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The Tech & Software I Use - roomfortuesday.comIt’s time for another “10 Pins” post packed with my favorite interior inspiration from Pinterest. Since we were traveling and spent a lot of time in the air on flights, I had plenty of time to pin and compile cool design ideas this month. Click through to see what I found inspiring! I found lots of good ones… 

#1 // Layered Art
source : joelle somero

This vignette stopped me in my tracks for a few reasons… the mixing of traditional & modern elements, adding warmth with organic materials (woven basket, wood, geode / stone, etc), and the art. I found the art concept most impressive! I never would’ve thought to hang a piece of art on the wall, then install a matching or cohesive piece leaning in front of it. It felt fresh to me!

#2 // Warm & Classic Kitchen
source : erin kestenbaum

This is my friend Erin’s kitchen… she revealed it for the One Room Challenge, and it’s stunning! I’m in love with the color palette: light blue, cool marble, warm beige backsplash tile, and brass & black accents. It’s pretty dreamy and feels the exact opposite of my kitchen, in terms of color.

#3 // Modern Textural Fireplace
source : domino

This fireplace felt so inviting to me, despite the modern lines. I love the handmade tile ran vertically to accentuate the height, drawing your eye up toward the shiplap ceiling and bright white beams. I really just like the simplicity of this vignette.

#4 // Traditional Eclectic Bathroom
source : eberlein design

What to even say about this incredible vintage bathroom? The black toilet lid (you know I’m into that), the clawfoot tub, the “I never repeat gossip, so listen carefully” pillow that made me laugh out loud, the radiator, the simple tile, and obviously the architecture!! Just wow.

#5 // Blue Built-Ins
source : michele plachter design

This lacquered, super glossy navy built-in looks perfect with the warm accents. Part of me is wishing I went super slick with our living room built-in right about now.

#6 // Modern Bathtub
source : architectural digest

This bathtub felt so new- I’ve never seen anything like it! The radius edge, the built-in sconces, the mirrored back, the enclosure, the pure fact that it is integrated into the millwork. It made my brain spin with ideas for our master bath that we’ll eventually renovate someday.

#7 // Gold Christmas Tree
source : martha stewart

I know, I know… Christmas is still over a month away, but this tree is super glam and made me look twice. It feels “extra” in the best way. I’m also attracted to the eclectic polar bears and that green paint color.

#8 // Nero Marble Shower
source : arcologica architecture

Wow! I literally don’t have words for this space. Can I just copy this entire thing and paste it into my house? Haha! If only it worked like that. I love the nero marble shower, the simple border, the use of stone as millwork…. it’s just too good!

#9 // Rustic Kitchen
source : alice lane interiors

Another beautiful space by my talented friends at Alice Lane… if I were to design a mountain cabin- THIS is what I would want it to look like. It’s perfectly rustic, a little modern, very classy, and incredibly cozy. This room also plays with scale in such a nice way.

#10 // Lavender Bathroom
source : heidi caillier design

I have to say… lately, I’m feeling purple- lavender to be specific. Mixed with marble, brass, and brown (or wood) it suddenly feels like a new favorite color I want to start experimenting with! Heidi Caillier does it again- she’s on fire lately.

Well- that’s it for this month! I’m already looking forward to sharing more finds next month. Are you guys still liking this series? I hope so because I SO enjoy putting them together. Check back tomorrow for our One Room Challenge update and Thursday will be my mini laundry room makeover reveal. We have LOTS going on over here.

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  1. Where to begin?! I’ve definitely layered art, but mostly because I couldn’t commit to another hole in my freshly painted wall…but then I decided I liked it! That stone bathtub with the integrated sconces is bananas! (They could use your styling help though-those teeny bottles on the ledge?) Love the gold tree; that’s my idea of neutral done right. The black marble bathroom. DEAD. Stone millwork for the win. And a big “Heck yeah!” for lavender. My living room is a lighter version of that Heidi Caillier bathroom, and now I want to paint my trim that color! (But I’m too lazy.) Lavender guest bath. *cough* Your next project *cough* These Pinterest posts are so FUN! Can’t wait for the ORC update tomorrow!

    1. Haha!! I’m glad you mentioned the bathtub styling because it was a little minimal or lacking for my taste, but the application could be so cool! Did I just read your color loving self saying “neutral done right”?! I think you’ve been hanging around here too much ;) You’re way ahead of the trend on the lavender. Your bathroom sounds so pretty!

  2. Love, love Erin’s Kitchen 💗 I followed her all through the ORC and I must say she did an amazing job. Very impressive indeed!! Also, the rustic kitchen is gorgeous 😍 I absolutely adore natural materials, the natural stone, wood ceilings and beams not to mention the two tone cabinets. I know white kitchens have been the most sought after for many years now but I actually don’t care for them at all (confession 😬) give me some color or natural wood any day or better yet both. If I ever get to replace the 20 year old kitchen in our new/old home it’s not going to be white. I just adore your dark and moody kitchen (dreamy) Someday……
    Can’t wait to see your progress on the living room…..so excited for those amazing built ins I know they are going to be beautiful!!

    1. Erin is awesome!! We were texting inspiration back & forth leading up to the event, as well as using each other for a sounding board throughout the project. She’s such a special and talented designer! I’m with you on white kitchens… they can be really classic, but my presence is color or warmth :)

    1. So pretty!! Love those