVE to come back for that one. I’m so excited about it! There’ll be a video as well. The before and after images are crazy.

I’ll also be taking over coco+kelley for a few days- starting this Thursday. Cassandra just got married and is on her honeymoon (no laptops allowed, obviously). I’ll be sharing a fun planter DIY, along with a really gorgeous house tour.

I took Emmett’s advice and got my first pair of ‘adult’ sunglasses. Although I love the way they look- they make me SO nervous. I’m always loosing sunglasses, scratching them, not being overly responsible… you get the point. Long story short, I returned them for a couple reasons: 1.) the fact that I can’t have fun in them because I’m too worried; 2.) Emmett said they looked like ‘eyebrow shields’. I still think the look was on-point and weird in the best way, but I couldn’t handle his giggling when I wore them. Ha! I guess I’ll try again when I’m older (eye roll).

Cactus in Modern PlanterAfter my recent ‘Best of Etsy‘ post did so well, you guys inspired me to get some new houseplants! My favorite newbie is the cacti shown above in the intro. I also found this inexpensive and amazing modern watering can. They’re both living in the guest room for now.

Did everyone have a fun 4th of July weekend? I’m guessing a lot of you are off work today! Sadly, I’m trapped behind my computer for the better part of the day, then I’ll be peddling pavers in the backyard this evening. So much to do- so little time. You know the story! Hope y’all are having a splendid time on the water, with your friends & family… and having extra cocktails for me. xo

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  1. Kacey L. Wilson says:

    are you originally from Ohio? I saw this and your Jeni’s Splendid post!

    1. We moved to Utah from Ohio less than a year ago! I’m actually from the Louisville area though- and my husband I both went to Indiana University for school. Lots of roots in the Midwest :) xo

      1. You went to IU?! What a fun surprise! My fav blogger went to my school! :) Go Hoosiers!

        1. Yes! Yay!!!! Go Hoosiers! xo

  2. kddomingue says:

    Are the lash extensions you’re going to be getting involve an adhesive? If so, can the person doing them spot test a tiny bit of the adhesive to the side of your eye to make sure you don’t have a reaction a day or two before the actual appointment?
    I had the problems you’re describing some years ago and had to give up mascara entirely…..this was before they were doing lash extensions anywhere near me. I simply used a pencil style eyeliner and eye shadow and didn’t get the first negative or snarky comment about the lack of mascara.

    1. Excellent question! I actually had a ‘patch test’ done today and so far, so good! Fingers crossed. I’ll let you know how I like them once the full set is on. I actually love going mascaraless, but my lashes are sort of blondish, so they look really weird against dark liner. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who has problems wearing it! xo

      1. kddomingue says:

        Oh! Blond lashes. Yeah, I can see where that would be a bit of an issue with dark liner. I’m a brunette with dark lashes and brows so no mascara is not so noticeable. I hope the lash extensions work well for you and glad the adhesive doesn’t seem to cause any issues! :)

  3. Judy Delen says:

    I’ve been wearing lash extensions for years and I love them! You might think they feel a little heavy at first but you’ll quickly get used to it. Then you will become so in love with them and slightly addicted! The adhesive can be an issue for some people but it sounds like you already were tested. They will great on you!

    1. Thanks so much for the insight, Judy! I go in tomorrow for the full set. So far, so good on the adhesive. Excited to give this lash thing a try! Happy Fourth! xo