Roundup : Pretty & Functional Cleaning Supplies

Roundup : Pretty & Functional Cleaning Supplies - roomfortuesday.comHi friends! I hope everyone had a beautiful weekend. My apologies for missing last Friday’s blog post- I just didn’t get it finished in time. Last week ended up being much busier than I had anticipated with work and appointments (I’m rocking some unexpected sutures after a biopsy), so I wrapped up the blog post over the weekend and have it ready for you today. With so much feeling out of my control lately, I’ve been on a major organizing and cleaning spree. Something about having a fresh, sparkling, and uber organized house for summer puts me in a happy mood and headspace. Anyone else? I seem to do this at the start of every season… deep clean, purge, and get my ducks in a row. It always makes me feel better! My recent cleaning spree led me down a rabbit hole of restocking my go-to cleaning supplies & home organization items. I created a new Amazon list (see all of my top picks here), and thought it was worth sharing with you. Click through for my favorite pretty and functional cleaning items… plus some good tips! They’re ideal for a laundry room, mudroom, utility closet- and most of them are aesthetically pleasing enough to be left out. This is also perfect timing, if you are anticipating house guests this coming holiday weekend or are expecting summer visitors!

Roundup : Pretty & Functional Cleaning Supplies - roomfortuesday.comI’ve found even the smallest details can make a big difference how I feel at home- even cleaning & laundry supplies. I’m just a fan of good design in general, across all categories… print, product, interiors, etc.

Roundup : Pretty & Functional Cleaning Supplies - roomfortuesday.comI’m going to dive right in with a giant roundup of my finds! I know I’m getting older when cleaning & laundry items get me this excited. Ha!

To shop & explore, click on the thumbnails below- or use the numbered links at the bottom of the collage to shop… not all of the images are clickable. 

01: nero marble brush set // 02: copper cleaning cloths // 03: wood scoop // 04: wooden drying rack // 05: wash & stain bar // 06: glass spray bottles // 07: desktop dust pan // 08: eufy robovac // 09: handheld steamer // 10: oval brush // 11: cleaning gloves // 12: glass apothecary jars // 13: cordless wet/dry vac // 14: french essentials basket // 15: feather duster // 16: metal bucket // 17: hand soap & lotion set // 18: metal dust pan // 19: microfiber cleaning cloths // 20: storage baskets // 21: oil diffuser // 22: oversized wood brush // 23: dryer balls // 24: laundry bag // 25: modern broom set // 26: folex cleaner // 27: ironing board // 28: crease release // 29: round marble brush set // 30: copper dustpan // 31: laundress signature detergent // 32: storage caddy // 33: mini dustpan set // 34: collapsible hamper // 35: lavender sachets // 36: portable dusting set // 37: linen water // 38: pura diffuser // 39: cordless smart stick vacuum

Many of these products can be used in multiple ways, are pretty enough to double as decor in functional spaces, and just might help motivate you to clean & organize (they do for me). Do you have any tried & true favorites? Things I should add to my list?

Roundup : Pretty & Functional Cleaning Supplies - roomfortuesday.comI wanted to share some tips with you! From styling and organizing, I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve that motivate me to stick to a pretty regular cleaning schedule… all while keeping my supplies organized and looking aesthetically pleasing.

Roundup : Pretty & Functional Cleaning Supplies -

A Few Tips…

Corral Items // Keep supplies corralled in a basket, bucket, or caddy for easy access and mobility. Since we have two sets of stairs in our house, keeping everything in a basket helps me work more efficiently with everything I need floor-by-floor… rather than having to run up and down the stairs multiple times.

Designate a Space // Choose a designated cabinet for the supplies you intend to keep behind closed doors. I keep all of our cleaning items and refills in our laundry room. I like knowing where everything belongs and has a specific place.

Install Hidden Outlets // Install in-closet or in-cabinet outlets to create a charging station for laundry appliances and electric supplies… like vacuum cleaners, mops, steamers, etc.

Invest in Visually Pleasing Supplies // Over the years, I’ve realized that well designed objects (even something as silly as cleaning supplies) matter to me. They can also double as decor. Many of these items are pretty enough to hang on the wall, style on the countertop, or display on a shelf.

Choose an Appropriate Room // Keep your supplies in a room that makes sense- like a laundry area, mudroom, under the kitchen sink cabinet, or in a supply closet. If you’re ever in need of help, keeping cleaning items in an intuitive space means easier access for house or pet sitters, family members, or guests.

Switch Things Up // Trade out your hand soap, bath soap, or laundry detergent. Sometimes switching or upgrading home, cleaning, and laundry fragrances can really boost your mood (I do this seasonally).

Use Vessels // Implement beautiful vessels to corral utilitarian items- like a glass jar for dryer balls or a glass canister with a brass or copper scoop for powder detergent. Think of how you can display your everyday items in a more thoughtful way, that provides easy access while looking nice.

Roundup : Pretty & Functional Cleaning Supplies - roomfortuesday.comFinally, I always light a candle once I’ve finished cleaning or organizing. Is there anything better than a fresh home and a signature scent? My post organizing ritual is to light a Clean candle. I actually designed and mixed the fragrance for this one with laundry & a clean home in mind… it smells like crisp linen and a fresh breeze on the perfect spring or summer day. It’s the perfect candle to fill your home with that crisp scent we all crave, that accompanies a tidy home. Light your favorite candle and enjoy your efforts!

Roundup : Pretty & Functional Cleaning Supplies - roomfortuesday.comFor me, these past few years anyway- I’ve transitioned to using eco, green, and cleaner products… I’ve also slowly switched our supplies to aesthetically pleasing options- which honestly has helped me clean more often. Isn’t it strange from a psychological standpoint? I’m all for things that bring us joy and help get the job done. For me, design does make a difference.

Roundup : Pretty & Functional Cleaning Supplies - roomfortuesday.comI hope you enjoyed this post. Although a bit random, that’s what was on my mind. Feel free to browse all of my newly updated Amazon lists & picks here. I’ve been trying to update these weekly, and I hope it remains a good & helpful source of inspiration for you! Here’s to a good week ahead, with a long weekend on the horizon. Cheers to that!

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  1. Good morning! Well, sutures do not sound fantastic, so I hope you had some recharge time this weekend. As for cleaning and organizing, I definitely find it restores (a little) my sense of control and calm. My organizational intentions are good, but my systems sometimes get overwhelmed. In particular, my linen closet and laundry room need serious attention. Also, why are dog supplies overtaking my life? Ha. I agree that having attractive cleaning tools makes a difference! I only wish all items could be both beautiful and effective. (I’m looking at you ugly mop & special bucket that work brilliantly!) And who thought my vacuum needed to be burnt orange? Jeesh. Sorry, off track. I wish I wasn’t psyched to get a new dustpan, gloves and laundry baskets, but…desperate times whatnot. Here’s to a new week, Sarah! 💜
    PS The Sea Salt candle from Tuesday Made has been providing some lovely zen moments lately. XO

    1. Hi Peggi! Not to worry, it’s just a few. My sister has promised to remove them for me when I see her this weekend (perks of having a family full of nurses, ha). My closet also needs some serious attention. It has been a few years since I have sorted clothing and I’m due to drop off some donations at the Women’s Shelter. Emmett just went through his things and did the same, and I’m envious his part of the closet is looking so tidy. Ha! Oof, dog supplies. I can totally relate. They take up WAY too much space in our laundry room. I LOVE hearing that the sea salt candle has been making you happy. I’m burning my woven candle this week, too. Hope your week is off to an amazing start. It’s going to be a hot one here! xo

  2. Good morning! Ahhh, yes…For me there’s no better therapy than a purge, deep clean, restock and reorganize. I too find myself jumping on those tasks when something feels beyond my control. Something about the process helps me to take stock of my emotions, and sometimes even gain a better perspective for whatever I’m dealing with. I’ve been on a mission to slowly move to more aesthetically pleasing supplies and organization systems. #4 is definitely on the list! Our current metal version is annoying, loud, and the dowels frequently come undone. I already own #9 and 25- so pleasing to look at and even more pleasing to use. #12 is the perfect set for me! I’ve long been looking for jars like these for the laundry room. Do you own both the wet/dry vac and the cordless stick vac? I’d be curious to hear your honest review. We’ve been looking for a good cordless stick vacuum for upstairs. I’m still lugging an old fashioned vacuum up every time…such a pain!! I love the tips you included here, because it’s true- utilitarian items don’t have to be an eyesore. One brand you should check out is Full Circle. Their products are aesthetically pleasing, sustainable and Earth friendly, and truly have great quality. I recently purchased a plunger (of all things)- simply because I was sick of having to hide the ugly one. They offer both the general style and the flange style, and it comes with a diatomaceous earth disc to absorb any excess water, and an aesthetically pleasing stand to hold it. What I love is that it’s pleasing enough that I can leave it in the bathroom and spare guests the embarrassment of asking for the plunger. Plus, the diatomaceous earth disks can be purchased separately when they need to be refreshed. I currently have the matching toilet brushes in every bathroom- they have diatomaceous earth disks in their holder as well, and the brush heads can be swapped out when they need to. The earth disks and brush heads can be recycled, which is fantastic. Search “Royal Flush” on their website and the toilet brush will pop up under suggested items. The flange style comes packaged a bit funny- you have to unfold the flange portion from under the plunger head, otherwise you’ll think they have you the wrong item…anyway, I highly recommend. So many of the products I use have come from them or Grove Collaborative. I’ve yet to find any products or tools that I don’t love, and it makes my heart happy to know that everything I use is earth, pet and kid friendly. That’s peace of mind all around for me. I’m sorry to hear that the struggle continues medically. How frustrating. I sure hope answers come soon, and some of this chaos can be resolved for you. Have a wonderful day Sarah!

    1. Hi Lauren! I love a good purge & deep clean. I need to tackle my closet at some point this week- I’ve definitely been procrastinating getting that space in order. Our drying rack recently broke, so I finally upgraded to the pretty one… it’s amazing how those little upgrades make a big difference! I use those jars in our kitchen and laundry room- they’re so nice and they seal really well. Yes- I have the wet/dry bissell and the stick vacuum. We have the Dyson stick at our office, so I bought the cheaper version for home, and I think I like it better. I also think it looks prettier (for a vacuum). I’m going to look into Full Circle, thank you! So smart with your plunger and keeping it in the guest bath. I’ve been doing Grove for almost a year and have been very impressed! I’m so glad you mentioned them. It really is great to have peace of mind with kids and pets in the house. Thanks for your sweet words! I’m hoping for answers soon. I should get my biopsy results this week and I have a couple more appointments before we head to visit our family this weekend. Hope your week is off to a splendid start :) xo

  3. Such pleasing cleaning supplies you have curated to share! I whole heartedly agree with making the unpleasant cleaning task eye pleasing. I especially love how you store your wool dryer balls in the glass hurricane. Your ‘clean’ candle is a great scent and I enjoy burning it.
    Sarah you were the first one to point out that we should make cleaning supplies ‘eye pleasing’ and I have changed things in our home over time and it truly has made a difference. I also got smarter and put cleaning supplies in each bathroom instead of hauling a bunch up and down the stairs, etc. I second what Lauren said about Grove cleaning supplies. In 2020, I started using them and haven’t stopped. The Method brand is my favorite for wood cleaning, glass, and granite. I do not purchase each month but extend it out to several times a year.
    I am embarrassed to say how old my ironing board is but not that I still use it for linen and cotton items that a steamer can’t get wrinkles out of. That ‘Folex Carpet Cleaner’ is the best with bad stains on my son’s clothes. I have an iRobot and love it. Best invention! Mine is 4 years old and wonder how it compares to the Eufy.
    So sorry to hear about your sutures and having to wait for more answers. Hugs to you!

    1. Thanks, Danna! Such a good tip that I should have mentioned in this post… I also store cleaning supplies in the guest bathrooms on each floor. It makes it so much easier! Just the essentials… all purpose cleaner, toilet cleaner, glass cleaner, extra necessities (TP, soap, etc) for easy restocking. Excellent point! I also love Grove collaborative. I’ve been using them for almost a year now and have loved everything. In addition to their items, Folex and the Laundress are the additional cleaners I also have on hand. Our ironing board was a wedding gift and it’s bright blue- that’s definitely one I want to upgrade when it comes time to renovate our laundry room, ha. We have the Eufy and love it! I’m all good :) thanks for your sweet words. Hanging in there, still waiting, but feeling optimistic! Trying to keep a positive attitude. Ha! Have an amazing week! xox