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beddingThere’s no doubt we love sinking into good, quality bedding. If you follow along on Snapchat, you may have witnessed Piper’s appreciation for lounging in bed, too. When you’re spending a third of your life in bed(!) it needs to be a place you can relax, feel comfortable, and get a good nights sleep. After some interest from you guys, we decided to pull together a list of our favorite resources to shop for quality bedding – including linen, cotton, and even layering options for your bed! We’ve searched high and low for the coziest, most comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and accessible bedding.

beddingBefore we dive into the list… there are a few bedding basics that make selecting items for your bed much easier!

  • Layer, layer, layer! This makes a bed look and feel cozy. Remember, it’s easier to layer monochromatically (white on white, gray on gray, etc).
  • When in doubt, go with white! White bedding always looks clean and classic. Plus, it’s easy to add color with pillows and throws… it’s definitely the most versatile color when it comes to textiles.
  • Make it comfy. YOU have to sleep here- be sure the material is one you really really like.
  • Speaking of material, stick with natural fibers (linen, cotton, etc).
  • Invest in quality bedding that will last. This is self explanatory.
  • Take seasons into consideration. On warmer nights, fold your duvet at the foot of the bed. Swap out your duvet for a lightweight coverlet during summer months. Contrarily, splurge on down in the winter.
  • Use your space wisely. If you need additional storage and plan to slide items under your bed, buy a bedskirt! Keep your things stored under the bed organized and neatly out of sight.
  • Consider texture. Texture adds interest to white bedding- it’s the easiest way to create a layered, sophisticated look.
  • Think about your lifestyle…do wrinkles bother you? Is your personal style pretty casual? Linen naturally wrinkles and if you’re someone who hates making the bed and doesn’t want to mess with ironing, this is a great option. Just do your research!
  • Consider cleaning. You have to wash your bedding often, make sure it’s easy for you to upkeep. Some bedding requires dry cleaning or is too bulky to fit in an average washing machine.

bedding Here are some of our go-to sources for quality bedding:

Speciality Retailers:

Parachute // Has a wide selection of quality bed linens. I am currently loving the Sateen Sheet Set in white and may have invest in this set once ours is ready to be replaced!

Etsy // An unexpected, but great place to begin shopping for bedding! We are currently coveting linen bedding and Etsy has some of our favorite shops, including Bea Linen, Linen Space, So Linen and Linen Tales In Bed (remember this post?).

Brooklinen // Has the best variety! They have SO many amazing options for all things bedding- sheeting, duvets, pillows, shams, bedskirts, coverlets, etc.

Peacock Alley // For perfect basics. I’m a fan of their subtle details… like die cut detail on a bed sheet, or contrast piped embroidery along the side of a pillowcase.

Coyuchi // They have the best neutrals, with subtle patterns and details.

Rough Linen // For naturally chic and (intentional) disheveled bedding.

Loop // For organic bedding.

Boll & Branch // They have very nice tailored options that look and feel very put together and sophisticated.

Matteo // Tons of options for layering with a variety of textures (as described above).

Crane & Canopy // Looking for the perfect set of scalloped sheets? Look no further! This embroidered set is one of my favorites.

Although, you can do no wrong with speciality stores… sometimes it’s just easier to find bedding at a big box retailer. The following are some of our go-to sources for quick and affordable bedding…

Big Box Stores:

Burke Decor // We specifically love this linen set from Pine Cone Hill.

Bloomingdales // Oake bedding is one of our favorites from Bloomingdales.

Restoration Hardware // Timeless classics…and lots of neutral color choices!

Crate & Barrel // Sells one of my favorite clean and classic white duvets- Celeste white duvet can easily be paired with pillows and throws to add color.

Urban Outfitters // Has so many fun, super affordable options for bedding! Not only do they have great printed sheets, but they also have multiple boho-inspired duvets like this tassel duvet cover.

Anthropologie // As always, Anthropologie never disappoints…even in their bedding department. I specifically love this Paget Organic Sheet Set in taupe and this Coyuchi Diamond Cuff Sheet Set.

Target // Is a great place to find budget-friendly bedding as well as decent sheeting. This Egyptian Cotten Sheet Set by Fieldcrest is one of the higher end brands they carry, but are well worth the cost once you climb into them!

beddingHopefully you now feel well prepared and ready to update your bedding when the time comes (or take a nap…we promise we won’t tell). By keeping these simple tips in mind and following our resource guide, we can almost assure you will find great bedding that meets your needs and helps you sleep well every night!

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  1. Ann Heltzel says:

    Hey Sarah! Lets not forget BBB, Bed Bath and Beyond!

  2. Ann Heltzel says:

    oops sorry Jacqueline!

  3. Jason Hunnam says:

    I am no good in decorating or just simply do mix and match, let alone mix and matching colors. So yes, maybe I will go safe, go all white, all gray, or maybe some granite colors. I am a big fan of linen! It is not just because we don’t have to go with ironing trouble but it also super cosy and looks classy at the same time. Washed linen bedding is the best! Ans as for the duvet, I am down with down! Not the cheapest but the cosiest! Maybe that’s my favourite bedding, and I have definitely checked parachute and restoration hardware stuff and they are all great! Especially the plain and natural colours. Maybe check us too, thanks!

  4. A liitle color can enhance the beauty of the bedroom. But after seeing your ideas my view has been changed. It reallly looks cosy.