Ready-Made Bathroom Vanities

Ready Made Bathroom VanitiesBathroom renovations can get expensive… really expensive. Last week I shared my bathroom before images, in addition to the design plan. When it comes to a vanity, you have a few different options. Rather than refurbishing a vintage piece or contracting a custom vanity, I opted for the ready-made route. It’s definitely the most economical way to replace a bathroom vanity. Luckily, there are tons of great options on the market and these days you don’t have to compromise quality or aesthetic. I don’t want to divulge my entire bathroom and the sources until I’m ready to share the completed images, but most readers asked about the vanity in particular. I had already planned to share a huge roundup of ready-made bathroom vanities of every style, for every budget. Click through to see which ones were top contenders!

First up, single sink vanities! If you’re working with a small space (like me), these vanities are the perfect solution. Another bonus? Every single option shown below has closed storage. I consider that a huge win!

Single Sink Bathroom Vanities01: portsmouth vanity // 02: prescott powder vanity // 03: gray single vanity // 04: modern vanity set // 05: reynolds sink console // 06: eviva small floating vanity // 07: single sink vanity // 08: industrial maple vanity // 09: mini vanity console // 10: radcliff vanity set // 11: august single bathroom vanity // 12: florence vanity set // 13: bezier single sink console // 14: legion free standing vanity // 15: manhattan vanity set // 16: gannon sink console // 17: belmont single sink vanity // 18: cannes single vanity set // 19: floating modern bathroom vanity // 20: urban loft bathroom vanity// 21: davis single sink console // 22: durham console vanity // 23: black lacquer vanity // 24: minimal bathroom vanity

One thing I’ve noticed with ready-made vanities is the hardware. Often times, the standard hardware can look cheap, or of a different style than the vanity itself. Don’t let this tiny detail scare you away! Hardware can easily be changed. In fact, I have already altered the hardware on our new bathroom vanity and it isn’t even installed yet.

Double Sink Bathroom Vanities01: pasadenas double vanity // 02: classic double vanity // 03: double vanity set // 04: black double vanity set // 05: new york double vanity set // 06: godmorgon floating vanity // 07: bezier double vanity set // 08: ariel dual vanity set // 09: reclaimed russian oak double vanity // 10: contemporary double vanity // 11: mission spa double vanity // 12: florence double vanity set // 13: halcomb double set

Our old double sink bathroom vanity (shown as the intro image) was from Ikea. I painted it blue and hated it… and shortly after, painted it black (much better!). Despite the low price tag, it held up very well and looked really nice with the style of our old bath. Even though Ikea gets a bad rep for being cheap, we were really happy with it. It also had features I didn’t expect, like soft-close drawers. My point being, don’t rule something out based on price alone. It’s all about mixing high end with more economical pieces for a curated look.

I know that I just bought a vanity… but after throwing together this roundup, I’m itching to get a double for a master bathroom. Unfortunately a master bath isn’t in the works anytime soon. I keep telling myself “one project at a time”. Oh well- a girl can dream! Which ones are you guys feeling? Clearly I’m digging more color and blonde wood tones this year. If your aesthetic is more light and coastal, my friend Sarah shared a big roundup of classic coastal vanities here.

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  1. Great post! I need a new vanity in our half bath. Where is the round mirror from in your old bathroom? Ive been looking everywhere for one like that?

    1. So glad you liked it, Melissa! The round mirrors in our old bath are from here… but we bought them years ago. xo

  2. Hi Sarah, what paint did you use on your old ikea unit? Kate x

    1. Hi Kate, I used Benjamin Moore Black Panther. xo

      1. Melanie Thielke says:

        Hi Sarah! Painting a Godmorgan vanity is an idea I never thought of, but creativity is your forte. What finish was it originally and what prep is needed? How does it hold up?