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A Day In The Life Of - Thrifting - roomfortuesday.comYou guys said you’d like to see some “A Day in the Life Of” posts, so I figured I’d start bringing you along from time-to-time and begin a new monthly series. How does that sound? Here’s to hoping I’m interesting enough to make this into a series. Haha! To kick things off, I went thrifting and antique shopping after my dentist appointment on Tuesday and wanted to share how the day unfolded, my finds, and the things that (sadly) got away. Click through to read all about it and see my new treasures!

Since these posts are really raw, I’m just going to use my phone to record happenings and adventures for this series. Hopefully you can look past the image quality since I’m shooting in real time! Here we go…

A Day In The Life Of - Thrifting - roomfortuesday.comMy day started at The Dental Spa… yes, my dentist office is also a spa. It’s a genius idea and I LOVE going for my bi-annual teeth cleaning (would highly recommend). I think of “dentist day” as a day to treat myself. While I’m getting my teeth cleaned, I also get a hand and arm massage, followed by a facial. You know… following an unpleasant experience with a pleasant one. Long story short- my morning started with a dentist appointment, spa services, and then I made my way to four(!) of my favorite thrift stores before heading back to the office. You want to know a fun dental-related fact? The most frequently asked question I get on Instagram has nothing to do with my home, renovation, or interiors. Ironically- it’s about my teeth, which is kind of weird. I have never had them whitened and I’ve never had a cavity, which I think is pure luck… so for those also wanting to ask “the teeth” question, there ya go.

A Day In The Life Of - Thrifting - roomfortuesday.comI started my thrifting journey at the prettiest of places I frequently swing by, but it’s also the most expensive. Depending on who is working and the day (the grandpa or the grandson, you’ll get a better deal). I found myself attracted to rugs, a few pieces of furniture (like those amazing chartreuse leather dining chairs pictured above), but mostly artwork.

A Day In The Life Of - Thrifting - roomfortuesday.comThere were so many cool portraits! The lady above grabbed my attention and the man below gave me a Mr. Rogers vibe, despite the lack of sweater.

A Day In The Life Of - Thrifting - roomfortuesday.com You guys know I have an appreciation for nude artwork. Perhaps it’s due to my classical art studies and time spent living in Italy, but there’s something about them I just find very beautiful.

A Day In The Life Of - Thrifting - roomfortuesday.comI didn’t love the one on the floor leaning against the table, but I did like the tiny one with the blue background above. I scored these ladies (below) a few months ago at the same place. I’ll definitely use that exact green color palette for a room in our house eventually. It’s perfection!

A Day In The Life Of - Thrifting - roomfortuesday.comBefore leaving this stop, there was one piece of art that “got away”. I left without it and shouldn’t have! This local Utah landscape had me smitten. I walked back and forth in front of it for no less than 30 minutes. The colors, the painterly brush work… it just spoke to me.

A Day In The Life Of - Thrifting - roomfortuesday.com

At the next store, I found a bunch of vintage rugs, windows, doors, and all sorts of other things.

A Day In The Life Of - Thrifting - roomfortuesday.comI considered getting this cute little alabaster lidded vessel for the guest bathroom, but ultimately decided against it. I wanted to spend my money elsewhere!

A Day In The Life Of - Thrifting - roomfortuesday.comAt the next stop, I found some fun tchotchkes. I almost bought this salt and pepper set for $12. Aren’t they beautiful? We already have a pair of wood shakers though, so I figured I didn’t really need them. They were just a really good size and were in perfect vintage condition. It was hard to walk away from them.

A Day In The Life Of - Thrifting - roomfortuesday.comNext I stumbled across more artwork. This was a pretty modern piece! Again… I probably just liked the green color palette. It was much larger in person than it looks in the photo- a great deal for $300… framed and ready to hang!

A Day In The Life Of - Thrifting - roomfortuesday.comThere was plenty of pretty china and glassware to be found! I’m really loving classic, blue chinoiserie these days. I told you- I’m going more traditional in this house and I’m very excited about it!

A Day In The Life Of - Thrifting - roomfortuesday.comI ended the day at stop number four and bought a couple things before heading home. Four was A LOT to do over a couple hour time period. I was moving really fast. I usually take my time so I don’t miss anything good, but I actually had a lot of work to get done and only devoted 2 hours for shopping. Sometimes that’s how it goes.

A Day In The Life Of - Thrifting - roomfortuesday.comReady to see what I came home with? Here are the things I ended up buying…

A Day In The Life Of - Thrifting - roomfortuesday.comThis mirror!!! I have no words. I spotted it high on the wall, I climbed for it (which wasn’t pretty), it was a little more than I would’ve liked to pay, I left it behind, then I came back for it. It was worth the trouble! It’s stunning in person.

A Day In The Life Of - Thrifting - roomfortuesday.comThis chair. I just can’t say no to a cane back, brass casters, and beautiful wood. I also have a bunch of black fabric I didn’t end up using to upholster a vanity stool, so I needed a project like this. For $20, I’m calling that a great deal! Look for a reupholstery DIY soon.

A Day In The Life Of - Thrifting - roomfortuesday.comThis weird bust. I like it!! It’s giant and really heavy. I’m going to channel my inner Josh Young and sprinkle sculptural art throughout our new house. I think this guy (or gal) will be really cool if styled correctly. Emmett is not convinced yet, but this dude was only $10 so I went with my gut instinct and got him.

A Day In The Life Of - Thrifting - roomfortuesday.comLastly, I got this marble Italian pedestal tray with cute little brass feet. I thought it would be cool on a bathroom vanity for grouping products or toiletries. I love an elevated surface or tray to corral things. Once I flipped it over and noticed the “Product of Italy” stamp, I was sold. For $10- that’s a major win!

Was this a typical day? Ehh, not really. Most days I’m trapped in my office behind a computer screen, but I feel lucky that I’m my own boss and have the flexibility to schedule dentist appointments on weekdays that are followed by a little thrifting fun before getting real work completed. Hopefully you enjoyed this post, despite the not-so-amazing imagery. Next time, I’ll be sure to put myself in a couple images… after all- the series is called “A Day in the Life Of”, I just figured nobody wanted (or needed) to see my tomato face post dentist facial. Haha! I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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  1. First of all, a dentist spa is genius. Genius. Second, those are thrift stores?! I am weeping with envy. One of my absolute favorite activities is a day spent combing through junk/thrift/antique shops. I like mine kind of packed and chaotic…like a dusty safari. I love your finds. The chunkiness of the chair is great, and I have oddly been thinking about busts lately. (OK, I rewrote that last phrase 4 times and just decided to go with it. 😀) Super fun post! Makes me want to visit SLC.

    1. I know… I wish that was my idea! It’s amazing. You get your teeth cleaned while getting a hand & arm massage, AND you can also add on other spa services. It definitely makes the dentist an experience I actually look forward to now. Come visit Salt Lake!! I’ll show you around. You described one of the places I frequent EXACTLY- a dusty safari. I never knew how to describe it- but you hit the nail on the head. I’m also laughing about “thinking about busts” HA! xo

  2. Oh wow, all these stores are amazing. So much to see and such pretty things.

    1. Definitely! It’s overwhelming in a good way :)

  3. I am so jealous…..bring me with you next time! This was a super fun post. My fave score is that mirror – to die for!

    1. I wish!! I have so much fun scoring vintage furniture and decor. So happy you liked the post! My favorite from the haul is also the mirror- it’s stunning.

  4. In. Love. with the mirror! I also now wish I had a dentist spa to go to – sounds fabulous.

    1. Me too!! The mirror is my favorite find from the day. It’s funny- I started going to a “dental spa” while living in Ohio, then we moved to Utah and I was bummed to go back to a regular dentist… soooo after LOTS of googling, I found an even better option here in Salt Lake. You never know- maybe there is something similar nearby in your city :)

  5. That mirror is gorgeous! This is such a fun post! As a Utah local, I would love to know which thrift stores these are.

    1. Thanks Anne! Really glad you liked it… for this trip I visited: the old flamingo, capital city antiques, haight & asbury home, and euro treasures. Happy shopping! xo

      1. Thank you so much for sharing these stores! I am in PC and have been desperately searching for more unitque artwork and will definitely be hitting up these places!

        1. Of course!! Make a trip to Salt Lake for an antique / thrifting day :) Although, PC has really great estate sales… keep an eye out for those! xo

  6. Hmmm…wondering how big that bunched rug was. Looks to be in perfect condition, and love the colors. Great places! It sure would be hard to pace yourself and keep to a budget.

    1. That rug was BIG- 9×12, I think? I was also drawn to the color palette. It was out of my budget or I would’ve brought it home.

      1. Just curious, how much was it?? 😍

        1. I honestly can’t remember- it was over $2,000.

  7. Great finds! Now I am stuck at the office wishing I was thrift shopping. Can’t wait to see more of these posts.

    1. Haha!! I’m excited to share more in this series- I think it will be fun :)

  8. First of all… love that you mentioned your teeth because I’m not going to lie I have always thought your teeth were extremely white. LOL. Secondly, I loved this post. I enjoy thrifting but have not found any great places where I currently live so I am extremely jealous!

    1. Haha!! Thank you. Everyone asks what whitener I use and I always say “regular cheap colgate toothpaste?” I think I just got lucky with my teeth. I did have some gnarly braces as a kid though. lol! Utah has some unique thrifting and antique shops, but I still feel after moving from Ohio- that’s the goldmine state for things like that.

  9. You found some great treasures! Thanks for taking us along!

    1. I hope it was fun! I’m looking forward to more of these posts.

  10. THANK YOUUUU for this post! I seriously always go thrifting but it’s so hard to imagine things outside of the gross stores haha if you know what I mean. This was very interesting, Please do more of these! And I can’t wait for the upholstery post!!!!

    1. So happy you liked this one and thought it was interesting Katie! Sometimes it is hard to imagine something gross or dusty in your home. I usually try to envision the potential. I’m working on the upholstery post for next week :)

  11. Jennifer S. says:

    Love this and the photos are just great! I love real life stuff and thrifting too! Looking forward to this series!

    1. Thanks Jennifer! I’m also looking forward to sharing this series :) xo