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New Bath Towels - roomfortuesday.comI’m a details person. There’s something about the little luxuries that put a smile on my face and really finish off a room. Today, I’m chatting about my new bath towels! I have to say, as much as I love turkish towels, they’re on their way to becoming the subway tile of Pinterest. Sometimes too much of a good thing gets boring. Will I always love them? Yes because they’re classic and timeless (despite the trend), but in the meantime, I tested a beautiful towel from a different region and it has me smitten. Has anyone heard of Uchino air waffle towels? If you haven’t, you’re in for a treat… I’m pledging my love for our new Japanese bath linens! Click through for the details.

New Bath Towels - roomfortuesday.comThe new year has barely started and I’m already craving fresh updates. There’s something about swapping new bath products- like shampoo, body wash, soap, and even linens to make a space feel new again.

New Bath Towels - roomfortuesday.comI’ve also been craving more texture in the bathroom. Initially I was set on finding waffle weave curtains to frame the shower during the One Room Challenge, but landed on a cotton linen blend instead. I needed so much fabric, I was afraid the large amount of texture would compete with the hex floor tile… especially being a focal point that frames the window / shower. That’s why I was SO excited to make a small change, swap the towels, and add the texture I’ve been missing.

New Bath Towels - roomfortuesday.comI committed and kickstarted my hunt for the perfect bath linens. Having only one small bathroom, I’m fine with investing in products that make it feel more spa-like, but I did have some stipulations. I wanted the towels to have the following qualities: super soft, absorbent, on the smaller side (I have zero room for bulky towels), and easy to care for.

New Bath Towels - roomfortuesday.comI landed on Uchino air waffle towels. They’re soft cotton woven from a patented spun yarn that has air trapped inside. Basically, that means they’re super duper plush, lightweight, they dry quickly, and they’re ultra-absorbent… pretty much everything I was looking for.

New Bath Towels - roomfortuesday.comI know better than to introduce something new into the house without vetting it first. Everything has to pass my inspection before I let Emmett test it.

New Bath Towels - roomfortuesday.comI hopped out of the shower (TMI?) and was eager to dry off. The towels were as soft and spa-like as I had hoped. Not to mention, they dried really quickly. My pet peeve is damp towels hanging in the bathroom for hours on end, gross.

New Bath Towels - roomfortuesday.comAfter my approval, our new bath linens had one more test to pass… the husband. He’s the biggest critic. Unlike me, he doesn’t care how great something looks- if it’s not functional, too bad so sad- it has to go. He exited the bathroom after showering and I not-so-patiently waited for his opinion. I didn’t tell him about the towels or anything- I just swapped his old one. I didn’t have to wait long before he bursted out while walking down the hallway Q-tipping his ears (again, TMI?), “whatever those new towels are, they are SO soft… I dried off so fast”. WIN! Obviously, I got to keep the towels.

New Bath Towels -

New Bath Towels - roomfortuesday.comIf I love something enough I’ll share it with you guys (but it has to be worthy). It just so happens, these babies are on sale right now at Bloomingdales if you want to give them a try, too. Emmett and I have both been using them since the new year and I they feel like they’re a little reward for keeping up with my resolutions and a healthier lifestyle. There’s nothing better than finishing a workout, hopping in the shower, using my new toiletries, then grabbing for a spa towel when I’m finished. I’m working on carving out some “me time” and right now that’s as good as it gets.

New Bath Towels - roomfortuesday.comSince they’re so lightweight, I even rolled a couple and shoved them into the small baskets under our vanity, clearing out valuable space in our hallway linen closet. When you live in a small house, compact items are so valuable!

New Bath Towels - roomfortuesday.comBut back to the relaxation / spa conversation…. if I’m really lucky and wrap up work early, I’ll make time for a bath. Who else likes to drop a bath bomb, read a good book, light a candle, and chill out at the end of a long day?

New Bath Towels - roomfortuesday.comWhat other little luxuries do you guys enjoy? Self care is one of my big resolutions this year, as I totally neglected my mind and body last year. I’m already feeling more pampered.  Do you all appreciate the little details, too? I’m guessing yes!

For more of our bathroom, check out the reveal here…. you can also go wayyyyy back and see the before images and procress.

*This post is brought to you in collaboration with Uchino. All content, ideas, and words are my own. Thank you for supporting the sponsors that allow me to create unique content while featuring products I actually use on a daily basis! 

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  1. A couple things: 1. I found your blog last week and have been obsessed. Literally looked through a ton of your old posts – I love your style and snagged one of the vintage rugs you recommended! So thank you :) 2. Have you ever tried parachute’s waffle towels? I love the look of the towel you’re recommending but it’s hard for me to swallow $100 (full price) on a towel! Parachute’s price range is a little lower but wasn’t sure how the quality compared.

    1. Thank you, Mary! So happy you’re here. I haven’t tried the Parachute towels… in fact, I didn’t even know they made towels. I thought it was bedding only, so that was news to me. Ha! Thanks for the tip- I’ll check them out! xox

  2. I am in love with the vanity in your bathroom. Would you mind sharing where you got it and what it is?

  3. Thank you for sharing this blog. Really helpful. Keep it up!

  4. Marc Leblanc says:

    I love my Uchino towels. I have a set of 8. They are by far my most favorite.

    1. They’re so soft! We still love ours :)

    2. Hello where are your towels made?In Japan?