Roundup : Leather Lounge Chairs

Roundup : Leather Lounge Chairs - roomfortuesday.comI’m not going to lie- this post is solely for my husband. Emmett has been begging for a leather lounge chair and keeps texting me the most hateful options in hopes I’ll give in, despite the ugly options he keeps finding. I promised him once we move into our next home, he can pick a leather chair from a giant list of my favorites. Well… he’s still bothering me about this chair he’s been dreaming of, so I figured a giant roundup was in order. I’m going to let him choose one from this post (maybe for Christmas) and thought it might be helpful for you guys as well! I do love a quality leather piece of furniture. I mean, our leather bed is one of my favorite things in our home. Leather chairs are no exception- they’re timeless, durable, classic, and is there anything that says sophistication quite like a leather lounge chair? I think not. Click through to see the options I’m giving him!

Roundup : Leather Lounge Chairs - roomfortuesday.comShop the roundups by clicking directly on the products, or using the numbered links below. There are a few chairs that wouldn’t link, so I made sure to link them at the bottom of the collage!

01: maddox leather chair // 02: zara armchair // 03: wells leather chair // 04: berkley leather chair // 05: peyton leather chair // 06: acme leather chair // 07: capilano leather chair // 08: hastings leather chair // 09: everett swivel chair // 10: chesterfield leather chair // 11: chestnut leather chair // 12: wrenton leather chair

When moving across the country into our home two years ago, the first thing we bought was our sofa (best decision, BTW). While we were at Pottery Barn, Emmett fell in love with chair #3 after plopping down into it and we actually ended up buying it!! If you’re wondering why you’ve never seen this particular chair in our home… it’s because it never arrived. We were both really bummed and pretty angry with Pottery Barn at the time, so we just gave up.

Both of us still really like and want that comfortable, swivel chair… so who knows- maybe he’ll choose the one that got away? In fact, he sent me to the local PB warehouse sale in hopes that I could snag the floor model. It wasn’t apart of the sale, so I came home empty handed, but hopefully this post of leather options will make him feel better about our loss. Ha!

Roundup : Leather Lounge Chairs - roomfortuesday.comNext up, camel colored chair options! This color of leather feels a bit more feminine to me. It’s probably what I’d choose for my office or a space that solely belongs to me, but I don’t see Emmett gravitating toward this soft, lighter palette- although a girl can dream.

01: denver leather chair // 02: recycled leather chair // 03: trevor leather chair // 04: swivel club chair // 05: alfred leather chair // 06: tufted leather chair

If I had to choose my top three from the roundup above, I’d pick #4, #1, and #2… in that order. How’s that for specific?

Roundup : Leather Lounge Chairs - roomfortuesday.comMoving onto the black and gray options… these definitely feel very masculine, just because of the dark leather. Some of them even have an industrial aesthetic. The gray chairs skew a bit more neutral in terms of masculinity.

01: quest leather chair // 02: worthington leather chair // 03: brass base leather chair // 04: greer club chair // 05: tufted black leather chair // 06: thorp leather chair // 07: banks leather chair // 08: harley leather chair // 09: wingback leather chair // 10: oren swivel chair

If Emmett were to select a black option, I really hope he chooses #6. It just feels very classic to me. From the gray chairs, I’m digging #8 and funky #10.

Roundup : Leather Lounge Chairs - roomfortuesday.comLastly, let’s jump to the cognac colored lounge chairs. These are very close in color to our leather bed in the master bedroom. I live for this warm and orangey hued leather. It feels inviting and super cozy! It also wouldn’t feel foreign in our house, since we use this palette often.

01: square arm leather chair // 02: sven leather chair // 03: burrard leather chair // 04: swivel leather chair // 05: sloane leather chair // 06: mid century leather chair // 07: hart leather chair // 08: leather recliner // 09: kearns leather chair // 10: garrison leather chair

So there you have it… the giant roundup of leather lounge chairs I’ll be presenting to my husband tonight. Want to place any wagers on which one he’ll land on? I’m pretty confident I can narrow down his top 3! How’s that for knowing a person well? Do you guys want me to report back with the winner or his top 5 picks? It might be fun to listen to his reasoning. Regardless of his selection, I know a leather chair is a great investment piece that we’ll both love for years to come.

*UPDATE : He’s currently trying to narrow it down between #3, #4, #10, & #12 from the very roundup (chestnut colored leather). 

image sources: room for tuesday // brady tolbert // ginny macdonald // the makerista // room for tuesday 

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  1. At least he doesn’t covet a recliner! Cringe. Even though people exclaim about leather’s durability, I have seen high quality leather couches with marks from cat claws, ink, oils and liquids. I think I’d be too worried about damage in our home. I can’t deny their beauty though. I like the soft black options- 1,2 and 4. And, definitely report Emmett’s choice!!

    1. A bunch of the options in the roundup do recline, and I’m sure he’d be super into that! I’ll definitely report back with his winner :) xo

      1. I’m so happy some of them are recliners. My husband had a stroke and just wants a comfy chair he can relax in so he doesnt always have to go to the bed. I have searched for a beautiful leather recliner for him for a long time. Thank you!

        1. So sorry to hear about your husband Cary! He would definitely appreciate one of the recliners. I tried a couple of these in-store and they’re as comfortable as they are beautiful. xo

  2. Great round up! My husband also wants one (we don’t have room at the moment, maybe after we throw out our sectional —)
    he keeps pointing out the ugliest Uncle Bob leather recliners to me. Btw, Rejuvenation recliners are amazing —.

    1. Ha! What is it with guys and ugly chairs? I also like the Rejuvenation options! xo

  3. Hi Sarah,
    Just a question, we currently have a dark brown leather chesterfield (loveseat). Looking at getting 1 or 2 side chairs or armchairs. Would you suggest getting leather as well, or mix it up and go for fabric? If leather what colour?


    1. I’d mix it up, Lynne! :)

  4. Cognac colored #7
    Black/gray #4 and #8
    Brown’s #1 and #2

    Love it when you give us choices!

    1. Thanks Linda! Can’t wait to see which one he chooses. I’ll report back :) xo