Fall Capsule Wardrobe

Fall Capsule Wardrobe - roomfortuesday.comThis may be my first and last fashion post (hah! kidding… maybe), but I figured it was worth sharing because I’ve been into updating my wardrobe lately and figured some of you might be interested to see. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, fall is the one time of year I actually enjoy shopping for clothing for myself. I like the idea of pairing things down and creating a capsule wardrobe to maximize closet space. Whether you’re in the same boat, or are just looking for inspiration & key fall pieces… this post is for you! I also feel like we can apply this same concept to our home. Staple pieces withstand the test of time, and the “trendy” items come and go. I’m taking it back to the basics, so if anyone has an itch to freshen your closet or wardrobe, this might give you some good inspiration! Click through to shop my fall capsule wardrobe. 

Click directly on the garments below to be redirected to the source, or use the links at the bottom of the collage… 

If you’re wondering how much of this stuff I actually own and can vouch for, I’ll put a star indicating that by the linked items below (obviously I based this off of my own wardrobe)


*gray sweater // *striped long sleeve // *basic tees // cardigan duster // *cozy sweater


*black skinny jeans // *corduroy skirt // *boyfriend denim // pleated skirt // fun trousers


classic black dress // *gray sweater // *plaid shirt dress // patterned dress // black blazer


*mules // *running shoes // *comfy sneakers // *black booties // knee high boots


*comfy joggers // *oversized sweater // *black leggings // soft pullover // *puffer jacket


*trench coat // *moto jacket // parka // *denim jacket // fleece


crossbody bag // *hat // beanie // *watch // *sunglasses // *tote // *cashmere scarf // backpack

Fall Capsule Wardrobe - roomfortuesday.comA big perk to curating a “capsule wardrobe” is the ability to mix and match. So many pieces can be paired together for totally different looks. Therefore, you’ll notice lots of neutrals and solid or classic prints. The same goes for interiors… most people invest in a quality sofa (that is neutral, durable, and solid) then swap out the pillows each season. Think of your wardrobe in the same way- a jacket or nice pair of jeans will last for a long time, and you can swap your accessories (like a scarf or hat) to make it feel fresh based on the season.

Fall Capsule Wardrobe - roomfortuesday.comI promise tomorrow I’ll be back with a regular interior & home-related post! In fact… next up on the calendar is my One Room Challenge introduction post, so check back for that. Fashion isn’t really my all-time favorite thing to chat about, but I hoped this might be helpful for some of you. Does anyone else have the itch to shop for fall?

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  1. So pretty and curated, as always. I definitely get the urge to shop every fall. (Back to school shopping! Duh.) But I definitely don’t have the restraint for a capsule wardrobe. About 85% of my closet is thrifted or vintage, so I’m usually looking to big retailers for my fill-in pieces. Assembling interesting looks from varied pieces is a creative outlet. Also, you know the feeling of a great vintage score! I’ll be back tomorrow for the ORC!

    1. Thanks Peggi! As good (and lucky) as I am with scoring vintage furniture & home accessories, I stink at finding vintage clothing. I hate shopping in person for clothing for myself, so that’s probably why- not a lot of patience in that area, but I SO appreciate a vintage wardrobe. Kudos to you!! I’m not surprised :) xo

  2. Stephanie says:

    I’m slowly realizing that I match my house. Both my closet and my house are definite works-in-progress, but there is definite overlap in terms of style, colour choices, etc. between the two! I appreciate how simple this post was – my kind of fashion post, haha.

    1. Haha, same! So happy you liked the post, Stephanie :)

  3. I’ve been wanting to do a capsule wardrobe forever and with almost all my clothes in storage right now, I think now just might be the time! Highly recommend checking out Audrey a’la Mode on YouTube if you haven’t already. Her classic, timeless capsules are awesome and her videos are just so good. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdF5QXMUx1tT7odhtBdDyEA/featured

    1. Thanks so much for the rec! I’ll definitely check her out :)