Adultish the BookIt’s been a minute since I’ve done one of these posts, so there’s lots to share and some big renovation updates! Click through to get the scoop…

Before I dive into details about my life happenings, you’re probably wondering about the image. I’m super proud of my friend, Cristina, who launched her second book this week! We went to design school together and she’s incredibly talented, to say the least! It’s always super cool to have friends who are doing big things. Anyway, about the book… it’s a hilarious, beautifully illustrated, interactive journal where you can record your triumphs of adulting.

Adultish BookShe covers everything from your best kiss, real jobs, mastered recipes, and even the first song that made you feel “out of touch” with younger generations. It’s a hoot! I got my copy early last month (friend perks), and have been journaling and doodling every night since then. It’s really fun and perfect for when you’re lounging around, mellowing out at night. Grab your copy here and let me know what you think. I’ve totally got the dog and plant thing down… so maybe I’m at least halfway on my way to being a full-fledged adult? Ha! For those of you wondering, Finn was totally stoked and cooperative in helping out with this photoshoot. He was a photogenic champ!

In other news, the renovation has been in full force. We’re currently painting the master bedroom (expect contrast trim- I can’t wait to show you!!) and working on electrical. I’m just happy to have one finished room under our belt. Once the master is completed, we have one more closet to install, then we’ll be diving into the living room and bathroom simultaneously. With warmer weather and spring in the air, we’re also trying to decide if we should address the backyard and outdoor living space. Spring makes me want to enjoy the outdoors so badly! It’s a huge expense and if we plan to add onto our home in the near future, the yard shape will definitely change and we’re wondering if it would be smart to wait. Decisions, decisions.

Speaking of upgrades and renovating, I’m spilling the beans… for Earth Day, I’m teaming up with GE and we’re doing a huge sweepstakes for a lucky Room for Tuesday reader. Look for that soon! We’re upgrading someone’s entire home to make it more efficient. Now THAT is something Emmett and I are huge proponents of.

Oh yeah, since we’re on the topic of adulting today, I desperately need to go shopping, but unfortunately I’m on a “no spending” budget. Budgeting is definitely an adult thing. If we weren’t renovating and had a budget for a new spring wardrobe… I’d want this, this, and these. I did however, have a gift card and I enlisted the help of my fashion guru (aka Jacqueline) to help me choose a handbag under $50. This was option one and this was option two. Jackie told me the first option was the best, so naturally- that’s the one I bought. She always knows best! I’ll let you know how it looks once it arrives in the mail.

Here’s what’s happening in dog land. Last week, the strangest thing happened. I played “dog catcher” for a day… unintentionally, of course! I saved three(!) dogs in one day. That’s way too many if you ask me. I was out walking Johnny Cash and Finn separately (Cash had surgery, more on that later), and on each walk I noticed dogs running around freely. If you follow along on Snapchat (@sar.gibs), you probably laughed at Gus. Gus was the first little guy I caught. He was a teacup yorkie and man was that guy lost… all 3 lbs. of him. Luckily he had a tag and his owners came to grab him right away, but they didn’t even know he went missing. Poor guy! Long story short, that happened two more times after Gus- all in one day. In regards to Cash, he’s been hobbling around with a cone around his neck and a little pink cast on his leg. The little guy had to get neutered and have surgery on his paw. I am counting down the days until that cone comes off. I literally have bruises on the back of my legs from him ramming into me with that darn cone. He’s been a good sport, luckily.

Lately I’ve been trying to get better at implementing video content for you guys… I hope y’all noticed! It’s been a challenge, but something I know is important. You can catch the first three videos here: one | two | three . Subscribe to our YouTube channel if you’re into video content. I’m hoping to do a lot more this spring and summer.

Alright guys, hope you have the best weekend! We’ll be painting and sanding and painting and sanding until our hands fall off… with a little carryout sprinkled in. For our sake, get outside and enjoy that beautiful weather for us! xo

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  1. Leah Prevost says:

    I always seem to see dogs on the loose! I’m the crazy one who stops her car or runs out my front door trying to sweet talk them to come to me! But 3 in one day!! Go Girl!! I am laughing so hard at your comment about Cash’s cone! My 3mo old Rottweiler had to wear one for 10 DAYS after a freak accident to his eye (he’s totally fine now) man I hate those damn things. I had to repair his almost every day from him smashing into everything! Can’t wait to see the contrasting trim!

    1. Same!! It’s like a magnet for dogs on the loose… and Cash’s cone is now stapled and duct taped. It’s so sad. Ha! Have an awesome weekend, Leah! xo

  2. Can’t wait to see the rest of your house! Love your work!

    1. Thank you so much, Meredith!! xo