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10 Pins : Interior Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
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Hi, friends! I hope you all had a nice weekend and your week is off to a wonderful start. I’m still in Nashville spending time with our family, but I’m excited to share this month’s edition of 10 Pins (yay!)… it’s a good one! It feels like a nice mix of cozy winter inspiration, while looking forward to the first signs of spring. You’ll find a bit of both. There are some beautifully designed spaces with gorgeous natural light, spring blooms, and classic design. There are also some incredibly talented designers to discover and follow in this post. Click through to talk interiors with me, scroll through some stunning home imagery, and to take a little visual vacation to kick off the week. It’s always fun to start the week feeling inspired. The above soaking tub situation looks pretty dreamy, doesn’t it? That’s a February mood for certain. 

#1 // Seating Area
10 Pins : Interior Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via b. berry interiors

This simplistic seating area feels like the best of both worlds- modern and traditional. From the gorgeous pleated drapery, Gracie wallpaper, and timeless millwork to the modern curved sofa, sconce, and marble table, the juxtaposition is really beautiful.

#2 // Bright Entryway
10 Pins : Interior Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via reath

I just really loved the warm natural light flooding into this minimal entryway. The french doors, paned windows, and creamy neutral paint color paired with the vintage rug feels so easy and welcoming.

#3 // Double Vanity
10 Pins : Interior Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via katie rosenfeld and co

Hello beautiful double vanity! If you’re looking to make an impact in a small bath, this is a great way to do it. Classic materials with a modern edge, pattern play, and the mixing of metals… this is another space that feels achievable and well designed at the same time.

#4 // Sage Green Kitchen
10 Pins : Interior Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via sean anderson

I’ve been missing green in our home and have it on my list to paint something (or a room) soon. It’s my favorite color and this sage kitchen really reinforced how much I love those hues. There is a lot to love about this space… the vintage rug, the custom cabinetry, the beautiful windows, the range hood, the ceiling treatment, the cozy walnut wood floor, marble countertops, and you know I love a countertop lamp moment! So pretty.

#5 // Entryway
10 Pins : Interior Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via mcgrath II

Other things I can’t get enough of? Barley twist, classic sisal & jute rugs, lantern light fixtures, and oversized branch arrangements. This grand entryway from McGrath is ticking all the boxes!

#6 // Dog Bath
10 Pins : Interior Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via house of jade interiors

While I was on bed rest post surgery, I mentioned I started designing our future laundry room… you know a dog bath is definitely going to happen someday! It has been on my wishlist since forever. I loved this one with the art and simple tile… but most of all, the pretty handheld shower.

#7 // Living Room
10 Pins : Interior Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via aimée

Doesn’t this living room feel inviting? I digging the antique table, modern lighting, geometric rug, art, and of course the patterned sofa with the beautiful casters! The light is hitting it just perfectly. I could definitely do some serious lounging there.

#8 // Dining Room
10 Pins : Interior Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via katie rosenfeld and co

This traditional dining room stopped me mid scroll. Doesn’t it feel classic, but with some pizazz? The rug, the chairs, the dishes, the cabinetry, and most importantly- another cool light fixture.

#9 // Arched Front Door
10 Pins : Interior Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via long and long design

I had to include this lovely front door because it was giving me all the spring vibes! I’m dreaming of the day I can plant flowers and play in my garden. It really is a gorgeous door vignette with beautiful stone, millwork, and glass, isn’t it? Very dramatic!

#10 // Mudroom Bench
10 Pins : Interior Inspiration - roomfortuesday.com
via oakstone homes

Last but not least, a sweet little mudroom bench area. This is really what I envision for our future mudroom… nothing too fancy, simple millwork, a place to sit, some storage, and a room that can withstand muddy boots, wet winter clothing, and a place to hang a jacket or scarf. Fuss free and pretty.

I hope you enjoyed this month’s 10 pins! This time of year always has me trying to make the most of winter, while simultaneously wishing for spring. Anyone else? Here’s to a lovely week ahead, no matter what the weather brings! I may be slow to respond to comments, as we’re still enjoying family time in Tennessee, but I’ll be sure to get to them before the end of the week.

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  1. Good morning, happy traveller! I’d say you’ve collected a lovely, airy selection of images this month-lots of soft light, pretty neutrals and delicate florals. I’m here for it! I don’t even like baths, but I would give that dreamy, bronze-y soaker a whirl. I love, love, love that corner seating area! Obviously, all that white is a no-go in my house, but that sculptural marble table, curvetastic sofa, and Serge Mouille sconce are a YES. Also, that blousy blue arrangement is mesmerizing! What’s not to like about that bright, minimal entry? The millwork and those amazing old oak floors? I’ve got to go check out the rest of the house. I’m definitely enamored with the mix in that double vanity bath. The modern floral, black hex floor and the lovely mid-tone wood. I know reeded/fluted furniture is having a moment, but that application just looks classic to my eyes. Speaking of classic, that sage green kitchen is a winner. Windows over the sink, countertop cabinets (my fave!), and the range/hood situation do it for me. I am curious about how the crown on the top of the cabinets is placed well below the ceiling, even though the cabinet box extends all the way up. Is that for aesthetics or function, do you suppose? Wowza! The heft on those barley twist legs is impressive! What an entry. Does it get you excited for yours?? Oh, I will be so envious when you have a dog bath! I really need one with a built-in vacuum because when Jason rolls and wrestles in the dead dry grass, his woolly mammoth coat catches tons of it! Now, let’s talk about that classic-with-pizzazz dining room. Adore the built-in hutches, patterned rug and zingy chartreuse leather seats! I could host there! What is that stepped-brick arch crazy magic?! Plus leaded glass diamonds? Now that’s a front door! And finally, that simple, but pretty entry. I like the putty color and the polished nickel coat-hooks, but I can almost smell the spicy clove scent of that bouquet of stocks! (I don’t think it’s larkspur…) This girl is tolerating winter, but SO ready for spring! (The sunshine and flowers, not the wind and rain!) Thanks for an inspiring Monday and lots of new portfolios to browse! Soak up that family time and southern sunshine! See you on Wednesday.💜🌸

    1. Hello, hello! Thank you! I’m a bath kind of gal… I love a good soak and that tub looks dreamy. I LOVED the sage kitchen. I surprisingly like the millwork above the cabinetry- it’s unexpected detail that still looks tailored to me. I feel like it’s probably just an aesthetic thing, but who knows! I am super excited for our entryway. We asked our local millwork for a quote on stair parts and I’m crossing my fingers it’s in our budget because we’re ready to roll. I can’t wait to see our tile installed, but we’re thinking it may be smart to do millwork first then lay the tile. TBD on how it works out with the budget and timeline! Crosby’s coat is like velcro- everything sticks to it, so I can relate. Isn’t that dining room incredible? It may be my favorite image from the bunch. We’re currently having lots of rain here in Nashville, but our dog sitter told us it is snowing at home. I hope you’re having a great week! xox

  2. Good morning all the way to Nashville! Perusing this collection of inspiration is definitely giving me the spring vibes; a cheery respite for a dreary California morning. That soaker tub vignette has me drooling. The bronze tone of the tub against the perfectly creamy walls is a gorgeous contrast. I’m intrigued by the Nero marble ledge; I can see the paneling is continued down the front and can’t help wondering if there’s hidden storage or if it really is just the ledge. Either way it’s a wonderful addition of functionality. The seating area is equally dreamy. The eyelet detail on the pleated drapes is such a romantic touch against the wallpaper, and I can’t help but notice the fluted panel of the wardrobe against the lovely texture of the rug. The curved sofa and marble table play well together here, and paired with the modern reading sconce its a wonderful balance of modern meets traditional. Flouncy florals steal the show though; I’m loving these full, wispy arrangements lately. The oak floors in the entry grab me most-that warm toned gorgeousness is so inviting, and I enjoy a simply stated entry such as this. The vanity is most certainly one to drool over. The texture that a little fluting adds to a space will forever be a favorite element, but paired with that warm tone…gah! It’s stunning. I love the sconces used here and the simple metal mix. I’ve never been one to love a two-tone kitchen, but this is probably the first example I’ve seen worth replicating. This shade of sage is lovely, and one I’ve considered for our someday kitchen renovation. Simple ceiling treatments make my heart sing, and the vent hood is the perfect pairing with the range. I’m also digging the duality of scale between the lamp and the countertop vase. This is a kitchen I could live in! Sign me up for this entry! I can’t get enough of that unique table shape, the chonky twist, all the warmth of the jute and sisal, and those wispy arrangements. Like Peggi I’m wondering if it’s drumming the excitement for your entry project? Wowza! I wish I had the space for a dog bath in our laundry. This one is so clean and lovely. The dark herringbone floor against the simple white subway tile is a lovely contrast but it’s the perfectly clean edges and the handheld shower that really pull me into the room. Rocky would never fit in that bath, but it’s fun to dream, haha. The living room is most definitely inviting; so smart having a sofa on casters. For me it’s the perfectly creamy walls, the turned legs of the ottoman and side table, and the simple millwork. Can I please have that dining room? Everything about it is gorgeous. The chair frames, the romantic corbels on the hutches, the paned glass doors and that light fixture!!!😱😱 I love the repeated chartreuse in the space, but the design of the table is unstoppable. It is simple, uncluttered, and allows the chairs to stand out. (That stretcher would be a glorified foot rest for little ones in our house, but a girl can dream). This is the first example of a table I’ve seen that is clean in the leg area without being a pedestal. I love everything about it. The front door vignette is so elegant! The tiered brick is stunning against the light wood door. Stone steps that mimic the door color? Yes please! I can’t help but feel like the door knocker placement might be slightly awkward, but who cares when you’re looking at that beautiful leaded glass window?! The mudroom is definitely a simply stated beauty! Is this space an extension of the dog bath above? I love those floors! I’ll have to dive in and see if I can find a source for the tile. It’s not typically what I would gravitate to, but the functionality of a darker floor in utility spaces is not lost on me; plus in this herringbone pattern it’s just beautiful. Glorious inspiration as always Sarah! Enjoy your travels and time with family. See you Wednesday! Xo

    1. Good morning from Nashville, Lauren! It is raining here, too. We’ve actually been loving it, since it hardly rains at home. We had thunderstorms last night which have me itching for spring even more. I feel like the ledge is probably just a ledge that is hiding something mechanical… probably plumbing- rather than storage. I do love that nero marble! I’m so glad to hear you liked the kitchen example- it’s so gorgeous and I was also attracted to the two-tone palette. I am definitely getting excited for our entryway project. We’ve been in contact with our local mill to get quotes for our stair pieces and are waiting for those to come back. Isn’t that dining room amazing? I loved that space! As for the mudroom tile, I found something really similar and it’s very affordable, if you want to save it: https://rstyle.me/+-F5mJlnGkDyc27pIzMEm_g Emmett also commented on how much he liked that mudroom tile. He’s requested something similar or brick-like for our future laundry room. We shall see! I hope you have a wonderful week! We’ve been having a great time with our family in Nashville, thank you :) xox

  3. Good morning! Wowza so many good moments shared on this post! I have been deep diving into these pictures for the last 2 hours..yikes! Lots of green color…my favorite too. I took a little detour of the Reah design. The 1910 Craftsman house is really interesting with lots of green tile, furniture, paint, etc. I am excited you are painting a room green…can’t wait! The Becca bath is so inviting with the beautiful tub and soothing paint color. Katie Rosenfeld’s cabinets are what I am wanting in our bath or secondary. Sean Anderson is so talented and this kitchen has me wanting to do dishes at the sink window or sit down with friends. We would love a dog bath and decided to possibly put one in our garage (Texas is predominantly warm) so we can use for our boots and of course our dog. What do you think? Yes, this mudroom will get lots of use. I like where you are headed with this.
    Happy President’s Day! Hope your trip to Nashville to see family is wonderful! Enjoy the music and food for us.

    1. Hi Danna! I’m so happy you enjoyed this one and did a deep dive :) I also liked browsing that Crafstman home, and I love the cabinetry you pointed out for your bathrooms. That would be so nice to have a dog bath in the garage. Unfortunately (unlike Texas), our garage is always cold and it isn’t heated, but that would be super convenient and would allow more space for regular laundry room cabinets. I like that idea! We were thinking it could double to wash off muddy shoes, gear, etc… so having it in the garage sounds extra practical for those types of purposes, too. We’re loving our time here in Nashville. It has been so wonderful getting in some good quality time. I hope you had a nice long weekend, too! xox

  4. Oh, so wonderful you are enjoying time with family Sarah! And in Tennessee, absolutely fabulous 🥂 Enjoy!
    Now regarding this inspiring post. The seating area took my breathe away, everything about it is perfect. Absolutely stunning! The sage green kitchen also checks all the boxes for me. I love green as it signifies life and brings a refreshing energy to any room. My entryway and dining room in Florida here is truly a happy space and I do feel the sage green wall color has much to do with that. Every time I arrive, I feel instantly rejuvenated, it’s been this color for 9 years and I honestly have never grown tired of it. So, I’m definitely team green.
    The dog bath is precious and your inspiration for an upcoming mudroom is lovely. I’m sure whatever you design it’s going to be stupendous. As I mentioned in the past, we installed a dog bath in our current home and its truly a wonderful thing. Ours is much simpler and definitely not as beautiful as the one in your post but the function of this space is truly amazing. You absolutely won’t regret working it into your mudroom plans. Thanks for another awe-mazing post!

    1. Thanks, Colleen! We are having such a fun time catching up with our family :) I love hearing your favorites from the post. That green kitchen is just stunning. Amazing that you still love your sage walls in Florida and they’re still bringing you happiness nine years later- that’s how you know you’ve selected a classic paint color. Nice work!! Yes- I’m envious of your dog bath and can’t wait to have my own someday. I know it will be useful for so many things. I hope you’re having a fantastic week! xox

  5. In my dream house I will have all those pins, but especially the one with the table in the entry! Oh, to have an entry big enough for a table!

    1. Isn’t that so gorgeous?! I also loved that entryway, Julie. Have a great weekend ahead!