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My Wayfair Wishlist - roomfortuesday.comMy family is coming to visit next month and I’m feeling the urge to bust some things out of my “prop closet” in an effort to make the guest rooms feel cozy and welcoming before their arrival. You know how it goes… one thing leads to another- I can’t shut my “design brain” off, and rather than a quick “fluff” or styling session- now I’ve got a wishlist full of items to complete a couple of magazine-worthy bedrooms. Haha! Somebody reel me in. We’re actually in saving mode for some big projects I can’t wait to share, but there are plenty of affordable home items on my Wayfair wishlist that are already on their way to me. Besides… even on the bigger items- I feel a sense of excitement just adding it to my list, even if I’m not ready to purchase. Want to see?

My Wayfair Wishlist - roomfortuesday.comI’m just going to give you a snapshot of everything I’ve saved to my Wayfair lists lately, because there are so many good finds! Now you know what I’ve been doing with my time… I got sucked into the Wayfair rabbit hole (and no- this is NOT sponsored) and have lost hours of my life. Ha! I’m calling it worth it though- I have a lot of fun doing this and dreaming up our home.

My Wayfair Wishlist - roomfortuesday.comFirst up… furniture. We have a whole lotta house to furnish in comparison to our previous home and things kind of feel empty (despite the fact that Crosby grew into a dog from his puppy size)– but that’s part of it. Negative space doesn’t bother me and I don’t like buying just to buy. I prefer to take my time and create each moment in our home vignette by vignette┬á(my pocket book also thanks me for that).

Click directly on the furniture below to shop my wishlist…

Obviously I love every single piece of furniture pictured above because it is MY wishlist. I think the first thing I’ll buy is #3 for a cozy window nook in one of the bedrooms. The armless sofa will run wall-to-wall and will provide a comfy seating space- or even a sleeping area for our nieces & nephews when they come to visit. It’s about the size of a twin bed with the cushions removed. Next, maybe a bench, media console, or chairs? Haha! It’s a toss up.

I mainly want to jazz up our house because one of my family visitors is a special one… my grandmother is tagging along and this is the first time she has visited us in Utah! They’re flying in from Kentucky, so it’s a big trip. She’s the creative person in my family and we’re a lot alike. She loves following along on the computer (and snail mail photos I send to her), but I want her to experience an inviting space in person. Obviously she loves me either way (whether my house is semi put-together or not), but I want to make this trip special for her. She has already requested antique shopping (YAY). Apparently the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. My mother, however, is probably going to murder the both of us because she’s not super into that. Haha!

My Wayfair Wishlist - roomfortuesday.comNext up… lighting! We have a million boob lights to eventually swap out in our new house. Obviously I’m exaggerating, but there are A LOT of bad, builder fixtures I’m itching to get rid of sooner rather than later. Remember our pretty hallway? Those lights were super duper affordable!

My Wayfair Wishlist - roomfortuesday.comClick directly on the light fixtures below to shop by wishlist…

Yikes, there are SO many I want… basically all of them. Again-my list. Do you feel like you’re in my brain? Honestly, the pricing on most of these is really phenomenal. You can shop via the slider below and hover for the pricing, if you’d like…

My Wayfair Wishlist - roomfortuesday.comI’ll be sure to share my little “mini makeover” with my new goods once everything arrives. Obviously we’ll be renovating every single room, but in the meantime- I guess I’m going to bite the bullet and style out a guest room or two (just a little). I know I said I was against putting in all that work only to redo or update things, but I’m doing it for g-ma…. and only in one or two rooms! The guest bath should also be finished by the time they arrive (although we’re sort of behind). Here’s to hoping the upstairs will look much better next month!

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  1. Oooooh, fun! The cantilever and cane chairs are no surprise, but some of those other shapes seem exciting and new (#2, 7 and 13). Boob lights: A Scourge…a chapter in every homeowner’s biography. Speaking of Wayfair, do you have search tips? That site seems to overwhelm me, and you seem to have found some amazing, quality items. Please tell me you will be featuring your grandma antiquing adventures in Stories!!

    1. Ha! You know me too well with the cantilever chairs. I thought that would be a nice modern touch in my new office. When searching Wayfair, you really have to dig- I’ve found that their filter system is pretty good though. I’ll sort by brand, price, size, color, material, etc. Sometimes I’ll also set the search price high to low to weed out the super cheap / poor quality / bad stuff. It can definitely be overwhelming, but the thing I like about it… they carry designer lines and I’ve found their prices to be the lowest.

      I will most definitely share our antiquing on stories if g-ma will allow! I’m not sure how she’ll feel about being on camera. lol! xo

  2. GREAT question from Peggi – I’d love to hear search tips for sites like Wayfair, Overstock, Hayneedle, etc. I never shop them because I feel they’re all selling the same stuff (which maybe they are but….), and the styles seem to be so similar, and frankly generic. I’m pleasantly surprised with the items you found above!

    1. I honestly don’t shop Overstock or Hayneedle because I feel like their search and filter tool isn’t as easy- it’s definitely overwhelming on all 3 sites though! Check out my response to Peggi below for some tips :)

      I feel like the “generic” and cheap look comes from the lower end items they all carry. Wayfair actually carries a bunch of designer lines that I love- you just have to do some digging. Honestly, I buy more from Wayfair than any other home decor retailer. It’s really a goldmine if you have time to hunt.

  3. can you tell me where the ceiling medallion in the last pic is from? i have been looking for one with a larger opening like that!

  4. What height are your ceilings? I have 8′ in most of my home and I’m loving the flush mount and semi flush mount lights you posted. I have a hard time finding really stylish (but affordable) lights for the rooms with lower ceilings.

    I can’t wait to see all of your spaces!

  5. I have # 3 and #13 on the lighting list and love them both!!

    1. So good to know about #3- I’m about to get a couple of those…. and we had #13 in black in our previous bathroom :) Thanks Jamie! xo

  6. I swear I’m in love with every single item on your Wishlist! I always find myself dreaming of pieces on Wayfair, I need it all! Your photography is stunning as always x

    Shannon |

    1. Ha! I feel the same way… I want it all, and thank you so much about the photography compliment- I really really enjoying shooting. I’m happy it shows. Appreciate that so much :)

  7. Wenda Scott says:

    I hope you will post where you go antique shopping with your Grandmother and also what you find. I live in Salt Lake and would love to know. I seem to always be disappointed when I look. Also, would love to see your and Emmett’s favorite renovations. I enjoy your blog very much. Best Regards, Wenda

  8. Excellent use of negative space, Sarah! I love the wishlist! Plus, what a stunning collection of lights! I’m sure they will have a great time! Keep inspiring us with the good stuff!

  9. Love Your choices! Thanks for such a great post as always. I’m always surprised when people mention something they purchased from Wayfair. When I start looking I never seemed to find the great stuff. Now I know I’ll have to dig a bit deeper! And the quality must be good as you purchase a lot from them and it looks fantastic! Also, I guess we all get more projects done when we have guest coming or a holiday party to throw. I know I do! Enjoy your Family!

    1. So glad you liked this one Kelly! I find the best stuff on Wayfair… you just have sort and use their filter tool to weed out all of the bad :) Thanks so much! xox

  10. I also LOVE Wayfair! I have purchased some pieces that i really love over the last year. I am currently on the hunt for a chair, and have my heart set on one that is similar to something you posted. Have you heard of Structube? I just recenlty used a really great chair from there for a client decorating project and wanted to share it with you. It’s sooooo good and really affordable for a leather chair!
    Can’t wait to see your Wayfair reveal!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing Kerri! Wow- that one looks almost identical and the price is amazing. I love discovering new resources :) xo

  11. I just added three of those lights to my wish list! Great selections, I love your style.

    1. So happy to hear that. Thank you Megan! xox

  12. Hello – Thank you so much for always taking the time to compile these roundups and wish lists. They are beautifully curated and such a time saver. Thank you!

    Would you mind sharing where the white glass globe with chain pendant is from in the last photo? The one with the medallion?