Laundry Cheat Sheets + Stain Remover Guide

My Must-Have Laundry Items + Stain Remover Guide - roomfortuesday.comA couple days ago, I shared two laundry rooms I built using only Amazon products… well, now I’m sharing my must-have items for any laundry room on the Interior Collective today. Maybe it’s the fact that my kitchen and laundry room are in shambles right now as we’re renovating, or maybe it’s the organization and fresh mindset that come with a new year- but I’m craving a clean, organized, and happy laundry space. Soon enough, folks! For those of you that are lucky enough to have a designated or existing laundry area, click through for a peek at my downloadable laundry cheat sheets (anyone else never know how to get specific stains out?). You can find my must-have items and the full post on the Interior Collective. 

I used to be notorious for ruining clothing. I’d try to remove a stain and bleach the fabric, or guess what the symbol on the label meant and end up washing a garment on the wrong cycle. I like to keep these cheat sheets on my phone for easy reference!

My Must-Have Laundry Items + Stain Remover Guide -

My Must-Have Laundry Items + Stain Remover Guide - roomfortuesday.comThe stain removal guide has probably been the most handy! We spilled red wine on our white sofa not too long ago, and it came right out. There have been multiple times where I’ve referenced this little guide, and I hope it will come in useful for you too!

My Must-Have Laundry Items + Stain Remover Guide - roomfortuesday.comI never know whether to use hot or cold water, or which products will help lift certain stains, so keeping this close by is convenient (and faster than a frantic google search).

Be sure to click over to the Interior Collective for the entire post, and to see my coveted laundry items (detergent, hangers, dryer balls, etc).

images: haefele design / crisp architects

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  1. Thanks Sarah – so useful! I’ve bookmarked this for future reference.

    1. So happy you found it helpful, Karen!