Trend Alert : Skirted Tables

Trend Alert : Skirted Tables -
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I’ve been in design mode planning and laying out our entryway- I’ve even got new cabochon tile samples on the way to me! As I’ve been pulling together moodboards for the design plan, there is one thing that is non negotiable for our entryway… a skirted table. Don’t get me wrong, I love our marble entryway table, but one traditional and classic trend I’ve been loving is skirted furniture. When it comes time to dive into the entryway renovation, I’m definitely going to order (or perhaps even DIY) a table skirt. It’s an easy way to update an existing entry table, side table, or console, if you’re itching to switch things up. I wanted to bring you along for the ride and share lots of gorgeous inspiration and a big roundup of the ones I’ve saved so far. Click through to check them out! 

Trend Alert : Skirted Tables -
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If you’re a traditionalist, are into the grandmillenial aesthetic, or appreciate a maximalist styled table, you’re especially going to like this post! Table skirts instantly soften a vignette, while providing an opportunity to insert a fun color, pattern, or designer fabric, all while adding some drama to a space.

Trend Alert : Skirted Tables -
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Skirted tables are also a great way to get creative with designerly details: box pleats, edge banding, trim details (like a greek key appliqué), and fringe! I’ve been saving so many stunning table images lately that feel inspiring to me. On an unrelated topic- did you notice the wicker pedestal, pictured above? Does it look familiar from this post? I’ve gotta get one of those!!

Click directly on the objects to be redirected to the source, or use the numbered links below the collage to shop…

01: cream skirted table // 02: grosgrain skirted table // 03: fringe skirted table // 04: medallion skirted table // 05: simple skirted table // 06: eden skirted table // 07: linen skirted table // 08: color blocked skirted table // 09: pleated table skirt // 10: blue skirted table // 11: beige skirted table // 12: contrast hem skirted table // 13: cotton skirted table // 14: coral trim skirted table // 15: box pleat table skirt

I’m not sure I could choose a favorite if I tried! I like all of the styles- the refined box pleated skirts, the organic ruffled ones, the color blocked options, and of course the ones with the added details- like fringe. This would also be a relatively easy DIY project if you know your way around a sewing machine. You could even buy a basic readymade skirt or table cloth, then add your own appliqué or trim details to it, for a fast and less expensive version. There are plenty of options!

Trend Alert : Skirted Tables -
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In regards to styling these skirted tables, I’ve noticed plenty of oversized pieces resting on the tabletop… greenery, floral arrangements, abundant books, a giant lamp- most of the ones I’ve been saving certainly make a statement and feel intentionally dramatic. I definitely appreciate maximalist styling atop the soft or structured skirted base.

Trend Alert : Skirted Tables -
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This skirted trend translates to many other pieces of furniture as well. Aside from round tables (which is just what I’ve had on my brain, thanks to my entry project), I’ve also noticed and saved skirted ottomans, consoles, sofas, etc. I think this is a classic trend we’ll be seeing more of in the coming year or two.

Trend Alert : Skirted Tables -
via mark d. sikes

I’d love to hear your thoughts on skirted tables! Do you like the octagonal box pleats or do you prefer the soft skirted fringe look? Are you into the color blocking, trim details, and fun patterns? Have you been noticing more of these while scrolling through your feed? I certainly have! I can’t wait to share my thoughts and plans for the entryway and catch you up on that project soon. I want to nail everything down before we get started… here’s to hoping my tile samples arrive soon!

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  1. Good morning! This is a trend I had actually noticed. To me, a skirted table is the ultimate formal, traditional look, especially for an entry-a beautiful ballgown for your room! While my style is far more casual, I do appreciate any chance to add another layer of fabric. I favor the box pleats and trim tape iterations, and you know I would go for a pattern on pattern. Another aspect of this look I’m into is the maximalist styling! Bring on the giant ginger jar, stacks of books and special vessels. Maybe some candlesticks? I love the image with the enormous lamp, too! Doesn’t a grand entry call for some drama? I’m excited to see your entry plans once you’ve got them nailed down. Good stuff, Sarah! Happy midweek!💜

    1. Totally agree! You’re making me want a ballgown equivalent in my house!! Sign me up. Yesterday I tossed a striped blanket over our entry table because I just couldn’t wait to soften that area, as I’m nailing down tile and getting excited about the plan. It was a a fun (free) way to change things up for now. Your styling description is ideal and exactly what I want to do. I love that! Have a safe flight and a fun trip! xox

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Love!! I’m a traditionalist and love pleats and ruffles. I think there’s a risk that skirted furniture can become too sweet or dated looking, but your selections are sophisticated and just beautiful! What are your thoughts on pleated bed skirts?

    1. I totally agree… it has to be done in the right way to complement your aesthetic. All of the bed skirts in our home are simple box pleated ones! I really like the look. I could never do a ruffled bed skirt, but I do love a pleated one.

  3. I’ve noticed this trend popping up with a lot of the UK designers I follow. Many of them have much more formal homes than my own, so naturally I couldn’t picture something similar gracing any of our spaces. The ones you’ve shown here get a big ‘ol yes please from me!
    I’m digging the box pleat versions, especially the ones with a higher volume of pleats, like numbers 8, 9, and 13. Although 8 and 13 definitely could work their way seamlessly into my decor, number 9 is the favorite for incorporating all the things! I love the combination of box pleats, color block, and fringe. Such a stupendous combination!
    While the others would be beautiful in the right space with appropriate styling, they read like less of an elegant skirted table, and more like an outdoor furniture cover. I can’t unsee it. Haha!
    You know I adore color blocking, but what you don’t know is the lifelong love affair I have with fringe. While some people shy away from fringe in all forms, I’m like a moth to a flame. Definitely I’d need fringe at minimum! I can see the vibes you’re going for with the entryway-I for sure picture a gorgeous Greek key detail, and the dramatic styling pieces. This is one maximalist styling scenario I’m over the moon about. The enormous lamp, the oversized urn from your previous post, the gigantic blue and white vase…all give that sense of a grand entrance. I love it when you do a dramatic table scape on your outdoor dining table, and I have full confidence a look like this in your entryway would be far more stunning, because you do it so well. Fantastic inspiration this hot and sticky Wednesday morning. 104 yesterday, and it’s looking like today will be a replica. 🥴🥵 I hope you’re staying cool and having a lovely start to the day. Xo

    1. Yes!! I’m totally on board. The box pleated skirts are my favorite, too. They feel tailored and a bit more modernized. I wholeheartedly can relate on the feminine trim details… fringe, tassels, etc! They’re my favorite too. I can’t wait to style and have a proper entry once we renovate. I just ordered my tile and the lead-time is 12+ weeks. Ha! It may be awhile, but it will be worth it. Thanks for your kind words, Lauren! Here’s to hoping it cools down this weekend. I’m over this weather. Hope you’ve been getting in some great pool days, my friend! xox

  4. I hadn’t noticed this trend with the exception of a room reveal by Kristin of The Hunted Interior’s Entry. a year ago. I love the look with the big box plates and trim. #2 is my favorite but I would easily take #5 and add trim.
    You could have a skirt for your entry table made to change it up during the seasons. Did you ever own a particle board table with screw in legs that you skirted? My mom and I both had one for many years. I’m now curious if she still has all those table cloths she had made for hers. Of course hers were beautiful and intricate. One item (of many) on my wish list for our new home is a round entry table. Having a skirted table cloth would make it that more beautiful.
    Hope your Wednesday is a good one!

    1. Ahh yes! I remember Kirstin’s room reveal. I love the idea of switching the skirt out seasonally… I’m constantly restyling and moving things around- that seems like a great solution to keep things fresh. I know exactly what particle board table you’re talking about, and I definitely had one! Mine didn’t have a beautiful skirt though, like yours and your mom’s (I wish). Hers sound so gorgeous. So many possibilities in your new home :) all exciting things to come! I hope you’re having a wonderful week, Danna! xo

  5. This is so timely for me! I was really stuck on what to use as a nightstand in my guest room/office. I have a gorgeous antique bedroom set (two dressers and a bed) that was my great-grandparents’ wedding gift to each other in 1913. It was hard to find a nightstand that was a good fit for it. Finally I realized a skirted table would be perfect! I bought the base from Ballard Designs and will have my mom sew a skirt for it! I’m thinking something like number 1 or 7, with a light geometric pattern (windowpane maybe?) to complement the blue and white floral bedding. Although now I want to ask my mom if she’s up for sewing some pleats! And, the Facebook Marketplace/Craigslist hunt is on for a huge lamp to top it.

    1. YES! I love that idea. How special that you have your great grandparents wedding furniture?! That is the best thing I’ve heard all day, Brittany. I love that! A skirted table would be the perfect complement. I can’t wait to see how it turns out. How lucky that your mom is a great seamstress, and can add another special piece to your room. I’m excited for you!!

  6. I’m old enough to have grown up with these in real life so I do have both baggage about it and sentimentality. I think in the right setting like yours it will look amazing. In my life, without custom fabric and true quality work and fabric, it would be risky. Can’t wait to see what you do!

    1. Ha! Everything comes around again, in one way or another. I’m with you though- it could get bad quickly, but I’m really digging the modern and classic versions :)

    2. I feel the same way. I remember them when I was younger and happily remember them leaving as well. The box pleats do up the tablecloth a bit, but I cannot see my style ever retreating back to this look. They still feel very hotel lobby or banquet hall to me, but I’m sure Sarah will do something beautiful with this.

      1. It’s definitely a look. Haha! Totally get that it’s not for everyone. I really like the way it softens a vignette, and when I get bored with my marble table- it gives me the non permanent ability to mix things up :) Thanks for your kind words, Michelle! Hope you have a great weekend ahead! xo