Rosemary Lemon Drop Cocktail

Rosemary Lemon Drop Cocktail While a bunch of bloggers, including my girl Cassandra, are traveling throughout the Mediterranean… I’m living vicariously through their Instagram images and snaps. Since I’m stuck in Ohio, I thought it would be fitting to make my all-time favorite Italian cocktail on coco+kelley today. While living in Florence, I sipped my first taste of this drink and it’s since been one of my very favorites: the rosemary lemon drop cocktail! 

Rosemary Lemon Drop Cocktail Ingredients During my time living abroad, I acquired a taste for limoncello that never quite went away. I love mixing this tart and sweet liquor with the unexpected. Adding savory rosemary to this mix creates a flavor profile that is well rounded.

Rosemary Lemon Drop Cocktail Recipe I usually infuse my simple syrup with rosemary to enhance the notes even further. The other essential part of this cocktail is a sweet sugared rim, that looks as pretty as it tastes.

Rosemary Infused Lemon Drop Cocktail

Sugar Rimmed Glasses for Rosemary Lemon Drop You can really experiment with this one and make it your own. Sometimes, I’ll substitute the vodka for a splash of prosecco or add sparkling water to the mix for a refreshing spin on the lemon drop. It’s definitely one of my summertime favorites that reminds me of strolling the historic streets of Florence or soaking up sunshine on the Amalfi Coast. Click over to coco+kelley for the complete recipe.

Rosemary Lemon Italian Cocktail

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