Classic Home Decor Finds From Target

Let’s talk Target. I shop there way too often and always come out with more items than I initially plan for…. and I know I’m not alone in this! As much as I love my favorite big box retailer, you have to be careful when shopping for home decor at Target because there are lots of items that look cheap. It’s the sad truth. You definitely have to be selective because it’s easy to fall prey to bad accessories because of their low prices. Luckily, there are plenty of amazing finds that fit the budget, work great as filler pieces, while still looking high-end. Click through for my current favorites, check out my most recent haul, and get tips for finding the good stuff.

Obviously the intro images give away one of my recent finds… the gorgeous black pedestal bowl. It’s like it was made for my dining table… perfectly sandwiched between the tabletop and hanging pendant. It’s feels so balanced!

The best way to determine if an item will look like it came from Target once you get it home (versus a designer store), is by analyzing the material. The worst feeling is when you style something into your space, and instantly have buyer’s remorse because it looks cheap. This is totally avoidable!

I like to stick to natural materials, classic shapes, and timeless items. Big box stores are known for being trendy- especially Target. That’s really awesome if you want to try something new, but at the same time- the longevity of most of the products found there is not going to withstand the test of time. Therefore, it’s best to stick to the basics!

Click directly on the items to shop, or use the links below!

01: decorative bowl // 02: cane and wood dining chair // 03: document box // 04: striped towel // 05: terra-cotta vase // 06: etched decanter // 07: stoneware mug // 08: turned accent table // 09: marble tray // 10: brass library floor lamp // 11: herringbone throw // 12: utensil holder // 13: tassel throw blanket // 14: french curtain rod // 15: decorative vase // 16: lidded waste basket // 17: tall vase

I pretty much own most of the items in this roundup, and I have to say- I think I’m going to love them for years to come! That’s a tough statement for many items from big box stores. Remember these words when you’re shopping: classic, timeless, non-trendy, simple shape, etc.

I went into my local store last week to grab a couple quick groceries and came out with these stoneware coffee mugs instead. I told you… I’m terrible! I never stick to my agenda, but I think the coffee cups were worth it. I wish they would’ve had them stocked at my store in green, but I settled for the gray instead.

I bought this neutral utensil holder for my kitchen reveal in a pinch and never looked back. I’m still loving it months later. The key is to sprinkle less expensive (in other words, Target) items throughout your home alongside vintage or nicer pieces for a curated look. It starts getting bad when everything comes from one big box store. So my last bit of wisdom is this… don’t go overboard at Target! I know it’s easy to do. Moderation is key. Ha!

Luckily there is a way to balance budget friendly, trendy, and timeless decor when shopping at Target.. it just takes a bit more effort, self restraint, and the mindset of knowing what to look for. If you’re into these budget shopping posts, also check out the best items from H&M Home– another resource I frequently use for styling accessories. Questions? Other items I should add to the roundup? Comment below!

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  1. Ah, Target. Everyone’s impulse-buy weakness. Luckily my “local” store is a 40-minute drive away. All of that stoneware looks pretty and classic; the green mugs definitely got an “Ooooh” from me. I also really like the collaborations they do (did?). I grabbed some of the Marimekko outdoor items, and I love them. (Sadly, not chew-proof.) BTW, that second shot of the bowl/table/light has almost an op art vibe. Genius.

    1. Yes indeed! I do love those green mugs… I wish I would’ve held out for that color instead. I’m also into their collaborations! They have some really great items with an even better price tag. Nate Berkus was another one of my favorite collaborations. Thanks Peggi! xox

  2. It’s been three years but I still lament over the fact that Target is no longer in Canada every time I drive by one of their empty stores. Where is that oil cruet from in the last photo?

    1. That is such a bummer! Emmett and I have been chatting about planning a trip to Canada :) The oil container is also from Target- HAHA! xox

  3. Anitra Sweet says:

    I love target but agree with you about moderation! Also, I have the stonewear mug in green and want to get more! I used it for grilled cheese and tomato soup 😉

    1. That is genius Anitra! I would’ve never thought to serve soup in them- but the size is perfect for that. I’m jealous you have them in green… that’s the color I’d rather have. Ha! xo

  4. Dana Moss says:

    I was JUST looking at that side table last night for our nursery. Get out of my head ;-) Great finds, Sarah! Seriously considering those mugs too.

    1. That table is really amazing!! Your nursery is looking great :) Someone suggested using the mugs for soup- they’re the perfect size. I kind of want to order the green ones. Ha! xox