Roundup : UO Furniture

Roundup : UO Furniture - roomfortuesday.comThis little folding leather ottoman was the first piece of furniture I bought from Urban Outfitters Home years ago. Sadly, it has since been discontinued (here is a close option), but that piece definitely put them on my radar and impressed me… in fact, I still have it. UO Home just launched five(!) new furniture collections (NOT sponsored, BTW) and I am here for it! There are so many gorgeous pieces. I sorted through each and every one to roundup my favorites. I was really impressed with the recent collections and these pieces look much more expensive than they actually are. Click through to see all the home furnishings I would buy- and the ones at the top of my list for our current home…

I will say- some UO things can look too trendy or juvenile, but the prices can’t be beat if you find the right, classic piece. I did the sorting to bring you the best of the best… Happy Friday!

01: cane arm chair // 02: modern wicker chair // 03: daybed set // 04: velvet arm chair // 05: woven counter stool // 06: storage cabinet // 07: vanity stool // 08: round coffee table // 09: upholstered bed // 10: geometric rug // 11: storage dining table

From the first roundup, the items at the top of my list include: the velvet armchair (#4), the vanity stool (#7), and the woven coffee table (#8). Those pieces skew more toward a traditional aesthetic, and given our current home– that probably doesn’t surprise you. However, if you have a modern home or aesthetic- I LOVE the wicker chair (#2), the daybed (#3), and the dining table (#11) has a ton of storage (click through to see examples)… which is genius for small space living. I really like the shape of that table and it would be great paired with cantilever dining chairs.

01: boxy coffee table // 02: green arm chair // 03: striped side table // 04: storage ottoman // 05: industrial floor lamp // 06: convertible sofa // 07: rattan chair set // 08: media console // 09: recycled leather sofa // 10: dining chair // 11: woven dining chair

Next up… even more finds! From the above collage, my personal favorites include: the green armchair (#2), that amazing striped side table (#3), and the industrial floor lamp (#5). Which ones are you loving?

Roundup : UO Furniture -

When looking at UO online- you do kind of have to take the styled photos out of the equation, because everything is styled and photographed in a very bohemian sort of way. However, these pieces can easily morph and merge with different aesthetics depending on their surroundings! Sometimes it just takes thinking outside the box and picturing each piece in your own home.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I have some projects up my sleeve that I’ll share on Insta stories.

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  1. Lots of good-looking pieces here. I especially like the lamp, the velvet chairs and that chunky coffee table. But that striped table is totally mesmerizing! I wish the UO near me carried the furniture; I really need to see and touch furniture before I commit. Happy Friday! I’ll keep my eyes peeled for those projects this weekend.💖💪

    1. I’m with you on those picks! Hope you have a great weekend and aren’t too pooped from the first week of school :) xo

  2. UO is very hit or miss in terms of quality. One of my best friends owned a UO sofa and it was the least comfortable couch I ever sat on. I highly recommend reading & trusting the reviews! They haven’t let me down so far.

    1. Great point, Lexie! I definitely read the reviews too. I haven’t had any issues with quality from them so far, but if you’re looking for a big comfortable sofa- I’d recommend something with down cushions, specific seat height, back height, arm height, etc. Couches can be tricky! I think UO is better for accent furniture given the style and price point :)

  3. Wow Wee Wow, have you curated some amazing furniture items, Sarah! Oh my. Must. Demonstrate. Restraint. Excuse me while I go check these babies out. Hope you and Emmett are enjoying the weekend out in your newly coiffed landscape. Cheers, Ardith

    1. Thanks so much, Ardith! I feel the same way on demonstrating restraint. Haha! I hope you had a wonderful and relaxing weekend :) xo