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Coffee Bar Finds & Essentials - roomfortuesday.comHow was your weekend? Emmett and I decided we needed to get out of town for a reset. We ended up taking our camper south to enjoy the beautiful red rock landscape in Kanab. It was really nice to hike, spend time with friends, and we just enjoyed being outside all weekend. Upon arriving home, I had a few fun packages waiting on me… including some new goodies for our coffee bar! I’ve been on a major tea and coffee kick lately. I have coffee every morning and I’m afraid my coffee ritual may be coming to an end soon thanks to my ongoing health issues, but maybe it will be temporary? Fingers crossed for a short hiatus! Regardless, I’ve been sipping tea in the afternoon and it has been really refreshing- mint has been my tea of choice lately (perfect for spring). Today, I wanted to share some fun finds for the coffee bar and the essentials for creating an espresso station or nook in your kitchen. Click through for some morning inspiration… 

Coffee Bar Finds & Essentials - roomfortuesday.comIf you remember (back in January), I shared our shelving update in the kitchen. We gave our coffee bar an aesthetic upgrade and I’ve been so happy with it! The shelving has been really functional for us and it looks much better. Our coffee bar gets a ton of use, as does our Barista Express. It’s going on 6 years old and I don’t know how we ever lived without this thing… it’s probably our most used item in the kitchen- well worth the investment. I gathered up all my coffee bar essentials from Amazon to put into a roundup for you…

Check out my top picks… everything is clickable, or you can shop using the links below the collage. 

espresso machine // cream & sugar set // stoneware mugs // pour over // stackable espresso set // linen towel // brass coffee scoop & clip set // glass mugs // basket organizers // sealed glass jar // milk frother // nespresso // le creuset mug set // glass canister // italian espresso beans // white mug set // marble tray // tea organizer basket

Coffee really has become a ritual for me. From grinding the beans and brewing to enjoying a hot cup outside on the balcony to welcome the day, it’s my favorite way to start the morning. It has turned into a way for me to begin the morning more slowly, set daily intentions, and have a little time for myself before diving into work. Does anyone else do something like this? I’m sure I’m not the only coffee drinker around here.

Coffee Bar Finds & Essentials - roomfortuesday.comFor more coffee and kitchen finds, check out my curated Amazon lists. I’ve been adding and updating lots of new things this past week, so it’s worth a peek if you’re looking to refresh your home this spring & summer! I also added lots of fun garden and planting finds, if you’re feeling spring inspiration outdoors. Or if you’re camping this season (like us), I’ve got top picks for that as well. I hope those resources continue to be helpful for you this spring & summer!

Here’s to a good, but busy week ahead! We’re crossing our fingers for smooth sailing. Emmett has his second surgery this week, I’ve got a few doctor appointments of my own, and we’ll be taking it easy as he recovers. If I’m slower to respond, that’s most likely the reason. Have a good one, friends!

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  1. Good morning! Definitely count me as a devoted (and particular) coffee drinker. Since I’m naturally an early riser, I’ve considered a morning cup my favorite part of the day for years. I adore sitting in a dark, quiet house enjoying a strong brew with lots of soy milk while I read…or just breathe. It’s as close to meditation as my squirrel brain gets. Sadly, my temperamental tummy no longer allows me more than a single cup per day. As for tea, I drink it occasionally when the mood strikes. My top picks would be lemon ginger, Earl Grey, mint, and chai or any spicy blend. Always hot. Not especially a fan of cold caffeinated beverages. Being from the south, are you an iced tea enthusiast? Giving up coffee would be tough! I’ve abstained for several months in the past, but I found no compelling reason to continue the deprivation. Ha. I absolutely think redefining the ritual is key. Imagine exploring amazing loose teas, intricately designed pots, and delicate china cups! I’m actually feeling kind of inspired just envisioning it! Mindset, right? What new experience can you enjoy rather than what are you missing? Speaking of enjoyment, your spur of the moment camper adventure sounds lovely! I recently saw a post about the top 10 hikes in Utah, and my mind was blown! Exploring your neck of the woods has become a priority! Especially now that I know what an easy drive it is.
    Please tell Emmett I’m sending the healing (and get some rest, dang it!) vibes. I know he’ll be back at it in record time! Cheers to a beautiful, peaceful week, Sarah.💜

    1. I love hearing about your morning routine and ritual, Peggi! Emmett also likes milk in his coffee- he prefers oat milk, but soy milk also sounds delish. I’m with you on tea… it has to be hot for me. Cold brew and iced coffees are fine, but if I’m doing tea- I like it hot. Sadly I also have a temperamental tummy, so I also stick to a single cup of coffee, and if I drink it too late in the day, I’ll be up all night. Ha. Finicky, indeed! Funny- coming from the south, there was ALWAYS sweet iced tea on our dining table and I despise it. It’s just not my thing. My entire family drinks it except for my mom and I. Emmett loves it. Mindset indeed- when it comes time to remove coffee from my diet, I’m definitely going to invest in some pretty vintage cups and snag some fancy teas to replace it. Our spur of the moment camping trip was much needed. My Instagram got hacked on Friday and I just felt the need to get away from technology and drive out of cell range (more like the urge to keep refreshing my email for updates). Womp womp. I’ll have to write a blog post about all of this soon. Whew. Utah is amazing for camping and hiking! I’d be happy to show you around anytime :) It’s gorgeous out here! I’ll pass along the message to Emmett- surgery is on Wednesday :) Hope your week is off to a lovely start! xo

  2. So wonderful you had a weekend getaway in your camper! Yay! The weather was fantastic here too and we spent most of the weekend outside as well. Summer is in the air 😎 💐
    We are big coffee drinkers and we have two Nespresso machines. We purchased our first one about a decade ago and our daughter got us the Vertuo with a frother for Christmas and we love it! I definitely ease into each day with a coffee in hand and it’s a ritual I’ve loved for many years. We have a coffee bar corner in our kitchen but nothing as stylish as yours. It is convenient having a dedicated spot though.
    So sorry to hear you may have to give up coffee for a while, I certainly hope the doctors have some answers for you soon Sarah. It’s been quite a journey.
    Good luck to Emmett on his surgery, hopefully he heals up quickly as he can’t seem to stay still for very long 😉
    Have a super fabulous Monday!

    1. Melanie T says:

      Hey Sarah,
      Glad to see a link to your Amazon store. I looked through it to see if I could find the no show socks you recommended awhile ago but could not find it. I meant to go back to find the link again but somehow it escaped my attention. If you could help me find those it would be great timing! I want to plug a fabulous room spray on the Tuesday Made store that is ON SALE: Christian Tortu room spray. It’s a complex scent that I never tire of. Highly recommend!

      1. Thanks Melanie! I think these may be the no show socks you were looking for: … I’m thrilled to hear you love the room spray! That one is my favorite… it’s SO good :) You made my day!

    2. Most definitely, Colleen! It was a nice weekend escape. I’m glad you’re also having lovely weather. I’m looking forward to planting flowers and our garden this week. I keep a nespresso in our office and the camper- it’s so delicious. Last week I had a doctor appointment and finally someone is convinced they have figured me out. I have an upcoming upper and lower scope to confirm, but we’ll see. Fingers crossed I get some answers soon and can begin feeling better. Emmett is the worst patient. Here’s to hoping Wednesday goes well and he actually takes some down time to rest, ha. I’ll do my best to help him stick to the doctor’s orders. Hope your week is off to a wonderful start! xo

  3. Good morning! Count me among the numbers that enjoy a strong morning brew. I’ve been drinking coffee daily since college- but after having kids it became a ritual. I wake an hour before the kids every morning, make my coffee, and watch the sun rise on the patio. It’s the quiet I need to gear up for the day. I’m not a morning person lol. We have a coffee corner in our kitchen as well (what else do you do with the weird desk situation in 90’s kitchens?). When we moved here, initially I had nothing in the cabinetry in that area; one day it struck me that it was the perfect spot for keeping our coffee maker off the main counter, and that was all she wrote. I’ll definitely be revamping that area when we renovate, and making it far more suitable. It’s probably my favorite corner of our kitchen. Your coffee bar finds are lovely! I particularly enjoy the aesthetic of the glass mugs, and have been in the market for a tea organizer for quite awhile. I love the woven one you found. I’m not usually a lunch eater, but when I do eat lunch, I prefer an afternoon tea (hot), and my tea collection has grown beyond my current storage. I doubt I’d be able to cut coffee- so I feel for you Sarah. Here’s to hoping it’s just temporary. Your weekend camping trip sounds lovely, and I hope it was just the excursion you needed in advance of surgery and appointments. Now, how are you going to keep Emmett down? 😂 I am sending smooth recovery vibes and praying your doctors will finally figure out the mystery. Have a lovely Monday!

    1. Me too, Lauren! It’s my favorite way to start the day. Your morning ritual sounds lovely. I’m not a morning person either, ha! I just ordered that tea organizer, so I’ll let you know how it is once it arrives. Camping was wonderful- especially considering I wanted to get out of cell service after my Instagram was hacked last Friday. Ugh. I just needed a break from checking email and dealing with the stress of that. Anyway, it was much needed. I hope you had an awesome weekend, too! xo

  4. Melanie Carter says:

    Hello Sarah,
    I just wanted to recommend a tea flavor (I can’t remember the brand) that someone once gifted me that turned out to be so delicious and beneficial…turmeric tea. I’m sure you know that turmeric is naturally anti-inflammatory, along with other benefits. Appreciate you and your exemplary blog.

    1. Thank you so much for the recommendation, Melanie! Any change it is this tea?! This is my absolute favorite and I usually drink it a few times each week. Definitely delicious and very healthy. Thanks for your kind words! Hope you’re having a great week :)