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White Swivel Chairs for Any Budget

White Swivel Chairs for Any Budget -

I get a lot of questions about our living room swivel chairs. I opted for these swivels for a few reasons… the slipcovers can easily be washed or cleaned, they’re dog friendly, you can swivel inward to the sofa to have a conversation or toward the fireplace for warmth, they’re super comfortable, and they have a great timeless aesthetic. In terms of upholstery, I’d say they were average priced (middle of the road), but I wanted to share strikingly similar options for any budget- both higher and lower. Click through for my finds! Continue Reading

Formal Living Room Updates -
interiors & styling

Formal Living Room Updates

We’ve officially lived with our “finished” or renovated formal living room for over a year now. I really wouldn’t change anything, which says a lot because that space sees a ton of use! I feel like our house has…

Roundup : Leather Lounge Chairs -
interiors & styling

Roundup : Leather Lounge Chairs

I’m not going to lie- this post is solely for my husband. Emmett has been begging for a leather lounge chair and keeps texting me the most hateful options in hopes I’ll give in, despite the ugly options he…