Roundup : Candle Holders for Fall

Roundup - Candelabras

We’re officially at the end of October and the cold weather is setting in. It’s the season for sweater weather, burning candles, drinking hot beverages, and taking in all the good this time of year has to offer. One of my favorite decor items to bring out in November are candle holders and candelabras. They perfect any tablescape and add warmth to your home. Today I’m sharing a GIANT roundup of my favorites on the Interior Collective. Click through for a peek… 

Black Candle Holders01: rustic candle holder // 02: bell tower candle holder // 03: metal candle holder // 04: allis candle holder // 05: gilted candelabra // 06: arya candle holder // 07: taper candleholder // 08: emmett candle holder

I’m partial to black candleholders and candelabras. I prefer the ones with more unique shapes- like tapered bases, modern curves, and graphic lines. If an all black candelabra is too dramatic for you, opt for one that includes feminine details and a small amount of brass (like numbers 2 and 5).

The most obvious space to style a candelabra is centered on the dining table. It takes minimal effort to add one to the tabletop and the payoff is always a beautiful statement.

Brass Candle Holders01: jefferson candle holder // 02: taper candle holder // 03: terrier taper holder // 04: brass candelabra // 05: fluted candleholder // 06: plaza candle holder // 07: candle holder set // 08: brass bamboo tall candleholder // 09: gabriel candle holder // 10: cursive candlestick

Brass candleholders are pretty classic year round. They can easily transition to any season, but their warm, inviting, and metallic finish make them especially gorgeous during the holiday season. Numbers 4 and 10 have me completely smitten!

Whether you’re styling a candelabra on the dining table, placing candles on your mantel, or scattering them throughout your shelves, there are plenty of great options to welcome the festive season! Find even more options and the full post on the Interior Collective. Click over here.

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  1. Stumbled across your blog last week and I cannot get enough! I’ve gone back deep into the archives. I have basically no complaints and will definitely visit your blog daily but as a budget-conscious person I’d love it if you can include the prices on the items in round-up posts before you click on the link! I’ve clicked on a few things and then been bummed by the cost.