Home Tour : Neutral Home at Hill Place

Home Tour : Neutral Home at Hill Place - roomfortuesday.comI’ve got a new Home Tour post for you today! I’ve actually already saved 15+ homes for potential blog tours this month because I’m really enjoying deep diving into designer portfolios for this series. I’ve discovered some seriously talented industry professionals. Today’s tour is in Nashville and has been designed by the talented Lilly Taylor. This gorgeous neutral and modern Hill Place home has me dreaming of slow summer cloudy or rainy days in the comforts of a quiet and inviting home. Click through for a fun and inspiring tour… I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this one!

Home Tour : Neutral Home at Hill Place - roomfortuesday.com

Home Tour : Neutral Home at Hill Place - roomfortuesday.comBeing a neutral space, I appreciate the addition of texture & warm materials inserted throughout this room… herringbone flooring, a wool rug, soft custom drapery panels, cabinet caning, woven decor, baskets, throws, etc. White hues can look clinical, but these design elements make this living space feeling inviting and cozy.

Home Tour : Neutral Home at Hill Place - roomfortuesday.com

Home Tour : Neutral Home at Hill Place - roomfortuesday.comI also noted the buttercream paint color… it’s one of those perfect chameleon neutrals! To me, this home does a good job of pairing modern and traditional design elements & furniture for a sophisticated and classic look.

Home Tour : Neutral Home at Hill Place - roomfortuesday.com

Home Tour : Neutral Home at Hill Place - roomfortuesday.comThe white kitchen is spacious, but my personal favorites in this open concept room are the range and the walk-in pantry. I love how it’s styled, too! Functional? Maybe not, but it certainly is beautiful.

Home Tour : Neutral Home at Hill Place - roomfortuesday.comHave you been noticing more distressed mirrored backsplashes lately? I have and while I do like the look, I’m not sure it would be practical for everyday use in my own kitchen. I could definitely see this application at a bar or in a butler’s pantry, though. What are your thoughts? It’s a great trick for reflecting light to brighten a room.

Home Tour : Neutral Home at Hill Place - roomfortuesday.com

Home Tour : Neutral Home at Hill Place - roomfortuesday.comMoving on from the kitchen, down the hall and into the bathroom…. the millwork in here is really lovely- as are the light fixtures!

Home Tour : Neutral Home at Hill Place - roomfortuesday.com

Home Tour : Neutral Home at Hill Place - roomfortuesday.comI really like the inset mirrors within the paneling, along with the apron front countertop for an extra substantial look. That’s a nice designer touch! Again, we’re seeing another timeless neutral paint color worth saving.

Home Tour : Neutral Home at Hill Place - roomfortuesday.comOne of the areas I was most impressed with was the outdoor patio… for being a small space, it’s really well done! I love all of the brick and clean aesthetic.

Home Tour : Neutral Home at Hill Place - roomfortuesday.com

Home Tour : Neutral Home at Hill Place - roomfortuesday.comHaving a pizza oven for our Friday night ritual would definitely be a dream. Can you imagine Pizza Fridays with one? If you have a narrow yard or patio, this is a clever thing to add to fill negative space wisely.

Home Tour : Neutral Home at Hill Place - roomfortuesday.comThe transitions throughout this home work really well thanks to the similar paint colors, consistent millwork, and cohesive aesthetic. I love that little chandelier in the hall- it looks vintage.

Home Tour : Neutral Home at Hill Place - roomfortuesday.com

Home Tour : Neutral Home at Hill Place - roomfortuesday.comYou can also see the full Hill Place Home tour right here. Be sure to follow Lilly on Instagram and check out her portfolio.

Home Tour : Neutral Home at Hill Place - roomfortuesday.comI hope you enjoyed the home tour! It’s always fun to peek inside the walls of someone else’s space. I have so many good ones saved, of all different aesthetics in a variety of locations. I think this is going to be a fun and enjoyable series for us! I hope you’re having a great week.

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  1. Good morning! I love a deep dive into a new-to-me designer portfolio. When the aesthetic isn’t quite my own, I enjoy analyzing the details that jump out at me. Is that strange? Regardless, the lovely warm woods, quirky colorful art, and subtle floral arrangements repeated throughout the spaces were my favorites. I also noted stellar lighting and several probably vintage pieces. All of these details allow a neutral, traditional space to feel comfortable and inviting to me. I would not say “no” to that enormity of a range; I’m dreaming of the crowds I could host! Of course, I’m in awe of that pantry although mine would be styled with peanut butter, flour, and lentils. Still. As for the mirrored backsplash, I like the look of it in photos. Not certain I want to watch myself consider my life choices while doing the dishes. The mirror treatment in the bathroom though is a win for me. I like how it adds utility and light, but allows the millwork to be the show. The brick kitchen, light stone patio and pretty plantings maximize that narrow-ish space; I’ll have to check out the entire tour to find outdoor seating! Thanks for the designer introduction! I’m definitely going to peruse her portfolio for inspiration. You’ve got me excited for more home tours! Have a fantastic Wednesday, Sarah!💜

    1. Me too, Peggi! I knew you’d be into the quirky art since the overall home is more neutral than your personal aesthetic. The vintage lighting was also a standout for me! I’m with you- my pantry could never be that clean or minimalistic. I didn’t notice any outdoor seating, but that would definitely be a must. I hope you have an amazing Wednesday! We’re cleaning up over here at the Tuesday Made office, post sale. Thank you again for so generously helping! xo

  2. I happen to love a neutral space livened up with a little quirky art. It calms my soul. Thanks for a good article and the decorating points you made. Not a fan of the distressed mirror backsplashes but love the mirrors in the bathroom..

    1. Yes!! The art in this home is really fun- I loved that, too. Hope you’re having a great day, Linda!

  3. Good morning! I’ve gotta say, this home tour series is the fresh inspiration I’ve been needing. Lilly Taylor is a new to me designer, and I’m already intrigued and excited to peruse her Instagram page. This home is light, bright, airy and well done. I love the different vignettes she’s created through the main pathway doors in this space. An odd detail to notice, but these smaller vignettes beckon you to come see what’s on the other side- not to mention the gorgeous photography moments. The millwork is classic, cohesive, and adds a depth of detail to all of the rooms. In the kitchen, the balance and symmetry are speaking to me. The antiqued glass backsplash works well here, and I dig the fact that it introduces another neutral color tone, and plays well with the veining of the marble. I am seeing a lot of antique glass showing up in multiple applications lately- mostly in kitchens. I’m noticing it used in two ways: as a smaller detail moment in ample sized kitchens; or as a larger statement in smaller kitchens. The smaller applications seem to be strategically placed in areas that allow light reflection. The larger applications are more statement makers. Both add a layer of visual interest, but I do question under what circumstances will this look make a room appear dated? So far I’ve loved the examples I’ve seen, but I’m still not certain I would use it in my home. Another note on this space is the ample seating, and balance of seating types. The outdoor areas speak to me with the lovely brick tones, cohesive layout, and use of what would otherwise be negative space. All in all this home packs a punch, but in a more simple, subdued, relaxed way than we typically see. It’s gorgeous! Thank you for sharing Sarah! I’m off to get ready for my blood donation, but I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday friends!

    1. I’m enjoying it, too! I’ve been saving quite a few for future tour posts. While super colorful or modern art typically isn’t my personal aesthetic, I love how it’s integrated into this home. It keeps things interesting… and you’re right- the small vignettes definitely pull you in. I’m with you on the antique mirrored backsplash- I enjoy the reflective property, but I’m not sure I would love it for cleanability in my own home. You’re amazing for donating blood today! Thanks you for being your wonderful self, Lauren! Hope you have a great day. xo