White Swivel Chairs for Any Budget

White Swivel Chairs for Any Budget - roomfortuesday.com

I get a lot of questions about our living room swivel chairs. I opted for these swivels for a few reasons… the slipcovers can easily be washed or cleaned, they’re dog friendly, you can swivel inward to the sofa to have a conversation or toward the fireplace for warmth, they’re super comfortable, and they have a great timeless aesthetic. In terms of upholstery, I’d say they were average priced (middle of the road), but I wanted to share strikingly similar options for any budget- both higher and lower. Click through for my finds!

White Swivel Chairs for Any Budget - roomfortuesday.comHere are six amazing options, at all price points, if you also like the look of a white swivel chair. They’re so versatile…

White Swivel Chairs for Any Budget - roomfortuesday.com(left to right, top row first) one // two // three // four (my swivels) // five // six

I bought these for our living room refresh in February of 2021, as we were moving furniture to our Tuesday Made office. Over a year and a half later, I’m still really loving these chairs and they’re holding up beautifully.

White Swivel Chairs for Any Budget - roomfortuesday.comWhich white chair would you choose? Do you also enjoy a good good swivel seat? I think they’re one of the best upholstery options when it comes to floor planning!

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  1. Hi Sarah
    I love your recommendations and I love your style. I am looking for a creamy slipcovered chair without swivel that is also budget and kid friendly.Any picks?Thank you for your beautiful posts, I really look forward to reading them.

    1. Thank you so much, Saba! I’d say the first option (and least expensive one) would be great… it’s a totally removable slipcover (that can also be reversible), and the fabric is performance- which is perfect for households with children or pets. I’ve sat in that one in the store, and it’s very comfortable, too! I hope that helps.