NoteworthyIt’s been a minute since I’ve had time to draft a ‘Noteworthy‘ personal post. Check out where I’m finding inspiration as of lately, get a real-life reno update, and help me decide on a couple decor items (please!). Click through for the entire post… 

I know this is old news, but I absolutely love looking through the One Room Challenge reveals. They just wrapped up a couple weeks ago and I had a heyday pinning lots of inspiration. I cannot get over this space. It’s bananas!! I am obsessed with that moody paint color, vintage rug, but most of all- the light fixture. It’s unexpected and weird, yet extremely traditional. I didn’t expect to be so inspired by something that isn’t really my kind of style, but it was SO well done. I could easily pick out a handful of things from the space that I would love to have in my own home.

Vintage Light FixtureSpeaking of the ORC- I seriously have entered as a design blogger the past two years and never get accepted. I’ve Instagram messaged, emailed, and have filled out the contact form a billion times… but notta. I suppose I should take it as a sign and move along. I just wonder if I’m doing something wrong? Or maybe I don’t really understand how it works exactly. Ha! If you have any insight, I’d love to hear. I truly would like to hop in for the next round this fall. I am renovating an entire house of here… plenty of rooms to choose from!

This seems like an appropriate place for a reno update. The bathroom is half done. It’s sort of been put on hold while we host family and friends over the summer. We’re also in the middle of a ginormous backyard project with Lowes. I’m incredibly excited about it, but it’s been a TON of work. We basically demoed our entire backyard… and it’s not super small. We ripped out the grass, the existing fence, pavers, trees, etc. I moved 500 new paver stones to the backyard from the driveway and I seriously can’t move my upper body. I’m not gonna lie- I’m out of shape right now, but MAN(!) I feel like I was hit by a truck. I keep telling myself it will all be worth it when I’m sipping a margarita under the new pergola with my feet propped up, watching the dogs play.

Basically, we’re adding a paver patio under a pergola, with a fire pit. We’re also in the process of building custom, permanent seating underneath the pergola. After that section is complete, we’ll sod the entire yard and add a sprinkler system, because Utah is uber dry in the summer. If you read my patio dining set post, you also know I’m planning an eating area under the ‘carport’. That will all need to be painted, landscaped, and basically given a bunch of TLC. It’s all going to be amazing once it’s complete, which should be in time to enjoy it most of the season (woohooo!!).

In the living room, our fireplace is halfway done. The built-ins are semi-styled and mostly ready. I need to find a new coffee table, as well as a couple side tables. My rule of thumb is every seat should have a spot for it’s occupant to sit a drink. Let’s just put it this way… visitors are currently holding their own drinks, and that’s not ok. Ha! I’d love your vote if you’d like to help me choose.

Coffee Table Options: one (on MEGA sale) | two | three (remember, we have a white L-shaped sectional)

Side Table Options: four | five | six | seven

What do you guys think? I’m being super indecisive these days when it comes to my own home. I do have some trade discounts that will help balance the budget for these.

Aside from home, work, and renovating shenanigans, there hasn’t been too much happening. I’m hoping we can at least take a break from the yard on Memorial Day. We’re planning to cookout with friends and I’m in charge of drinks and dessert. I’m thinking a pitcher of these, with maybe some homemade ice cream for dessert later in the evening.

images: house of brinson

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  1. Beth Schaefer says:

    I love the look of the darker (#’s 1 and 2) but I really love Love LOVE the style of the 3rd! I’m not sure if it’s too light for your white sectional but it’s my favorite!

    1. Thanks so much, Beth!! Hope you are well :) xo

  2. I like coffee tables 1 & 3. Can’t wait to see your home reveals!!! I love your work!

    1. Thank you, thank you Meredith!! xoxoxo

  3. I’d vote for you on ORC! I keep thinking about just following along and linking up…

    1. Thank you SO much Kacey! I’m thinking about doing the same… maybe next time I’ll just do it on my own. Maybe we should start our own ORC. lol xo

  4. Ashley @ The Gold Hive says:

    Why you haven’t been accepted as a featured designer on ORC is a complete mystery!

    1. I feel like they hate me. Ha! I’m like the kid who keeps getting picked last. I seriously just want to join in the fun! LOVED your space this time around, Ashley! xoxo

      1. Fingers crossed for a feature in the fall ORC season!!

  5. I love your table selections, Sarah, especially the look of hand carved versions. I have to raise my coffee table hand for the Gizmo. It’s so different, plus what a cool, fun name. I also like the tower end table. It is a cool design and I love walnut wood.

    As for the ORC folks, would it help to submit testimonials? If so, sign me up. Quite honestly, you have single-handedly influenced my design aesthetic (This says a lot, actually, given my strong sense of design self, and as inherited from my uber-talented mom). Cheers, Ardith

    1. Thanks so much for your input, Ardith! I actually had a dog named Gizmo growing up, so I also thought the name was fun. Ha! Unfortunately, I don’t think the ORC folks take nominations or anything like that, but I am SO incredibly flattered that I’ve helped you uncover your personal design aesthetic and you’d like to see me in the ORC. That means the world!! Have a wonderful holiday weekend. xoxo

  6. Lizzie | Emmerson & Fifteenth says:

    I’d just link up as a guest – a lot of the featured designers start out as guests, even if they’re already “big” bloggers. It’s such a fun thing to do even as a guest participant.

    1. I think that’s the plan this fall! I just want to participate. Such a cool concept! Thanks, Lizzie! xo

  7. Oksana | says:

    I’ve applied for the ORC several times as well and wasn’t accepted either, so I just join as a guest blogger. Like Lizzie said, it’s so much fun (and motivating!) regardless. What’s more, you can coordinate your own sponsorships as a guest blogger, because tons of world renowned brands are well-aware of the design event and the exposure it brings. For I see approximately a 300% increase in traffic over the course of the challenge (even as a guest blogger) – and that’s quite impressive when pitching collaborations. Hope that helps!

    1. Thanks so much, Oksana!! Super duper helpful. I’ll definitely join in the fun the next time around. xo