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Textural Front Porch Planters

Textural Front Porch Planters - I hope everyone’s week is off to a great start! We had a beautiful Easter weekend with perfect weather, so I dug all of our planters and gardening supplies out of the shed and got some major planting and landscaping taken care of. It felt really good to work outside and address the curb appeal at our new place. This is the first home we’ve purchased that actually has nice outdoor areas and landscaping from the get-go. I’ll admit- it’s a nice change to have a great starting point with existing plants. Anyway, I promised to share my textural front porch planters, so consider this your DIY tutorial if you like the look! Click through to see how these came to fruition.  Continue Reading

February Moodboard : Lavender - Room for Tuesday
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February Moodboard

I have to say, I’m really digging Pantone’s Color of the Year. Although “ultra violet” is a little bright for my taste, I can appreciate the lilac hue that can be found in the undertone. This month, I’m feeling…

Styling a Glam Bar Cabinet -
interiors & styling

Styling a Glam Bar Cabinet

Happy Monday, friends. It’s a weird week for me. Not only is it Valentine’s week… which I normally celebrate with my best lady friends, but Emmett and I are leaving for a tropical vacation today (more on that in the…