10 Free Ways to Decompress at Home

10 Free Ways to Decompress at Home - roomfortuesday.comHome is where I feel most comfortable. I also believe that your home should truly be your happy place- your sanctuary, your safe place, the one spot where you feel most like yourself. There is nothing I love more than coming home after a stressful day or time spent away. One of my best friends is a therapist & psychiatrist and we had a great conversation the other day, I thought was worthy of sharing. We were brainstorming ways to decompress. I do my best decompressing at home and it doesn’t cost me a penny. Click through for 10 of my favorite ways to decompress at home! Whether you’re returning from summer travels, are gearing up for a new school year, are in need of some R&R, or you just want to relieve some anxiety- I hope these will help alleviate stress and put on a smile on your face. 

#1 // Light a Candle

10 Free Ways to Decompress at Home - roomfortuesday.comMy therapist taught me this trick years ago. There’s something calming and intoxicating (in a good way) about the flickering flame and incredible aroma or scent floating through the air of your home. It’s amazing how a simple thing like lighting your favorite candle can instantly help you decompress. I light a candle every single evening. It has become such a nice habit and reminds me it’s time to zone out and let the worries of work slip away.

#2 // Cook a Meal

10 Free Ways to Decompress at Home - roomfortuesday.comI love cooking a meal in my kitchen from scratch. Cooking and baking is really a therapeutic process. I find that when I’m cooking and eating healthy, homemade food- I feel my best. If I have an especially rough day or have something heavy weighing on me, comfort food really helps. Might I suggest chicken pot pie or butternut squash ravioli? Those are two of my favorites!

#3 // Put on Comfy Clothes

10 Free Ways to Decompress at Home - roomfortuesday.comThe first thing I do at the end of a workday is change into comfortable clothes. I go straight to my closet for the comfy pants. Being completely relaxed and stress-free starts with your body. Feeling comfortable in my own skin and clothing helps me switch out of work mode.

#4 // Cuddle Your Pet(s)

10 Free Ways to Decompress at Home - roomfortuesday.comMy dogs make me so happy. There is nothing better than cuddling them and loving on them. There is a reason therapy animals exist and work- they can immediately boost your mood. I snuggle my pups every single morning and each evening. It helps me start the day on the right foot and end the day with a feeling of joy.

#5 // Put on Music

10 Free Ways to Decompress at Home - roomfortuesday.comThis is my friend Brooke’s record player– and believe me when I say I wish I had one, but regardless… turning on music immediately improves my mood. We use Sonos speakers or our Amazon Show to play our favorite playlists while we cook or sit outside on the patio or balcony.

#6 // Have Movie Night

10 Free Ways to Decompress at Home - roomfortuesday.comI love escaping negativity, reality, or stress by watching a good movie. Emmett and I like to go all out- we get movie snacks, make popcorn, and go into full relaxation mode from the comforts of our own home. We grab the heavy movie blankets and snuggle into our couch.

#7 // Take a Bath

10 Free Ways to Decompress at Home - roomfortuesday.comThis is a big one for me. I love relaxing with a hot bath. Bonus points if you treat it like a spa… I pull out my bath robe, house slippers, light a candle, and usually put on a face mask. I also love ending with my incredible DIY sugar scrub. Self care goes a long way when it comes to decompressing.

#8 // Clean House

10 Free Ways to Decompress at Home - roomfortuesday.comThis one doesn’t seem as fun as the others, but trust me when I say- living in a clean and organized home will make you feel your best. I definitely feel happier and accomplished after I give the house a good cleaning. Sometimes it takes a bit to work up the motivation, but that post clean feeling is always worth it.

#9 // Read a Book

10 Free Ways to Decompress at Home - roomfortuesday.comFind that cozy spot in your home and snuggle up with a good book. Whether it’s laying in bed with a bedside lamp or cuddled into a window seat or nook, pull out your favorite blanket or throw and read. This is also a great spot for journaling or setting intentions! I like to do that in the morning, whereas I prefer reading in the evening.

#10 // Pour a Drink

10 Free Ways to Decompress at Home - roomfortuesday.comLastly, pour yourself a drink. I love having a glass of wine and watching the sunset on our balcony at the end of a long day. It really helps me relax and let go. Obviously over serving yourself isn’t the healthiest way to decompress (moderation is key with everything), but there is nothing wrong with having a glass of wine or shaking up a cocktail a few times a week!

At the end of the day, do what feels best for you and your body. By practicing some of these things, your home will feel more like your happy place! I’d love to hear how you decompress at home. Is there anything I missed that I should start trying or add to the list? I hope everyone is having a great week. It has been really busy over here (and a bit stressful), so the timing of this post felt right… like a good reminder.

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  1. Oy. A well-timed post indeed. These are all great ideas! I laughed at the house cleaning, but it’s totally true. Finding the motivation to get started can be tricky. Joe boosts my mood like no other; for me, going outside to play in the backyard is key. Even if the weather is bad, the fresh air and his goofy antics save the day. (And I’ve totally mastered throwing the ball with one hand, wine glass in the other.😀) Music makes such a huge difference, but I need a better home listening situation…Here’s to deep breaths and a smooth(er) rest of the week!

    1. Thanks Peggi! I also like getting outside- fresh air does wonders… and JOE!! Dogs are the best. Hope you’re having a great week!

  2. Nothing helps me decompress more than meditation/prayer : )

    1. Oh yeah!! That’s another great one :)

  3. Just reading this list made me feel relaxed! I have a hard time with cleaning but I did learn that making my bed in the morning, while somewhat annoying, has a big payoff in the calm, pleased feeling I get when I walk into my room throughout the day. The candle thing is a good reminder/signal that in the evening it’s time to stop DOING and to unwind. I did that this winter but have stopped since the weather’s been hot and adding even a teeny fire seemed… unpleasant lol. Home is my good place and I appreciate that you feel the same way!

    1. Oh, good!! I make my bed every single day and I love crawling into it each night. Another great tip :) Thanks Julie!

  4. This list is spot on Sarah! It’s the simplest things that bring the most groundedness. Thank you for sharing this!

    1. Thanks, Jenna! That means so much coming from you- a professional in the field! :)