Baby Shower Invitations

Where the Wild Things Are Baby Shower InvitationsJacqueline announced her pregnancy on the blog long ago, and you’ve been seeing sneak peeks of her nursery ever since. It’s crunch time and baby Brown’s entrance is growing close. It’s difficult to go from seeing a person multiple times a week, to moving across the country from one of your best friends. It definitely saddens me that I’m not able to fly back for her baby shower, so when Jacqueline asked me to design the invitations, I jumped at the opportunity to do something extra special. Click through for one of the few design & typography projects I’ve shared on the blog and for a glimpse of cute baby gifts I’m mailing her… 

These days I’m doing less and less graphic design and more interior projects, which is what I prefer… but this is the type of project I live for. A client who gives you free range to explore your creativity… even better since she’s my bf. It’s a special way to give Jackie and baby something from afar. Her only wish was that the invitations be “Wild Things” related, which is something I could totally get behind.

Wild Things Baby Shower InvitationWhat do you think? Didn’t these turn out SO adorable? Jackie’s the type that doesn’t like everything to be overly “baby” and I think this is the perfect amount of fun and sophistication. I found these gorgeous wood grain embossed envelopes and they really compliment the greenery border.

Baby Shower InvitationAlright, onto the fun part… shopping for baby things. I’m not a mom, so I have a hard time knowing what’s appropriate, what size to buy, etc. I knew my best bet was to hit up some local boutiques in Salt Lake and ask the experts. Ha!

I landed on a practical and equally adorable swaddle blanket, which also fit the theme of the invitations with greenery and palm prints.

Palm Leaf Swaddle Blanket

Patterned SwaddleCute, right? If you’re not local, you can find these super soft swaddles using this link. There are a ton of patterns! I literally spent 20 minutes standing in the swaddle section trying to choose. Not going to lie- I also liked the packaging (you know I’m a packaging person).

I also found this adorable bear outfit that I just couldn’t pass up! Tell me that isn’t the cutest little sweatshirt you’ve ever seen? There was one left in the newborn size, so I snagged it.

Best Baby Shower GiftsI also had this little wooden bird made (by the same woodworking artist who makes my hands!). I thought it would be darling styled on a shelf in the nursery.

The shower is this weekend, so we’ll have to see if Jacqueline or someone going can snap a few images for us. I’m sure it will be beautiful, and I can say this much… this little is the luckiest to have her as a mom! Stay tuned for the big nursery reveal- coming soon.

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  1. Laurie Anne says:

    Omg I love those invitations!!!!!!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍

    1. Aren’t they adorable? I haven’t designed invitations in years, so this was a fun little side project! xox