Summer Challenge: Learn a New Skill

Summer is around the corner and to me, it’s the official season of bucket lists. I always cram my calendar full of fun activities, projects, and new things to try. I recently started taking classes through Skillshare, an online community full of video courses. They cover a huge range of topics. As a bonus, Skillshare is offering an exclusive offer to Room for Tuesday readers. Sign up today and you’ll get 3 months of Skillshare Premium for $0.99. I’m making it my summer challenge to learn a new skill. Here’s five classes that are included in my summer bucket list… they’re all less than 1 hour, so it’s definitely feasible!

01: Ice Cream // It’s no secret that I have a huge sweet tooth for ice cream. It’s really my go-to dessert in the spring and summer. I thoroughly enjoy making it… remember my strawberry ice cream last summer? In this class, you’ll learn two classic methods for making ice cream and custard along with tips and techniques for customizing unique flavors all your own.

Ice Cream Making Class

The instructor of this class is a published, award-winning, food network star! In the intro video, I really liked Nicole Gaffney’s optimistic and upbeat personality; I’m certain that it’s carried on throughout the class. I’m eager to learn French style custard, just in time for summer!

02: Wine Tasting // Confession: I already took this class. I couldn’t wait! Who else feels a little overwhelmed while at the grocery selecting a bottle of wine? I seriously base my decision off of packaging and price (sad, I know). This class was amazing! I can confidently say that I am better equipped to choose a nice bottle of wine after completing this course. It teaches you the basics of buying and tasting wine.

Wine Tasting Class

Gary Vaynerchuk led the class, and his expert and comedic delivery makes the process seem easy and straight forward. I learned that screw caps should not be judged, you don’t have to spend a fortune on a good bottle of wine ($12-$18 is average) and what not to do when buying a bottle. I think you guys will love this one!

03: Outdoor Photography // At this point in my career, I’d say I’m pretty comfortable shooting products and food, but there’s always something to learn about photography. I’m especially interested in learning to shoot outdoors and landscape photography. I love traveling and adventuring, but I’m not the greatest at documenting these experiences.

Outdoor Photography Class

Veteran Patagonia photographer Jeff Johnson is a surfer, climber, adventurer, and all-around outdoorsman who captures extreme experiences through incredible photographs. I was already familiar with Jeff because I recently watched (and loved!) his documentary 180 South. In this class, he shares how to capture beautiful moments outdoors with whatever equipment you have- from an iPhone to DSLR with multiple lenses. I’m hoping to be inspired and empowered to capture and share more of my travels and adventures here on the blog. Currently, I’m not certain my photography is up to par in this department, but I’m excited to improve.

04: Lettering & Typography // I’ve been following Jessica Hische for years- since studying graphic design in college. If you’re not familiar with her typography, she worked on the opening sequences of the Wes Anderson movies. I was so excited to enroll in a class that is instructed by her! Even though it’s a basic letterforms class (perfect for beginners and designers alike), there’s always room for improvement… plus it’s nice to refresh skills I might have forgotten over the years. This one, I’m definitely excited for!

Lettering and Typography Class

05: French Macarons // The first time I attempted macarons they turned out absolutely perfect! I couldn’t understand why so many people have trouble with them. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to make a perfect batch since, ha! I love the elegance, sophistication, and of course the taste of these French treats, but I need some serious help if I’m going to try making them again.

This class breaks down macaron making step-by-step. It’s instructed by Marie Asselin, Quebec-based food journalist, author and chef. She definitely makes the process seem less intimidating by giving very specific directions. I can’t wait to jump further into this class; I’d love to make macarons for a few summer events I have coming up.

Macaron Making Class

Ordinarily, you can sign up (and take as many classes as you’d like) for $10/month. But here’s a perk for being a Room for Tuesday reader… Skillshare is offering three months for just $0.99 through 12/28/16. Click here to redeem it and use this promo code: roomfortuesday . Thanks, Skillshare!

I’m one of those people who genuinely enjoys learning and expanding my skill set. Which topics and classes would you like try? New skills you’re excited to learn this summer? If you’re interested in the same topics as me, maybe we can start a class together… comment below and join my summer skill challenge! -Sarah

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