Favorite Kitchen Items From Our Shop

Favorite Kitchen Items From Our Shop - roomfortuesday.comHow’s your week going so far? I’m feeing better and it has felt like a really good one over here! I’ve actually been unboxing new beautiful things for the shop this month- it kind of feels like Christmas all over again. I’ve also been spending time in my happy place… the kitchen. So much for my January healthy eating plan because I’ve been baking again lately. Ha! Oh well. This happens every winter. I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite kitchen items from our shop in a quick post. Click through to see a few of our new goodies and what I’m really liking these days… 

Favorite Kitchen Items From Our Shop - roomfortuesday.comTuesday Made has been such a fun business endeavor for Emmett & I. It has been really rewarding and inspiring to connect with other artists, small business owners, and customers who love design just as much as we do! My favorite thing to do lately is search for cool new products and learn about the people who make them. It has also been fun working with Emmett on something we’re not used to doing together (like renovating). He’s packs and ships all of our orders and it has been cool to watch him nerd out over the little details. If you’ve ordered from us, you probably received a hand written note from him… I’m constantly teasing him to improve his penmanship. Haha! Anyway, it has been really amazing.

Favorite Kitchen Items From Our Shop - roomfortuesday.comOk- as for the awesome kitchen things I promised… I’m going to share my favorites below. Use the numbered links below the collage to shop- I’m sorry, the products are not clickable in this one…

Favorite Kitchen Items From Our Shop - roomfortuesday.com

  1. modern mug set // These are functional and beautiful- I’ll chat more about them below!
  2. black marble rolling pin // This rolling pin is HEAVY, and I love the nero marble. You always see carrara rolling pins, but I like the black stone- especially in my kitchen.
  3. round terra cotta tray // I ordered these thinking they would be great to corral countertop items: salt & pepper, oil, spices- or even some candles and matches on your dining table or island.
  4. olive tree // You know I love a beautiful topiary in a kitchen. I grabbed one of these for our kitchen cart or countertop before they sell out. Haha!
  5. marble lidded cellar // These are new and they’re classic & beautiful in person. I’m into the pedestal base, gray color, and lidded top. I keep one of these near our cooktop, filled with salt.
  6. measures kitchen towel // I’m surprised we’re not selling more of these because this is the most handy kitchen towel I’ve ever seen! It has all of the cooking conversions and measurements on it- the typography is really nice, too.
  7. measuring spoon set // This measuring spoon set has been really popular in the shop. Sometimes simple is best!
  8. stoneware bowl // I just unboxed these heavy stoneware bowls and have already tested the one I grabbed for our house. It makes a great soup or cereal bowl, and it looks stunning styled on a floating shelf or behind glass cabinetry.
  9. berry bowl // My berry bowl has also been getting a lot of use lately… I’m actually making blueberry muffins tomorrow (I’ll try to share the recipe with you).
  10. teak geometric cutting board // This is my favorite cutting board in the shop- and we have quite a few. The teak pattern, the warm wood tone, and the geometric shape does it for me.
  11. beech wood dish brush // I love keeping one of these by the sink. I’m waiting on more dish brush pedestals from a local ceramicist, but in the meantime- I’ve been using a small marble soap dish bowl (#14) to hold the brush. They nestle nicely!
  12. emerald kitchen towel // This emerald linen towel will forever be a favorite. We have one of these looped around our cabinetry hardware in our basement kitchen right now.
  13. linen stripes kitchen towel // The striped linen towel lives on our kitchen cart. It’s a classic that looks nice year round.
  14. small round marble bowl // This was designed and intended for use as a soap dish, but it has lots of functions- to corral jewelry on my nightstand, to hold my kitchen dish brush, and of course- soap on the vanity counter.
  15. square marble tray // These marble trays have been selling quickly. I just restocked them for a third time! The veining is beautiful and these are another item that has lots of uses (to corral S&P, oils, and spices, a vanity tray, to corral bedside or nightstand items, etc).
  16. fluted terra cotta planter set // I think these would be charming for herbs on a kitchen window sill. They’re gorgeous in person.
  17. stoneware oil bottle // These handmade bottles arrived this week and we’re already almost sold out. They’re available in three colors.
  18. pine orange bitters hand soap // My all-time favorite hand soap on the planet… trust me!
  19. bamboo wrapped salad servers // These salad servers are another favorite thing we carry. I snagged a pair of these for our house.
  20. tuesday made ‘warmth’ candle // I’m currently burning our Warmth candle in our living room! It’s a perfect winter fragrance.
  21. ’emery’ vintage runner // Lastly, if you’re in need of color and character between your kitchen sink and island- the Emery runner is a beautiful choice.

Favorite Kitchen Items From Our Shop - roomfortuesday.comWe’ve been using our modern mugs for a few weeks now and I absolutely love them… the shape, the fact that they’re microwave & dishwasher safe, and especially the way they look on our coffee bar / floating shelves. You know I like to mix old & new and modern & traditional. These are so easy.

Favorite Kitchen Items From Our Shop - roomfortuesday.comI may or may not be back on the blog tomorrow with my blueberry muffin recipe- it depends on if I can get my project chairs and drapery photoshoot finished! TBD- but you may get a bonus recipe post tomorrow. If not, I’ll share it on IG this weekend. Sound like a plan? I guess all of this baking isn’t so bad after all. I hope you all have a wonderful day! I’m playing catch up on comments again. I’m so sorry, friends! I read them as soon as they come in (because it’s the best part of my day!), but it has been crazy busy over here. I’m hoping to get caught up on responding tonight. Thanks for being patient with me this week. You all are the BEST.

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  1. So many beautiful kitchen items! When you showed the new stoneware oil bottle on IG the other day, I oohed and aahed! The shape and the glaze are so pretty! I adore those fluted planters! So unique. Unfortunately, I have recently rehomed several of my plants because a certain puppy has a taste for greenery. (He hasn’t developed a yen for vintage wool rugs, so I’m calling it a win.) My friend came over last night and immediately noted that my home smelled “delightful and fancy.” I, of course, beamed and made a mental note to purchase another Tuesday Made candle stat. I love the Woodland scent SO much, but now I’m wondering if I should try the Warmth? Decisions…
    BTW, the paint on your project chair looked perfect, and I voted for animal print so…yay! Happy Day Before the Day Before the Weekend!🤣💜

    1. Thank you, Peggi! I know- those seem to be a hit. I think we only have 1 or 2 left. I’ve been loving mine. I’m laughing at Jason getting into your plants because we’ve been there. Crosby actually got into my spanish moss in the bottom of our faux tree last week- and left a trail through the house. Dogs!! At least he hasn’t messed with your rugs… definitely a win! I’m so glad you’re enjoying your candle and your friend noticed. I love hearing that :) I’m really glad the chairs turned out nicely. I’m pretty certain they were headed for a dumpster before I saved them at a yard sale. I HAD to do the animal print- it’s so much more fun than the other fabric I had. You have great taste! I hope you have an awesome weekend filled with pizza, wine, and puppy snuggles. That’s our plan anyway! xox

  2. The items in the shop are all completely amazing! My favorites of the kitchen items are the terra cotta tray, the rolling pin (I’ve been searching for a marble rolling pin for quite awhile), the stoneware oil bottle, and the fluted planters. I love almost everything in the shop, let’s be real, but these are absolute favorites! My kids are loving the grove candle you sent! They generally don’t pay too much attention to the scents I burn, but both of them said multiple times how good the “flavor” of the candle is! Ha! I guess I know I’ll be ordering some of those soon! I’m happy to hear you’re feeling better Sarah! And your chairs look😱 Personally I’m stoked you’re doing the animal print. I can’t wait to see them finished, but also, ultra jealous!! I hope you have a fantastic Thursday. Oh btw, can you get a wishlist or favorites feature on the Tuesday Made sight? I don’t know how difficult that would be, but it would be awesome to keep all desired items in one place! Blueberry muffins sound incredible btw. Xo

    1. Thank you, Lauren! Your picks are all among my top favorites :) It makes me so happy hearing that your kids like the candle “flavor”- so sweet! It must be a winner. I’m glad you all are enjoying it. Those chairs were a yard sale find and they were in rough shape. Emmett came home from work today and even admired them! I’m really pleased with how they turned out! Animal print forever!! Haha! Thank you so much for the favorites or wishlist idea for the shop- I’m going to email our website designer now and see if she can add that for us. So handy!! Why didn’t I think of that?! I didn’t get around to making my blueberry muffins today, so I think that’s going to be a tomorrow project, but I’ll share the recipe soon. Have a wonderful weekend!! xox

  3. So many gorgeous Tuesday Made items Sarah 😍 I’m still loving my grove candle, it’s such a beautiful citrus scent. We normally head to Florida this time of year but unfortunately due to Covid we won’t be going 😢 so I light the grove candle and imagine I’m there 😎 It’s amazing how a candle can evoke such nice thoughts and feelings.
    The mugs are lovely, and those fluted planters are stunning, not to mention that rolling pin. Wowza! So many fabulous things ❤️
    I’m glad you are taking some comfort in the kitchen, I know it’s your happy place and you have such a gorgeous kitchen I think I would hang out there all day, so enjoy!

    1. Thank you so much, Colleen! I love hearing that :) I’m glad it’s bringing a little of the sunshine state to you! It has been really fun finding beautiful things for the shop- especially the kitchen items. I didn’t get to bake my muffins today, but I’m looking forward to it tomorrow! I hope you have a wonderful weekend. xox

  4. LOVE all these beautiful finds! I love our round terra cotta tray (#3) and it’s currently corralling B’s keys, wallet, etc. on our entry console and we’ve been burning our delightful Woodland candle so much it’s almost gone. Torn about getting another one of those or trying one of the others. 😍
    Sorry I’ve been MIA lately…been doing all the things.😅
    Hope everyone had a lovely week!❤️

    1. Thank you, Anne! I’m SO thrilled you’re loving your terra cotta tray- those are among my very favorites in our shop. They have such a beautiful, heavy shape. No apology necessary- January is always busy, busy, busy. I hope you’re having a great month though :) lots to celebrate! xox

  5. Julie Lewis says:

    Such a gorgeous room! I’m so glad I stumbled onto this site. I’m most curious about the cabinet paint color but now I’m grateful to have found it for the resource for all these beautiful details.