Top Color Palettes For Spring

Medium Blue

It’s finally feeling like spring around here and with that comes interior updates! This season we’re noting lots of new color trends that are 100% worth trying. After seasons of neutrals and tired grays, we’re more than happy to see actual color making it’s way back into the design sphere. Click through to check out a couple of my favorite paint colors for spring. 

This season we’re predicting lots of barely there pastels, warmer neutrals, and bold, statement making hues.

Soft WhiteI’m tempted to say, gone are the days of bright, clinical white rooms! It’s a breath of fresh air to see trends leaning a little warmer into creamy whites. It’s so much softer and more welcoming too. It automatically makes a room feel inviting and cozy! Instead of the monochromatic gray rooms of 2016, this year we’re expecting warmer monochromatic spaces. Think creamy whites, organic wood tones, natural materials, and soft, luxe neutral textures.

Sage GreenI’m shared the complete list on coco+kelley yesterday! Click over and let me know which colors you’re looking forward to seeing more of this season.

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