Microblading & Perfect Brows

MakeupIf you follow along on snapchat (@sar.gibs), you probably witnessed me undergoing a new popular brow procedure. For those of you who haven’t heard of it- mircoblading is essentially permanent brows… BUT not the kind that first comes to mind. You know what I’m talking about, the obvious, blue hued tattooed cosmetics of the past. This is definitely not it and the process isn’t at all similar. I have to share the results because my brows have never looked so perfect in my entire life. It’s sort of crazy (and amazing) to roll out of bed and not have to worry about using my coveted brow pencil! It’s really not as scary as it seems and I’m ridiculously happy with the outcome. Here’s everything you need to know about microblading and the trick to obtaining perfect brows. Get ready for a creepy post filled with images of my eyes… and more importantly- brows. 

One of my close friends, Beth, recently went through the training and certification process to become a microblading expert. Lucky for me, she’s the only person I trust with my brows…. which is why I decided to commit to this particular procedure. You guys already know I’m a brow pencil devotee and prefer my brows to look full and structured. Remember this post? Anyway, penciling my brows is a step I take everyday, whether it’s a “makeup day” or not. I’ve always been self conscious about my dark blonde, thin brows. Much like my fine hair, my barely there brows are anything but thick. Here’s an image to give you an idea of what I naturally look like- sans makeup…

Microblading BeforeSee what I mean? They’re sparse. This is literally what I look like after rolling out of bed or working out. Headband on, totally naked face.

Going into my first session, I was a little nervous about the pain… because I’ve have a “real” tattoo and I definitely remember how that felt. I thought that same sensation would translate to my face, except worse. I was wayyy wrong! Immediately after being taken back to the room, Beth carefully numbed my brows allowing them to fully lose sensation (thank goodness!). During the waiting period, she spend over 30 minutes sketching my new brow shape onto my face with a pencil. Being friends, I know she’s a perfectionist… but I was pretty shocked when she busted out a ruler and actually measured my facial dimensions and proportions. Once we were both pleased with the shape and I was completely numb it was time to get started.

brow-outlinesShe mixed up a customized pigment that complimented my hair and skin tone, followed by a test mark behind my ear. Unlike traditional tattooing, microblading is done with a medical grade scalpel or knife. It’s not a tattoo gun at all. The tool is dipped into the ink prior to each mark or hairline. To my surprise, the actual process didn’t really hurt at all. I could feel a little pressure, as well as hear a scratching sound… but other than that, I was pretty relaxed. We chatted about our normal topics and before I knew it, session one was complete! When she handed me the mirror, I seriously couldn’t believe it. I had brows!! Totally natural looking brows. This photo was taken immediately after (hints the redness)

Microblading Session OnePretty insane, right?! Do you ever walk past a mirror after having made a drastic hair change and think, “whoa!”… sort of surprising yourself? That was definitely me after the brow procedure. After a week or two, the color will fade by over 50%, so don’t grow too attached the bold look just yet! Beth sent me home with post care instructions that I perfectly followed. Depending on your skin tone and complexion, microblading typically takes 2 – 3 sessions.  I met back up with her 30 days later for my second session and noticed the healing process was much different the second time around. They didn’t fade nearly as much and looked even more perfect than I could’ve imagined. Here’s what they look like today- now that they’re completely finished. I did put a little tinted moisturizer on for the photo… plus, I had Beth tint my lashes (also worth it!).

Microbladed BrowsI love that her style is perfectly imperfect. I asked for a few little stray hairs here and there because I prefer the “model off duty” look. Ha! It just feels more natural and organic to me. Lastly, here’s what my brows look like when I actually wear eye makeup, although now there’s no need for brow pencil!

Microblading 101I’m all about simple beauty steps that enhance your natural beauty. If something is bothering you and there is an easy remedy, I would say go for it! For me, my brows always made me feel so self conscious. I wouldn’t go without brow pencil because I felt embarrassed. I know that’s stupid and says something about low self esteem, but for me- microblading has given me more confidence to run errands without makeup and enjoy summer being carefree and natural. Without a dot of makeup.

For more information on the process, click here. No this is not a sponsored post, I just wanted to share my experience since it’s been such a good one. I know a few readers commented and have also opted for microbladed brows. If you’re local, obviously I highly recommend! I will say… since we’re close friends, I did create Beth’s website and branding. Check it out! What do you guys think, would you go for it?

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  1. Fantastic results, Sarah. You look wonderful with your new, totally natural brows. I’m envious. Now all we have to do is clone your friend so that everyone can achieve the same results. Cheers, Ardith

    1. Thanks so much, Ardith! Ha! Yes, she’s so amazingly talented. I’m guessing your brows are beautiful too- with or without microblading. xo

  2. Whoa! what a difference! i have light brows as well and have been paying to have them dyed! i might need to give this a try! Your brows look amazing!! thanks for sharing!

    1. It really made a huge difference- thanks, Allison! I’ve had mined tinted before, but I’m much happier with the microblading. Good luck in whichever you decide! xo

  3. Chinye Onwamaka says:

    This is lovely!! I also tried it.
    Thanks for sharing.
    XoXo Sarah :-)