Kentucky Derby Inspired Home & Hosting Finds

Kentucky Derby & Equestrian Inspired Home Finds - roomfortuesday.comHappy Friday and cheers to the Derby weekend ahead! It’s no secret I’m a horse person. If you’ve been hanging around here long enough, you’ve probably seen plenty of horse decor, artwork, and trinkets displayed throughout my home. I love horses… always have, always will! Emmett & I both grew up riding and it’s always nice to go back home for a visit to the family farm- even if just to hop on a horse for the day. Coming from the Louisville area, we’ve been fortunate to attend the Derby multiple times. We were even there to witness American Pharoah’s triple crown win (still wishing I would have changed my bet). It’s always a big weekend packed with fun events and parties, no matter which horse comes out on top. Now that we live on the opposite side of the country, it’s more difficult to make it back home for the weekend. However, that never stops us from keeping tabs from afar. Today’s blog post is a fun one- filled with classic equestrian decor, hosting finds for outdoor soirées (like the Derby), and some really pretty horse finds for summer. Click through to check it out… 

Kentucky Derby & Equestrian Inspired Home Finds - roomfortuesday.comIf you’re looking for a Derby cocktail this weekend, here is my favorite mint julep… it’s an old recipe I shared back in 2015, but still a favorite, nonetheless.

Kentucky Derby & Equestrian Inspired Home Finds -

As for my finds, check them out below… everything is clickable! 

vintage derby glassware set // nest candle // framed horse portrait // horse bit bottle opener // jockey sculpture // leather horse bit box // julep cup set // ralph lauren equestrian candle // bourbon decanter set // stables book // horse statue // woodford reserve mint julep simple syrup // old fashioned glasses // embroidered cocktail napkins // horse art

I pretty much want all of these things… can you believe that vintage glassware set, hand embroidered cocktail napkins, and classic horse bit decor? As if I need more horse decor in my house, ha! Which are your favorites?

Kentucky Derby & Equestrian Inspired Home Finds - roomfortuesday.comWhat is everyone up to this weekend? Aside from watching the Derby, we’re supposed to get the camper out for a day trip. We’ll see how the weather shapes up! Fingers crossed for sunshine and spring temperatures. Have a good one, friends!

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  1. Good morning! I always forget about derby weekend. Although I’ve never been a horse girl myself, I did spend a little time at Turf Paradise in Phoenix. Have I ever told you about my friend’s dad who bred race horses as kind of a hobby? We watched his horses race numerous times; we even got to be in a winner’s circle photo once! Ha. I didn’t really understand most (any) of the horse talk, but I did love the naming! Go Bux was a favorite. Such fun (but nerve-wracking) memories! While I can’t say that I own any horse decor, I do love bourbon and any excuse for a party! (And I wouldn’t mind a pair of Gucci loafers…) Also, why have I never had a mint julep? Those silver, beaded cups are gorg. This weekend I’m hosting a private sound bath and brunch for bestie’s birthday, so it’s a race of a different kind around here. Lol. Trying to wrap up my project and put the house back together! 🤯 I hope you get some lovely camper weather! We’ve got drizzle in the forecast. Womp, womp. Cheers to Pizza Friday, rain or shine!💜🏇🏼

    1. Turf Paradise? How have I never heard these stories before? So fun! Horse names are the most fun. I’m with you on the bourbon (my drink of choice)! You’ve got to make a mint julep- they’re one of my favorite summertime sips and those pretty glasses are super classic (although I’d serve and drink one in any type of glass). I also covet Gucci loafers, but unless I get lucky thrifting, that will probably never happen for me, lol! I’ll put it into the universe anyway though! Your sound bath and brunch sounds incredible for your bestie’s birthday weekend! I hope y’all have the most wonderful time celebrating- despite the drizzle. We’re hoping to head south, take out the camper, and escape the rain. We’ll see how it plays out… who ever really knows about the weather. Happy pizza Friday! Though tonight we’re having margs and tacos for Cinco de Mayo! xo

  2. Good morning! I think you’re probably the only other person I know who loves horses as much as I do. I’ve had “Stables” on my wishlist for quite awhile now. The horse art and sculptures are right up my alley, but how cool are the horse bit pieces?! I also adore the julep cup set- does it get any more Derby than that? Side note- I was at a favorite local shop and found the most exquisite vintage leather bareback saddle, in perfect condition. It reminded me of summers on our Clydesdale, trekking through the hills. (He was the perfect horse for bareback riding). While I’ve never attended horse races of any kind, a close friend of mine used to live in the home that belonged to the original owner of the Santa Anita race track- and when I tell you it was a feast for the eyes…gads! We have mom/kids night out at a friend’s home tonight, but this weekend will be more drywall repair (and hopefully paint), more outdoor cleanup, and tuning in for the Coronation. Thank you for sharing such lovely finds! Cheers to Derby weekend, Cinco de Mayo, and Pizza Friday. We’ve had rain the last two days…hopefully we see some sunshine soon! XO

    1. Hi Lauren, my fellow horse lover! I knew you would appreciate this one :) We used to ride bareback all the time growing up- we’d hop on the horses and ride out to the pond, swim around, and head back to the house. I love hearing about your childhood memories, too! Horses are just the best. It sounds like you have a full weekend ahead. We’re hoping to take the camper out and escape the rain this weekend, by heading down south. We’ll see how it plays out. Happy all the things… Cinco de Mayo (I’m making margs!!), Derby weekend, Pizza Friday, etc etc etc! Hope you and the fam have a good one. xox

  3. Oh Sarah your timing for this post this morning is bittersweet. We share a love and passion for horses and that will never change but we had to say goodbye on Wednesday to our daughters horse Mister (show name “My Wonderful”) Our hearts are broken and it’s been a rough couple of days. Interesting enough he was from Kentucky and while he had a short career in racing his parents were successful race horses. We got him from an extraordinary horse lover and trainer from New York for my daughters 16th birthday. She had the option of a previously enjoyed car or a horse and of course she chose Mister ☺️ The car didn’t have a chance 😉
    Thank you for this incredible post this morning, every item in this roundup is well perfect and totally up my alley. I have the Stables book and its gorgeous for any other horse lovers out there. This weekend will be dedicated to remembering our sweet boy as we mourn this incredible loss. It was such a privilege to have him in our lives and he brought our daughter such amazing joy. Cheers to these amazing creatures, beautiful horse objects and our love of everything equestrian 🐎

    1. Awww, Colleen. I am so so sorry to hear about Mister. I just hate that for you and your daughter. I know how difficult that is- I’m sending you both a big virtual hug. I loved reading about his story, and the fact that your daughter wanted him over a car- what a good horse. I’ll be thinking of your family this weekend! Emmett’s horse is having a big birthday this weekend… he was born on Derby Day (his name is Derby), and he’s turning 25. He’s an old, retired boy now and we’re hoping we’ll get to see him later this year, if we can make it back home to visit our family. Horses are such a gift. I love that Stables book, too. Sending lots of love! xox

  4. Could you link the white horse sculpture and your wall prints? Love