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Cactus PlantersIt’s been awhile since we’ve posted a local favorite… and I wanted to feature one last Ohio favorite before I explore a new state. This place is a MUST for my fellow plant lovers. Once you scroll through these images, you’ll totally know why. It’s full of bohemian charm and has the best planters, vases, and houseplants (obviously). Allow me to introduce Jewelweed, located in Columbus… Leather Hanging Planter

Mini Cactus GiftsFor being located in the midwest, it has a southwestern sort of vibe. I think it’s the bright white color palette with burnt orange terra cotta planters sprinkled throughout. Sarah, the shop owner, is the sweetest! I had a nice long chat with her about my concern with moving my plants. They will have to survive a 3(!) day trip in a moving truck and I’m more than a little worried about their survival. She offered tons of fantastic suggestions that I never would’ve thought of.

Terra Cotta Planters

CactusI reallllly wanted a giant cactus and this one was my favorite from the bunch. The white textured modern planter is absolute perfection, but logistically- I’m already concerned about moving my houseplants, so I had to leave this guy behind.

Local Love Plant Store

Succulents and Wild FlowersDisplaying local art is a new addition to the shop, which is switched out periodically. They even have fun gallery events when the display goes live. The selection was really spectacular when I visited! You guys know how I feel about art

Mini PlantersThere are plants of every size, shape, and price… I truly wanted one of everything because they’re so well done.

Air Plants

Hanging Wall PlantersIt’s really a dreamy place… sort of like a candy shop for botanists and plant lovers. I loved discovering new types of plants and shopping unique planters and vases that can’t be found elsewhere.

Palm LeafFor more of my own plant posts, click here. Plants and gardening is definitely a big hobby of mine, and I enjoy sharing recent projects!

Geometric Succulent Arrangement


Local Love JewelweedGo check it out and let me know what you come home with! I’ll be living vicariously through everyone else’s plant purchases until I’m settled into my new home.

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    1. It’s super cool! Your art belongs in there. xo

  1. Omg if and when i visit Columbus this is my #1 stop! I LOVE plants and they have some really nice and unique planters!! now, to get them back to Texas might be more of a challenge than deciding which one to take home! :)

    1. You would LOVE this place! I’m worried about moving my plants from Ohio to Utah during our move later this month- so I’ll keep ya posted. Ha! xo