Roundup : Task Lamps

Roundup : Task Lamps - roomfortuesday.comLet’s talk task lamps! Much like hand soaps, desk lamps are another item I have a weakness for. Perhaps it’s the hinged arm or their convenient functionality, but I enjoy a good looking lamp sitting atop my desk or workspace. I figured a roundup was in order! Even if your office, studio, or workspace isn’t as organized or beautiful as you’d like it to be at this current point in time (like mine), having a nice task lamp makes it feel more luxurious- I swear. Click through to see what I found… 

Roundup : Task Lamps - roomfortuesday.comI’m especially enjoying my desk lamp now that it’s getting darker so much earlier. I certainly prefer warm lamp light than harsh overheads… specifically in a work space so that the light doesn’t compete with my computer screen. I also like having the ability to hinge the arm or shade in a different direction if I’m getting a glare.

Click directly on my finds below to shop or use the numbered links at the bottom…

01: brass desk lamp // 02: chrome task lamp // 03: roseta desk lamp // 04: black and brass table lamp // 05: globe task lamp // 06: desk lamp with organizer // 07: desk lamp with wireless charger // 08: dobson desk lamp // 09: matte white desk lamp // 10: black desk lamp // 11: stone base lamp // 12: nickel desk lamp // 13: wood led table lamp // 14: brass task lamp // 15: armstrong desk lamp // 16: giselle table lamp

Interested to hear my favorites from the collage? I’m digging #1, #2, #8, #10, and #11. I already own #9, #12, and #16… I told you I have a thing for task lamps. Ha!

I have no idea when my office will pop up on the renovation docket, but until then- I’m enjoying the little things and making it the best it can be in the meantime. Good lighting makes a big difference.

Roundup : Task Lamps - roomfortuesday.comWhat type of light fixtures are your favorite? You can also shop my favorite lighting from Amazon here. There are lots of budget-friendly options packed into that list as well!

Are you all having a good week? I visited my doctor yesterday about some issues I was having with my wrist (that I had put off for too long) and I’m now in a splint for a month before I can see the ortho. Womp, womp! I’ve also been ordered to take 2-3 days off of physical projects for the inflammation to go down before I can resume my faux laundry room tile project. Womp womp! Oh well- could be worse.

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  1. So. Technically, I don’t really perform “tasks” at home, but I do have a strange affection for table lamps. This is a boffo lineup! Anyone with eyes would love the Arteriors specimen, #4. I really like the shiny arc of #2, and the smokey glass of #5 seems kind of sexy and fresh. The spare black profile of #10 is also great. I’m super intrigued by #13’s wood/brass/tubular combo…but I think it might be too cool for me; the precarious asymmetry makes me nervous.
    I am sorry to hear about your wrist! Joint problems are nagging and wildly inconvenient. (I also find my body’s occasional betrayal irritating.) Rest up and take care.

    1. “Anyone with eyes” is my new favorite line. I love that lamp so much!! I have a hard time spending that though, given there are similar, alternative options for less. Womp womp! I also find my body’s occasional betrayal to be frustrating. C’mon bod… get with the program!! Hope you had a great day.

  2. I don’t have a lamp addiction ( thank heavens cause it would really interfere with my addiction to pillows and throws 😂) but I really like #9, #13 and #16.
    So sorry to hear about your arm… definitely need to rest it. No rush on the laundry room, buying clothes is so much more fun than washing them 😉
    Feel better!!

    1. Hahah!! I’m with you on the pillows and throws addiction, Colleen. I guess I have more decor weaknesses than I thought. Ha! Love your concept of buying clothes rather than washing ;) lol!!