February Moodboard

February Moodboard : Mustard - roomfortuesday.com
source : sight unseen

I hope your week is off to a great start. Emmett and I spent the weekend tiling the guest bath and I have a mosaic tile tutorial coming to the blog in a couple days. I can’t wait to show you because I’m obsessed with the way it turned out! In the meantime, I’ve got the monthly moodboard ready for you! Time is flying this year and I know February will go by especially quick since it’s a short month. I’ve been feeling BOLD color lately and am excited to use more of it throughout our home. Click through to see my finds… 

February Moodboard : Mustard - roomfortuesday.com
source : marion alberge

Yep… mustard and citron hues are calling to me lately! I’ve always been into this color, but have never used it in my home. I’m about to change that though!

Click directly on my finds below to be redirected to the source.

01: swivel chair // 02: mudcloth pillow // 03: jacquard weave throw // 04: hand knotted rug // 05: abstract art // 06: framed fruit sketch // 07: mustard patterned pillow // 08: cotton curtains // 09: tassel cushion cover // 10: mixing bowls // 11: bar stool // 12: porcelain plate // 13: porcelain coffee mug // 14: bath towels

I sent over an offer on a pair of vintage velvet mustard colored swivel chairs and am waiting to hear back (fingers crossed!), but from the roundup- I’m considering purchasing the drapery panels (#8). That would be a fun way to integrate this sunny color into the house. I’m also really loving the citrus artwork (#6), that gorgeous area rug (#4), and the throw (#3).

February Moodboard : Mustard - roomfortuesday.com
source : marion alberge

In my opinion, this color looks best when it’s very textural. I’m digging the above crushed velvet sofa… that’s why I think the wool rug, cotton drapery, or jacquard woven throw from the roundup would work so well.

February Moodboard : Mustard - roomfortuesday.comI also like wearing this color! I practically live in this sweater and it’s on super sale, if you’d rather try this color on your body before bringing it into your home. Ha! What do you guys think? Are you into the mustard and citron tones? Or is that just me?

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  1. Uh oh. Aside from brown (which is nobody’s favorite color…), yellow is the color I just can’t do. As a Leo, I’m supposed to be drawn to it, but nope. I do agree that it’s most attractive in textured materials; I am crossing my fingers for you on the swivel chairs! Also, I do love it in nature! Sunflowers, hostas in the fall, and little dead apples that cling to the branches through the winter-they slay me. Thanks for the inspiration images; those two sites delighted. Happy Monday! (Your tile looked killer in stories, btw.)

    1. Thanks Peggi! Everybody has their own bold favorites, I get it! I also love it in nature. As a scorpio, I usually gravitate toward all things dark and moody, but lately I’ve been craving brighter and cheerful hues. Not sure why :) Have a great week! Oh- and thanks for the tile compliment… I am SO excited about it. xo

  2. Not my fav, sorry Sarah! Perhaps as a small pop of color, but that shade doesn’t work well with my skin tone and, in large quantities can feel overwhelming to me. However, I am interested in seeing what you do with it as you are creative in a way I enjoy!

    1. No worries Linda! It’s fun to see what people gravitate toward in terms of color… it’s definitely bold and not for everyone :) I’m hoping I get those swivels and I’ll share how I use it! Hope your week is off to a great start. xo

  3. I super love it! Something about that mustardy hue is just so comforting.

    1. I agree! I’m into it lately :)

  4. Mustard is a color I cannot wear, but I love it in accents in my home! I have several pillows in mustard, and a geometric mustard & white pattern on the drapes in my living room/library.

    1. Oohh! I love the idea of drapery Jennifer- it all sounds beautiful :)

  5. One of my absolute favorites to add pops of color and texture!! I hope you get the velvet chairs!

  6. Samantha P says:

    You are doing my favorite color in a mood board in my birth month? How did you know? ;)
    I love love love this moodboard. Yellow (especially mustard yellow) is a GREAT color! It really does make me happy!

    1. Aw really?! Well happy birthday! I hope you’re celebrating all month long. xo