My Picks from the Studio McGee x Target Collection

My Picks from the Studio McGee x Target Collection - roomfortuesday.comI hope everyone is having a relaxing holiday break! My surgery forced me to slow down this past week and I have to say- it has been really lovely to just rest. While things came back inconclusive, everything went as planned and I’m already feeling back to myself post op. Today’s blog post is a quick one, because I’m still enjoying that slower pace and holiday vacation mentality (cheers to that)! Contrary to my original plan, I’ll be sharing my kitchen shelf makeover after the new year, once the holidays are behind us… because I really want to elaborate on those. Today, I thought I’d quickly share my top picks from the latest Studio McGee x Target collection, if you’re into that. It launched today and always sells out so quickly, and you know I enjoy mixing both high & low furniture and decor. There are some beautiful budget pieces in this one! Click though to see my selections…

*all images styled & photographed from studio mcgee x target…

My Picks from the Studio McGee x Target Collection - roomfortuesday.comDid anyone receive a Target gift card for Christmas? This would be a great use for it! I’m actually pretty impressed with this new collection… specifically the textiles and woven goods. Scroll for my picks below…

My Picks from the Studio McGee x Target Collection -

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I snagged the woven mirror, quilt, and ottoman for myself- I’m thinking for our guest room. I’ve yet to see anything in person because I haven’t been to Target lately, but based on how everything looks online- there are plenty of great things to be found.

My Picks from the Studio McGee x Target Collection - roomfortuesday.comAs we head into 2023, I’m enjoying refreshing textiles & accessories this time of year… fresh, small, and affordable updates really go a long way in making our home feel cozy & new again, post holiday.

My Picks from the Studio McGee x Target Collection - roomfortuesday.comHere’s to more relaxing ahead! In addition to that, Emmett & I have actually been crossing some house projects & tasks off our list. Remember the guest bedroom I failed to get going on? It’s finally in the works and I can’t wait to share my progress with you. Emmett has been working hard on the entryway, and we’ve also been doing a healthy amount of lounging & eating all the delicious foods before we get back to reality and our regular routine. I hope you’ve been doing a lot of the same!

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  1. Good morning! You’re back at it so fast! I am pleased to hear that surgery provided some relief…if not definitive answers. I chuckled to see you painting, but now you’ve got my interest piqued with that color! As a certified malingerer, I’ve been logging the required couch time, in addition to family dog park visits and a couple of icy walks. Since I actually did some seasonal decorating this year, I’m not ready yet to see it go! I’m thinking we’ll enjoy it at least until the end of January. Ha. Plus, I need time to ponder my next “look.” This styling business is like a full time job, Sarah! 😉 As for the Studio McGee line, I spy some lovely neutral pieces. That woven waterfall console table is about to be seen everywhere, I predict! I’m also attracted to the marble object and the ottomans. Which one did you get for the guest room? The velvet or the iron? I actually like them both. Perhaps I’ll start channelling some Gibson energy and tackle a few little lingering house projects…or maybe I’ll bake some cinnamon rolls and call it a day! Lol. Either way, happiest of Mondays to you!💜

    1. It wasn’t my plan, but I snuck back online for a couple days, hah! I got bored lounging in bed post surgery there for a bit. We did a lot of the same… time outside, dog walks, playing in the snow, eating good food (your vegan recs are spot on!! thank you!), and lounging. I’m keeping my holiday decor up, too. I’m not ready to see it go yet. I haven’t undone a single thing, but I’m for sure going to leave our trees an twinkle lights. We have a foot of snow on the ground still, and I’ll take all the cheer & charm I can get. I ended up with the quilt, woven mirror, and iron ottoman for the guest room. I think I’m going to make some medications to them to enhance the quality a bit. They arrived and were a little lackluster, but you can’t beat the price. You’re making me want some cinnamon rolls now- even after having my fair share during the holidays. Lol! Happy New Year!! xo

  2. I’m astonished to see you’re back at it so soon! Im happy that you’re feeling more like yourself, and it’s a good sign for recovery that you’re feeling up to tackling a few projects. I saw you painting and almost spit out my coffee yesterday, haha. I’m sorry to hear that no definitive answers came from surgery, that’s slightly frustrating I’m sure. The Studio McGee collections are always fun to browse but after the first few launches I stopped trying to snag anything- it goes before it hits the website in my area. I adore the woven waterfall table and the olive colored ottoman. The quilt is equally gorgeous- I actually just bought a quilt from Target that has a similar print with some green and navy dispersed throughout. We’ve had the best time relaxing and enjoying the holiday, but also tackling pesky projects. I finally finished the last wall and a half of painting in the kitchen, and the last wall in the bathroom. The bathroom wall was supposed to wait for us to tear out the existing medicine cabinet but I couldn’t stand looking at the butter yellow any longer. I’ll be crossing off a few more pesky tasks that are on the list, but ultimately enjoying time relaxing while Jeff is off. Anxious to see how that color turned out in the guest room Sarah! Cheers to your health and feeling energetic! Have a fantastic day!

    1. I couldn’t stay away for long, ha! It always takes me a bit to check out… then when I finally do, it seems like vacation is over. Anyone else? Just me? Lol! I could not sit still. I had a few days post surgery of lounging in bed and was SO over it. Emmett was cracking up that I drove myself to Sherwin-Williams for paint. I am who I am. Haha! I ended up with the quilt, mirror, and ottoman. The quality on the mirror and ottoman aren’t incredible, but I think I’ll still keep them, make a few modifications, and make them work (especially for the price). I LOVE hearing that you had the best holiday with your fam. Way to go on finishing your painting, too. Awesome work! I hope your week and year are off to a stellar start! xo

  3. Are back at project work so soon Sarah 🙈 I’m glad to hear your feeling better and your recovery has been so speedy. That’s wonderful 👍 I should get back to painting the kitchen cabinets but I’m as motivated as a bear in hibernation. Ha! Our Christmas Day got derailed yesterday when our daughter woke up with Covid. Bummer! Christmas to be continued…..once she’s better.
    The Studio McGee target spring collection released today, uhm a bit bland for spring I think but I do like the woven mirror and console table. I’d like to see more pattern, color and something more fun.
    Good luck on your guest room project, I’m sure it’s going to be stunning as always. Cheers to feeling better and an awesome year ahead 🥂

    1. I’m so sorry to hear about your Christmas, Colleen! I’m just getting back to my computer today and am catching up on comments. Such a bummer! I’m sorry to hear about your daughter. I hope she’s feeling back to 100 now. I’ve heard it’s going around- along with the flu, RSV, and other fun things. Ugh. I missed their spring collection- I’ll have to go check it out. Our Tuesday Made spring goodies are still a couple months out, but I’m excited to see some colorful picks and pattern in the months ahead. We’re very much still in winter mode over here and will be for awhile. We’ve still got a foot of snow on the ground at my house. I love it though! I hope your week and year is off to an amazing start! xox

  4. Happy New Year! I can relate to feeling frumpy, discombobulated and behind on work after illness. Get the rest you need and take care. The projects and people (us!) are not going anywhere.

    1. Happy New Year, Mary! I’m so sorry you can relate. 2022 was certainly a frustrating year, but I’m feeling optimistic about 2023. Here’s to hopefully finding answers and feeling better. Thank you so much!

  5. Melanie T says:

    I popped into Target today and saw the bedding and the print is really lovely. I love the shams in white with black linear trim but I’m not sure that is in the collection? The sherpa ottoman is already sold out online and I didn’t see it at my Target. Eager to see your bedroom project when complete. Love the earthy looking neutral wall color. Darn those elusive non conclusive tests! Anyway glad you are feeling better after some relaxation.

    1. I ended up with the quilt, Melanie! I think I’ll style it in one of our guests rooms, but there were some really lovely things I found online, that never showed up in my local Target (or if they did- I missed them). I can’t wait to share the bedroom project soon! Thanks for your kind words. I hope you had a wonderful holiday break and your year is off to a good start. xo