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Evening Office Tour - roomfortuesday.comHappy Friday, friends! I have a treat for you today. Before my whirlwind of health issues, I had promised you an evening office tour. Better late than never, I suppose? If you missed the reveal (with daytime photos & all the sources), check it out here. Truth be told, I love being in my office after dark… just as much as I do when it’s flooded with natural light during the daytime. My chandelier is on a dimmer, so I can easily make it as bright or lower the light as needed. The gallery light and my buffet lamps are also on a switch, making it easy to light the room in a more soft, ambient way. Having the ability to control the lighting has made this room really functional. I usually keep the light low in here, since I’m staring at a computer screen most of the time. Click through for a little after dark tour to see how it looks all lit up and glowing each evening… 

Evening Office Tour - roomfortuesday.comThe credenza lamps are my favorite! To be honest, I hardly ever turn on the chandelier because the lamps and gallery light is plenty for the softer light I prefer.

Evening Office Tour - roomfortuesday.comI love the way my artwork is illuminated during the evening hours. It just has a very cozy and inviting feel with the warm light, gallery wall, and textiles.

Evening Office Tour - roomfortuesday.comI usually light a candle every evening as I’m wrapping up work- it just makes me happy and helps me decompress at the end of the day. I’m currently burning this one– I was testing it before bringing into the shop, and it’s REALLY good.

Evening Office Tour - roomfortuesday.comUsually at this point in the day, the dogs have left the daybed and are padding around the house following Emmett, or begging for dinner in the kitchen or laundry room… which means the daybed is mine for the taking. Ha! This is my favorite time to curl up with a good book and read for 15-30 minutes after work.

Evening Office Tour - roomfortuesday.comMy best decision was installing a candleholder wall sconce. I love burning a taper and illuminating the textural drapery wall. We’re currently sold out of those in the shop, but will have more arriving soon! I’ll keep you posted. I’m excited to trade out the taper candles and experiment with different colors. Isn’t it pretty?!

Evening Office Tour - roomfortuesday.comSince I spend so much time in this room, I try to keep florals or greenery styled on this little table to add color, texture, and life (and brighten my mood).

Evening Office Tour - roomfortuesday.comThe chandelier can get really bright or very dim… this is the setting I prefer- a couple notches above dim. It puts off a beautiful glowing light that doesn’t compete with my computer screen.

Evening Office Tour - roomfortuesday.comBelow is what the space looks like without the overhead chandelier turned on… it’s very cozy and plenty bright! Once I draw the curtains, I always switch on the lamps instead of the overhead.

Evening Office Tour - roomfortuesday.comThis Designer Trick post on selecting the best light temperature and bulbs is a must-read, if you missed that one. I’m all about warm and inviting lighting, and bulbs make a huge difference.

Evening Office Tour - roomfortuesday.comThere you have it… a short & sweet tour of my home office after dark. I hope you enjoyed seeing it in a different light- quite literally (I had to). Emmett & I actually just landed in Hawaii last night and are kicking off what I hope is a relaxing and much needed vacation after the month we have had. I still have blog posts lined up for you while we’re away, so please check back on Monday! I may be slow responding to comments- or maybe I’ll even tackle those when I get back. I just wanted to give you a heads up. I hope you all have a lovely weekend filled with nice weather, fun, and relaxation. I’ll try to share some island snippets on Instagram if you could use a virtual escape to paradise! It’s so beautiful here.

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  1. Good morning! Who would have thought your office could be even more inviting after dark?! (Although I wish you weren’t always burning the midnight oil.) It’s certainly when your lighting plan genius shines. 😜 All of those lovely sources of illumination really make a difference. My Bridgerton binging also makes me swoon over the candle sconce moment! Actually, that whole vignette with the blooms on the petite table between the drapes is so charming! I love the idea of a dedicated spot for a vase full of flowers. I can also imagine curling up on that cozy daybed to read at the end of the day. Sigh. Such a pretty spot! It’s definitely fueling my library nook dreams. (I have neither a library nor a nook, but…dreams.) A beautiful, hardworking space for a beautiful, hardworking human.💜 A human who is hopefully enjoying island breezes and the relaxing sound of ocean waves. Happy Hawaiian holiday and Happy Pizza Friday! (But please, no pineapple on my pizza.🤣)

    1. I love your puns, Peggi! Ha :) Day made. The candles in my office are so fun- I actually do burn those often and it feels so calming. A Bridgerton moment, for sure! I love the built-in wall with the daybed… it’s definitely a favorite library dream of mine- I can’t believe we were able to pull it off. You are so sweet- thank you so much. I feel very lucky to have a beautiful and functional space to work in our home. Sadly our boat trips in Hawaii were cancelled (due to weather), but I was still able to snorkel in the rain and see some beautiful fish and coral- despite not being cleared to dive. I’m glad we were able to escape and get away. It’s back to reality this week! No pineapple on your pizza?!! I’m team pineapple. Lol!

  2. Aloha Sarah! Just when I thought the office couldn’t get any better you post this! Ahhhh…it’s relaxing even through a screen. Your lighting plans never fail to disappoint and I think that’s why we readers love the after dark tours of your home. It’s the quintessential moment where vision meets reality, and it’s always SO good. I love the vignette in your opening picture-the twist on the legs of the two tables against the gorgeous texture of the drapes is very dramatic and commands a presence. Up next for me is the floral arrangement and sconce vignette. The sconce itself is subtle and gorgeous, paired with florals it’s a charming moment. This alone begs all of us to plan a “floral moment” in our own spaces- which I already have in the cards for the front room. If there was any question in my mind before, this sealed the deal. Of course my favorite vignette of all is the view of the chandelier against your gorgeous gallery wall. With the lamps of the credenza casting shadows in all the right places, and your horse sculpture perfectly illuminated it’s a whole vibe. Enjoy Hawaii- after the month you’ve had what a welcome retreat. Happy Friday!

    1. Aloha!! Thanks for your sweet words about my office, Lauren! I really feel so lucky to have such a beautiful spot to work in our home. I’m actually burning a candle and working with the lamps on right now (it’s rainy out today), which feels so calming. I do love the wall sconce with the candle- I get so many compliments on that, and I really do use it often. It’s a fun piece of decor that I’m really glad I integrated. It was a last minute addition. Hawaii was such a nice getaway and break. I’m very thankful I was healthy enough to go! Back to doctor appointments and lab work this week, but here’s to hoping my doctors are close to figuring me out… everyone is leaning toward something autoimmune related, but we shall see. Thanks again for your kind words! xox

  3. Oh Sarah, your office is so sophisticated and pretty. The night tour is stunning, it certainly is a lovely space if your workday is long. And that daybed is sooooo gorgeous too! I might be tempted to take a nap there, no wonder the pups hang out with you all day 😉 That is one sweet comfy spot.
    So many pretty things…..I love those candle sconces from your store and it looks perfect nestled between the two windows. I love all your lighting selections and definitely makes the space sparkle. You have planned and designed that office so superbly with wonderful storage too keeping things so neat and tidy. That’s what we lack in our office and its small so it can get cluttered quickly. Thanks so much for the evening tour, it is just as lovely at night.
    And though your office is of course beautiful at night, try not to work during drinking hours. Haha! Have a super fantastic weekend friend!

    1. And have the most amazing vacation! Cheers 🥂

      1. Thank you so much, Colleen! I’m back home and am playing catch up :) We had a fabulous time, despite the rainy weather. Thanks for your kind words about my office. It has been such a treat to work here everyday. I love it! I have to say- your advice of “no work during drinking hours” is my new favorite! I feel like I need to print that and frame it. Haha! Hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend!

  4. Hi! Just found this post via Pinterest and going to use for inspo for my own office. A (maybe dumb!) Q – how do you get the cord from the computer plugged in? Do you have an outlet in the floor? How does that work?! Thanks!

      1. Deajsha Richardson says:

        Where is the desk from?!

  5. Hello!
    These frames (featuring the horses) are absolutely stunning. Are you able to share where they’re from? Or similar?

    Thank you so much